Hello guys, you might know me from the Total Drama Wiki. My name is TanookiEditor, but just call me Tanooki, Nook, or T-Dawg. I joined this wiki to get more attention for my fanfic on, Total Drama: Return To Wawanakwa, and also draw characters and scenes for it (mind you, I am a bad artist...) That's basically it... so go away... NOW!


Open bookThis user is the author of Total Drama: Return To Wawanakwa.

Goals That Everyone Seems To Do So... Why Not?

A.K.A GTESTDS...WN? (lol STDS that wasn't intentional... XD)

Make an edit [x]

Make a story [x]

Make character pages for said story [x]

Finish said story [ ]

Draw a character for said story [x]

Make 100 edits [x]

Make 500 edits [ ]

Make 1,000 edits [ ]

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