Author Note: Welcome to my version of Total Drama: Revenge of the Island! I know it's not original but I've been wanting to do this for a long time now. Since TDRI ended, I was thinking a lot about the season. I enjoy TDRI, but there some things I wanted to change about it. Like the teams, Anne Maria's departure, Mike and Zoey, Dakota and Staci and more! So, without further ado, welcome to...



Contestant Name Known As Occupation
Anne Maria The Jersey Shore Reject A Sales Associate
Anne Maria was born and raised in New Jersey, off the coast from the shore. She is a fresh, outspoken and dangerous contestant with an unplanned future. She joined the show to watch for her cousin, Mike and to show off her pride.
B The Strong Silent Genius VP of Science Club
Beverly "B" didn't have a good childhood according to most people, but his silentness doesn't stop him. B is highly intelligent and super strong, making him an unstoppable force.
Brick The Military Cadet Private at Military School
Private Brick McArthur spend majority of his life in military school. Living with his grandmother, he shown more courage and leadership than anyone else in his league, giving him more morals to be a perfect team captain.
Cameron The Bubble-Boy A Bookworm
Cameron didn't have much of a social life. Mostly, he has spent his life inside, studying and reading. He has planned on joining Total Drama to make friends and help him with his social life.
Dawn The Moonchild An Activist
Harvey "Dawn Luna" Marsleigh was raised by her free-loving mom and step-dad out in the forest. She joins the show to aware everyone about nature and love.
Dakota The Fame-Seeker A Model
Dakota Milton had a richer lifestyle. Raised in a family with two fathers and three older brothers, Dakota lived as a princess. She's joining Total Drama to seek her "well-deserved" fame, hoping to be a star.
Jo The Jockette A Jockette
Joann "Jo" is a rough, mean, tough and determined young lady. Even though everyone on the show believed her to be a boy, that doesn't stop her from fighting to the finale.
Lightning The Athletic Overachiver A Jock
Lightning Stryke is a well-known jock at his school. With his father being the head football coach of the Bigleagues Football Team, Lightning is trying to follow in his footsteps. He plans on winning the show to join future football teams.
Mike The Schizophrenic Guy A "Crazy" Teen
Mike knows that he has problems, but his multiple personality disorder didn't stop him from joining Total Drama, even though his doctor didn't know about it. He brought his cousin, Anne Maria, along to help him socialize with other competitors and to help hide his secret from everyone else.
Sam The Gamer A Gamer
Sam knows he doesn't have a lot of money, but his obsession with video games didn't stop him. He loves games, short and simply. His father forced him onto Total Drama to help him off his addiction to Video-Games.
Scott The Devious Guy Kitchen Cleaner
Scott lives in poverty with his family. Raised by mostly his dad, Scott has an attitude of an evil person. He claims that his role-model is Heather and Alejandro from the past season and plans on using their plans to his advantage.
Staci The Compulsive Liar A "Historian"
Staci talks highly of herself to everyone she meets. However, she can't help herself from lying to make friends, hence why she joined the show.
Zoey The Indie Chick A Hipster
Zoey has no friends where she lives, but she's the only person in her town that keeps her retro-looks in style. She hopes on winning Total Drama to use the money towards fashion school. But not only did she join the show to do that, but to make at least one friend.


One: Bigger, Badder and!

Chris McLean appears on the Dock of Shame, which appears to be in bad shape as some of the wood is taped on with other pieces of wood. He stands there and drinks his smoothie. He looks at the camera and introduces himself.

"Hello, I'm Chris McLean and I'm bringing you another season of Total Drama! This is our fourth season and we're excited! So lets bring out our competitors!" A giant yacht comes out. The camera zooms around and shows Leshawna and Harold hugging each other, Bridgette and Geoff kissing, Alejandro holding up Heather, Ezekiel is on a chain, Eva is glaring at Sierra while she's hugging Cody, Noah looks at Izzy who's kissing Owen, Lindsay and Tyler are making out as well, Gwen and Duncan are playing hockey with Trent while Courtney is being bothered by Katie and Sadie, Justin is staring at a mirror while Beth and DJ watches and Blaineley, who's still in her bandages, is on the front of the ship. As the yacht passes the island, Chris blows raspberries at them and the old competitors sigh out loud.

"HA! You guys think that I'm going to bring them for another season? They're boring! So, I've waited for a while and found thirteen 16-year-olds to compete in this season full of surprises. If you think the alumni is crazy, these people are crazier! And they're fresh out of Canada! Well... two of them but they're fresh! And here they come!" The camera moves over to a smaller yacht with the 13 competitors on the boat.

"Meet Lightning!" Chris said, the camera rolls over to Lightning who shows off his guns and says "Well hello gentleman and ladies!"

"Scott and Dakota!" The camera rolls over to Scott who hitting on Dakota who looking at herself in her iPhone.

"Well gorgeous, I think about us." Scott said.

"Ew! I rather date my boyfriend than to date you." Dakota said.

"Brick!" The camera rolls over to Brick who's doing push-ups.

"37-38-39-" Brick says before he got jumped on by Jo.


"Well, you have to do some while I'm jumping on your back!" Now give me ten hundred!" Jo said.


"Ya, I can do so many push-ups, like I'm so thin!" Staci said, before Jo and Brick started to laugh at her. "What? I'm the sexiest girl at my school!"

"Dawn and B!"

"Well, you may be the prettiest female species at your school since you did come from Miss Tummy Tuckers Academy for Girls." Dawn said while B watches.

"Well... you suck!" Staci said before screaming and crying to Anne Maria, who gives her a tan full of spray.

"Anne Maria!"

"Just more coats of tan will help. I'm so pretty!" Anne Maria said.


"Pretty indeed." Cameron says with a giant blush.

"Haha! You're barking up the wrong tree... like the wrong tree!"


"It's okay, she's really nice once you get to know her."


"You know her?" she says to Mike.

"Yes I do. She's my-" Mike turns to Zoey and the two looked at each other in daze.

"And Sam!"

"I don't know about the rest of you guys, but I'm playing Mutant Zombie Lords the fifth edition!" Sam continues to play his game, until he was shoved by a dazed Staci, causing him to drop his gameboy. It fell into the engine and it caused the yacht the blow up.

"Damn! Well I know this season is going to be great! So lets find out what happens this season and now... the moment we've been waiting for... Let the game begin!" Chris said with excitement.

On the beach side, the competitors falls on the beach at different times. Brick falls first on the beach, in pain. "Well, at least I'm not in pain." Jo eventually lands on him.

"Thanks for the comfort!" Jo said, before Lightning landed on her.

Next to them, Scott lands on a rock while Dawn lands perfectly standing up on his chest. In the air, Cameron screams and pulls a cord from his sweater, causing a bubble to blow up around him, bouncing on the sand.

Mike and Zoey, also falling but are hugging each other, fall in the shore while Anne Maria lands on her hair, bounced off her hair and lands on her feet. Staci lands in a tree while B walks out of the water with Dakota standing on his head. Sam finally lands on the sand and claims he's alright.

Chris and Chef comes out on their quads and stops in front of Sam. "Welcome to Total Drama: Revenge of the Island!" Chris said. The competitors finally got up and stood in front of Chris and Chef. "This season, it's everyone for themselves and the last person standing wins one million dollars! So there's going to be two teams of six!"

"But there's only 13 of us." Dakota points out.

"Well, one of you will be eliminated and we make teams then..." Chris said, "But! like every other season, this season will have an elimination ceremony and receive a marshmallow if you're safe! However, the loser will get a marshmallow that symbolizes loser...y! So good luck! But, if you find a wooden tiki of my face, you have immunity when you use it! So... from me and Chef... Good luck!"

"So what's our challenge?" Jo said.

"Well... never thought about that..." Chris said.

"Lets have them run to the top of the mountain and race down together." Chef said.

"I like it!" Chris said. "But a twist, you guys will be placed into teams afterwards! The last person to pass will be eliminated!" Everyone gasped and glared at each other. "So... bye!" Chris and Chef and raced off. The competitors looked at each other and raced up the mountain.

On the top of the mountain, the competitors look around and try to find out how they can race down the mountain.

"Well..." said Lightning, "there's nothing up here!"

"We have to think!" Scott said.

"Well, while you guys work, I'm going to work on my tan." Anne Maria said.

"You fake tan?" Dakota said, causing Anne Maria to spray her face with spray.

"I got an idea!" Jo said, "lets all ride down the mountain the biggest people here!"

"That's so not cool." Zoey said.

Mike has a small flinch and started to act like an old man. "Why can't you kids cut down that tree and ride it together!"

"Hm... not that bad of an idea." Brick said.

"And so how are we going to get a tree down?" Cameron cried out.

"Wait!" Dawn said, "B has a plan!" B walks up to a tree, opens his coat and grabbed an axe and cropped the tree down.

"Nice." Lightning said.

"I'm afraid of him." Jo shouted.

"But lets get on before Chris decides to eliminate all of us!" Scott said.

In order, Lightning, Jo, Scott, Brick, Sam, Cameron, Mike, Zoey, B, Dawn and Staci hopped on the tree and raced down hill, forgetting Anne Maria and Dakota.

"Did they just leave without us?!" Anne Maria angerly shouted. "I think so." Dakota said. The two girls glared at each other and started to pull each other's hair. This lead them to fall off the cliff and land in the water.

While racing down the hill, the competitors are glad that they are thinking they're still in the game. However, they go into a river and they discover that there's a waterfall down the river.

"This is my first log ride I'm on!" Cameron excitedly said.

"And we're probably going to die!" Sam worriedly said. The log goes off the water fall and they ride into the forest.

At the camp ground, Chris and Chef are relaxing in front of the main lodge.

"I wonder if they're still up there." Chris said to Chef.

"They're probably dead." Chef said. They hear the competitors coming down the hill and they go off a jump, causing all of them to fall off and the log to fly off to one of the cabins.

"Well, we know where everyone is staying at." Chris said, "And we need the competitors to CROSS THE FINISH LINE in front of us!" The competitors said 'Oh' at once and ran.

"Lightning, team 1. Jo, team 2. Mike, team 1. Scott, team 2. Zoey, team 1. Dawn, team 2. B, team 1. Cameron, team 2. Staci, team 1. Brick, team 2. Sam, team 1. And here's the teams!" Chris said. "Wait... we're missing someone?" Chris sees Anne Maria and Dakota running. Anne Maria knocks out Dakota with her can and runs pass the finish line, placing herself on team 2. "And Dakota's out!"

"What?" Dakota shouted.

"Yep... eliminated!" Chris said. "Follow me to the dock of shame!"

At the dock of shame, Dakota is tied up and placed in a catapult. "This season, the losing competitors will be launched off this island for good! Hopefully they'll land somewhere where it's safe!"

"You can't do this to me!" Dakota said.

"And..." Chris launches Dakota off the island "I just did." He turns to the competitors "And sleeping arraignments, one team has one side of the cabin and the other team will have the other. Good luck!"

"So it's coed?" Jo said.

"Last season it was, so now this season is as well! Also, Team 1, you guys are known as... the Mutant Maggots! Team 2, you guys are the Toxic Rats!" Chris said.

In the left side of the cabin, the Maggots are setting up their bunks. Zoey is set up above Mike, Sam is above B and Lightning is above Staci.

"So ya, I'm like the best athlete at my school yah!" Staci said.

"Yeah right!" Lightning said.

"No really, I'm that good!"

"So Zoey," Mike said, "what do you like for food?"

"Vague question," Zoey said, "But I love pizza!"

"I love pizza too!" Mike excitedly said.

"Oh yeah!" Sam shouted, "I love my backup game, Miss Mutant Zombie!"

"This team is going to suck." Lightning said.

In the right side of the cabin, Jo bunks above Brick, Dawn bunks above Scott and Anne Maria bunks above Cameron.

"Well, this is our team." Scott said.

"No," Jo interrupted, "this is MY team!"

"Your team?" Anne Maria said.

"I was the first person to be placed on this team, was I?" Jo said.

"Well, I'm not going to be a minion." Brick said. Jo got angry and flips Brick over her shoulder. "Okay, your captain."

"So... what should we do as a team?" Cameron said.

"I'm going to sleep." Jo said. Everyone else agreed with her and they went to their bunks and slept.

It's four in the morning. The competitors are sound asleep. Chris and Chef walk out with ear protectors on and they walk to the front of their cabin.

"Hey," Chris said, "You want to give these kids what they got themselves into?"

"Sure." Chef said.

Chris then pulled an air horn out and blows it, waking everyone up from a deep sleep. Jo walks out in her pajamas and throws a rock at Chef and walks back to her cabin.

"Well, this season is going to be fun and exciting!" Chris said, "Anyways, join us next time when we bring you Total Drama: Revenge of the Island but this time, you're going to find the drama on this show to be insanely crazy! See you next time on Total Drama... Revenge of the Island!"

Two: The Lying Game of Wipeout

Mutant Maggots
Toxic Rats

Chris appears on the dock and opens the episode. "Previously on Total Drama: Revenge of the Island! We introduced to you guys the 13 brand new competitors. These guys are kinda awesome but the problem is that they're hateful to each other... and Chef. We know we got our teams set up and Dakota had a problem with Anne Maria, causing her to be the first one eliminated off the show. Now that we can give these guys what they're looking for in this show, what's going to happen when the Island gets its Revenge on these guys. Tune in and see what happens on Total Drama, Revenge of the Island!"

It's seven in the morning on the island and the competitors are sound asleep. After a long day of competing on their first challenge, they're tired and hungry.

In the Rats' side of the cabin, Anne Maria wakes everyone up with her hairspray fumes. Angry at her, Jo jumps out of her bed and takes the can away from her.

"Hey!" Anne Maria said, "give me that back!"

"Well sorry," Jo said without a care, "some of us are trying to sleep!"

"Well I'm not so..." with anger, she grabbed her hairspray and walked out of the cabin.


Jumping out of their bunks, Scott, Brick, Cameron and Dawn walk towards Jo.

"You guys honestly aren't going to argue like that." Scott said.

"Well she better knock it off." Jo commented.

"So while you guys just sit here and fight," Brick said, "I'm going for a 25k jog!" He soon ran out of the cabin.

"I'll follow you!" Jo said, running after him, shouting out to the others to follow her.

"Hey, I'm not running." Scott said.

"Neither am I, right Dawn?" Cameron said. He looks over to Dawn who disappeared.

"And I'm afraid of her." Scott said.

In the Maggots' side of the cabin, Lightning is doing upside-down pull-ups while his teammates watch.

"This is what a champion do everyday!" Lightning said.

"Yah I can do like 10 sets of those a day." Staci said, earning an amazed look from Sam.

"What else can you do?" Sam asked her.

"Come on, she looks like someone that can't do a run!" Lightning shouted.

"Yah and sleeping under you is like sleeping under someone that wears diapers, which you do." Staci said with a laughter.

Lightning screamed, saying "How did you know that?!"

"Because I know everything about everyone," Staci said, "yah so now I'm doing stuff like... walking." She quickly walked out of the cabin.

"But," Lightning said, "I stopped wearing diapers last week." He continued with a sad look, causing Mike, Zoey, Sam and B to have an awkward look and walked out of the cabin.

The competitors walked outside of the cabins and stood in front of Chris and Chef, getting ready for their first team challenge.

"Welcome everyone to day two!" Chris announced, "Today's challenge, we're going to get to know each other on your team by a friendly game of 'Truth or Get Sunk in the Lake'!"

"So instead of 'Truth or Dare', you're just going to sink us in the lake if we don't tell the truth." Jo calmly said.

"Correct!" Chris said.

At the lake, the competitors are strapped into chairs that are held above the lake, each team across each other. Chris stood in the middle, well dressed with a red button in his hand.

"On one side is the Maggots. They contain our vic-I mean competitors, B, Mike, Zoey, Sam, Staci and Lightning. And on the other side is the Rats. They contain Jo, Brick, Dawn, Anne Maria, Scott and Cameron."

"And what's our flippin' challenge?!" Anne Maria shouted.

"Well, it's a challenge of knowing each other. When I mean that, I mean you all will reveal dark secrets of yourselves to make sure your team doesn't drown, like this." Chris presses the button and the entire team of the Toxic Rats went into the lake. Underwater, Brick and Cameron screams due to a shark being in front of them. As the shark was going to attack, they were brought up above the water.

"Oh, I see." Anne Maria said.

"Alright, now since this team was underwater, one of you will choose someone on the opposing team they want to humiliate."

Jo gives the Maggots an evil glare and pointed to B, "I choose B. Something about him doesn't make sense to me."

"Nothing makes sense to you." Anne Maria said.

"Shut up!"

"Alright B, you got to reveal something or else your team will go underwater." Chris said, he looks at B and B is too afraid to talk.

"Speak!" Jo screamed, B nods his head.

"Dude, you have to speak or we're toast!" Sam said, "Speaking of toast, now I want toast."

"I think I know why B doesn't speak." Dawn said, "I feel it in his breaking soul. He was"

"B was [MIKEY CENSOR! D:<] as a baby." Staci interrupted.

"Hm," Jo said, "so B was [MIKEY CENSOR! D:<]. Makes a lot of sense." Everyone agreed with Jo except B himself.

"It's okay B," Zoey trying to cheer him up, "I want to let you know that you can get help for your [MIKEY CENSOR! D:<]."

"Now we got this all out, point to the Maggots for Staci knowing stuff we shouldn't know. Now Staci, choose someone on the other team."

"Well, I think Jo needs to reveal something about herself." Staci said.

"Fine." Jo said.

"HA! I knew she wouldn't- wait she said said yes?" Lightning said.

"Yeah," Jo replied, "So when I was born, my parents thought I was a boy and named me 'Joe' but renamed me "Joann", so I pee standing up, so I sleep naked and I was the the head of my football team. I HAVE NO SHAME!"

"You sleep naked?" Brick said.

"You're the star of your football team?" Lightning said.

"You pee standing up?" Anne Maria lastly shouted.

"Point to Rats! Now, choose someone."

"Hm..." Anne Maria said, "lets see what Zoey has to say."

"Alright you caught me! I'm a loner! I have no friends! This isn't my real hair color!" Zoey shouted before she started crying.

"Yo! I didn't need to know that," Anne Maria said, "I wanted to know if you're dirty like Jo. Not all that stuff. Well you're good for my cousin."

"Cousin?" everyone shouted.

"Yeah, me and Mike are cousins." Anne Maria said.

"Yeah, we're cousins." Mike said.

"So now we know a lot of Zoey, point! Mike, Anne Maria, need anything to say."

"I'm from Jersey, killed my instructor when I got my license, I like women, I hate Jo, I'm a freakin F- student and I have no shame!" Anne Maria said.

"Uhhh..." Mike said, "I can't say anything. I'm sorry." He gasped and started to "act" like an old woman named 'Betty'. "Excuse me missy, can I have a [MIKEY CENSOR! D:<]."

"Okay then, well 2-2. First off..." Chris presses the red button and the Maggots went underwater. Underwater, Mike and Zoey screamed as the shark was ready to attack them but they go above the water. "Now Maggots choose."

"Might as well," Lightning said, "Dawn!"

"Well, I'm a Wiccan, I love nature and I a survivalist." Dawn said.

"That's in your resume, yah." Staci said.

"Yeah, tell us something we don't know!" Scott said.

"Fine you want to know something? My name isn't Dawn Luna! It's actually Harvey Marsleigh! I have a man's name!" Dawn said, before she started to cry.

"2-3. Dawn, choose."

She still crying. However, she points to Sam.

"Ha, my dad's name is Harvey. And I'm poor as heck and I just play games all day. Good life... good life." Sam said.

"3-3, Maggots, choose!"

"Yah so we're going with Brick." Staci said.

"Well... I'm afraid of the dark. And when I'm afraid, I pee myself." Brick then wets himself where he sits.

"Button please!" Anne Maria said. Chris presses the button and the Rats go underwater and come right back up.

"3-4. Brick, choose someone."

"I choose Lightning!"

"There's nothing secretive with me!" Lightning said.

"Yah, you know something about him?" Staci said, "His deep secret is that he.... is in love with women that are super old!"

Everyone there started to laugh. Jo shouts out "Hey! My grandmother is single, wanna set you up with a date with her?"

"Shut up!" Lightning shouted before he started to cry.

"4-4. Lightning... choose."

"I choose Cameron."

"Aw shucks," Cameron said, "I'm a mother's boy, weight like 60 pounds, I live in a bubble and I lost my bubble here."

"WIMP!" Jo shouted.

"4-5, Cameron, your only choice is Staci."

"So... Staci?" Cameron said.


"Yah, so I like am the fastest girl at school, I'm also self-conscious about my weight so I go bulimic and it's working! Plus, my name isn't 'Staci,' it's 'Sedusa' and I know everything about everyone! Yah!"

"So... my brain hurts. Scott, your turn!"

"I'm poor as [MIKEY CENSOR! D:<]." Scott said.

"And the score is 5-6. The Rats won this round! Time for the challenge!"

"Wait, I thought this was the challenge?" Scott said.

"Nope, the next challenge is a Wipeout challenge! But first." Chris presses the red button, springing everyone off their chairs and into the forest. "We'll be right back!"

"Welcome back to Total Drama Revenge of the Island! Now, the competitors will compete in a race!"

"A race?" Brick said.

"Yes..." Chris said, "a race. How will it start? It was start from a boot to the butt... literally!" He points to the giant boot hanging over the start line. "Then you have to dodge some cannonball run that will kill you." He points to the cannonball run, causing Sam to scream and faint. "Then it's my favorite, wrecking ball ally, you have to run over rolling logs while dodging a big-ass wrecking ball." He points to wrecking ball ally, causing Brick to faint. "Then it's kissing time, make it over the giant kiss balls over the final stage, where you and your team have to make it over the mud pit filled with mud, giant baseball bats and the mutated animals of the island. Make it over to the giant baseball mitt. The first team to have all of their members win." He points to the final stages and the competitors gasped.

"Mutated?" Dawn question.

"Yes," Chris said, "we rented the island to some people. Turns out, they were on the run for selling toxic waste to children, so they dumped it all here. Every animal and intern are not mutants. Hence the name of your team names."

The competitors didn't look happy as he told them the news. However, when they got to the start line, they all got determined faces. Getting ready for the challenge.

"Are you guys ready?" Chris shouted.

"Yes!" They all said at once. The boot swung down and hits only hits Dawn, but she lands on the giant baseball mitt.

"And there we go," Dawn says.

"I'm going," said Jo, followed by the other competitors.

There off! The eleven competitors are running as they enter the cannonball ally. Jo passes it with a charm, but the others were caught in trouble as the cannons went off.

"Yah, B's big. Sam, Lightning, help!" Staci said. The three of them lift up B over their heads while Zoey and Mike joined them. They ran through the ally without any marks on them, except B who's back was shot at three times.

"I like their idea!" Scott said.

"But we don't have any hard objects what soever!" said Brick.

"We got one." Cameron said. He pointed to Anne Maria, who's spraying her hair. She then looks at the guys in fear. The three of them soon lift her up over their heads and ran through the ally. A cannon hit but it bounced off Anne Maria's hair and hit Chef in his kitchen. They made it across.

At the wrecking ball ally, Jo, once again, makes it clear across the ally with ease, and made it to the other side. The Maggots showed up and they questioned how they'll cross. The Rats, who are still holding Anne Maria, jumped on the log and started to run, but the wrecking ball hit the four of them, causing them to fly to where Jo is. She commented that it was "pathetic."

The Maggots, however, were in a struggle. B, however, came up with a plan. He pulled super glue from his jacket and glued the side the log was on, causing it not to roll. And then pulled a sword from his jacket as well, and threw it at the wrecking ball, causing it to fall.

"Thanks B!" Zoey said as they all ran across the log.

At the Kissing ally, Jo jumped on one of the balls but fell off track. Lightning attempted next, but the ball kept on hitting him, causing him to bounce off the ball repeatedly. Cameron attempted next, but when he jumped on the first ball, he collided with Lightning. Scared, he pulled a cord, causing his bubble to appear and it bounced them to the other side. Mike and Zoey were next, they held hands and they bounced on each ball one at a time. However, when Zoey made it across the final one, Mike hit his face on the platform.

"Are you okay?" Zoey said.

Mike gasped and became a younger boy. "My name is Derek and I'm 4."

"Okay then." Zoey said.

Scott and Sam were next. Scott grabbed Sam's game-boy and threw it over to the other side and jumped on Sam's back. Sam got mad, but he jumped over the balls with ease and grabbed his game-boy. "So glad I have you again!" Sam said to the device before he started to play it.

B, who pulled a rope from his jacket, threw it to the other side and walked across the rope. Staci, Brick and Anne Maria looked and followed him.

At the final stage, the remaining contestants each grabbed a rope and targeted the giant baseball mitt.

"Should I move?" Dawn screamed to Chris. He nodded his head and Dawn quickly said "I think I'm going to die... wait... it says I'll survive."

Jo was the first to go, as always, and she lands perfectly on the mitt.

"Oh yeah!" said Lightning as he attempted it, but he hits the bat and fell into the mud. Mutant squirrels comes up to him and starts attacking him. He, however, jumps up to the platform and held onto Sam. Sam, however, jumped and landed perfectly on the mitt. Soon after, Brick jumped, but he hit a bat, but that didn't stop him from landing on the mitt. Scott followed and then B. Left on the platform is Staci, Cameron and Anne Maria. Anne Maria jumps off but she lands on everyone on the mitt.

"You can do it, Cameron!" she shouted.

"Yah," Staci said, "so I was an expert jumper in my league school. They didn't call me flying meadow for a reason, yah."

"So," Cameron said, "What does that have to do with the challenge?"

"You mind your business," Staci said, "I saying you have no chance against me, pipsqueak."

"Pipsqueak?!" Cameron grew angrier and pushed Staci off the platform and into the mud. He then jumps off the platform and lands perfectly on Anne Maria's hair.

"And the Rats win!" Chris said. The Rats then push the Maggots off the mitt and celebrated their first team victory. "Maggots, gotta send someone home, after you survive."

"Survive what?" Lightning said, before they were chased off by mutated wolly-beavers.

The elimination ceremony hit. It's dark and hot. The six members of the Maggots sat in front of the fire. Chris stood by the fire while Chef, who appeared in a protection suit, was standing next to him.

"Welcome to the first actual elimination ceremony this season! This season, you'll vote someone off base on their performance or personal reasons. This season, if you receive a marshmallow, you're safe. When you receive this toxic marshmallow of loserdom, you're out. And I suggest you people shouldn't touch it." Chris said. Chef showed them the marshmallow and it was green and it glowed. A fly went to peek at it and it melted.

"And I have something to say!" Dawn said, interrupting the ceremony.

"What is it?" Sam said.

"I know why Staci knows everything about us." Dawn said.

"Yeah because she knows everything."

"That's because she went into the files here on the island and read all of our applications and saw our auditions for the show."

"She saw my audition?!" Lightning cried out.

"I did it because I wanted to know you guys better. I wanted to have some friends that cared about me and I wanted to know my friends here to know how you felt and yah that stuff. So, can we still be friends, yah." Staci confessed. She looked at her teammates' faces.

"Not convinced," Sam said. They all agreed with him and changed their voted to Staci. Chef then threw the marshmallow at Staci and she caught it. However, her hair fell off her head and the competitors all got away from her.

"Aw, I was doing so good and now I lost my hair... what a good way to go," she finally said.

At the dock, Staci was shown in the catapult.

"Any last words to say?" Chris said.

Soon after, Dakota was in a hang-glider. She went towards the dock and let go of the glider, landing in front of the catapult. The glider hit the entire team Maggot. Dakota pulled the leaver, flying Staci off into the darkness.

"Ta-da!" Dakota said, "well Chris, what to you think of my amazing return?"

"That was awesome!" Chris said, "but when you're eliminated, you're not allowed back."

"Oh please! Can I?" Dakota pleed.

"Fine, but you have to work for it!" Chris said, "starting tomorrow, you'll be an intern. Once I feel that you're ready, you're in!"

" intern?" Dakota said. Soon, Chef grabbed Dakota and carried her off into the island while she was screaming "I don't want to be an intern!"

"And that marks the end of this challenge! Come back when we face these people climb mountains! Get back stabbed! Model what they have! And Dakota complain! Here on Total Drama.... REVENGE OF THE ISLAND!"

Three: Speeding Love

Mutant Maggots
Toxic Rats

On the dock, Chris gets ready to open the episode, however, coming from behind, Dakota comes behind him with a bat and knocks him out.

"Previously on Total Drama Dakota!... and Revenge of the Island... I came back and now I'm back on the show again! That's right, I'm back and I'm going to make it more fabulously with my charms! And I get a pay raise with my fathers' help. Yeah, I have two dads. I don't care, I also have three brothers and all older than me. So I'm the princess. More story about me? Yeah so I didn't finish high school," Dakota suddenly realizes the camera is rolling, "Oh yeah, last episode, challenge, challenge, challenge, truth and [MIKEY CENSOR! D:<] and Staci know-it-all got her butt eliminated. So yeah, this challenge is going to be boring. How do I know? I saw the list of challenges Chris had in mind. So see ya! And hopefully more of me!" Dakota winked at the camera and ran off the dock before Chris got up.

"Ah," Chris said, "what just happened?" He looks off screen and sees a reply of Dakota knocking him out. "Darn it! She's so going down!" He runs off the dock, officially starting the show.

In the Maggots' side of the cabin, Mike appears on the bunk above Lightning and started to make bird noises. This prompt everyone to wake up in shock and stand near Mike.

"Tweet!" Mike continued.

"Is he alright?" Sam questioned.

"I don't know," Lightning said, "But I was ready to make a touchdown and beat Jo until he woke me up!"

B shrugged and took a closer look at Mike. Mike in returned flapped B with his elbow, causing him to fall.

Zoey went to help B up and walked to Mike. "I think he has some type of night terror."

"Well get him out of here!" Lightning told Zoey.

"Alrighty. Lets go Mike." Zoey then walked out of the cabin, Mike then jumped off the bunk, knocking himself out. Zoey walked towards Mike and dragged him out of the cabin.

On the Rats' side of the cabin, Jo woke everyone up by using her whistle.

"Wake up you dirty Rats!" she screamed. Her teammates all stood in line while Jo looked at them. "Today, we have another challenge and we have a member lead over the others. I'm not going to lose today and you better win this challenge with me or else you're gone!"

"Oh come on!" Anne Maria said, "this is stupid, of course we're going to win today."

"Well," Jo said, "winners do 20k runs around the island."

"I ain't running 20k. I'm going to eat." Anne Maria walked out of the cabin and to the main lodge.

"Yeah, we can't run without food in our stomach." Brick said.

"It's really unheathly." Cameron added.

"Fine!" Jo said, "we eat then we run 20k."

"Yes sir!" Scott, Dawn, Brick and Cameron said.

"I'm a girl!"

"Yes ma'am!"

The eleven competitors are all lined up in front of Chef, who's behind his counter.

"Alright rats and maggots!" Chef shouted, "I know you haven't eaten in two days but this is the show! You will eat like survivors and you will play like survivors!"

Anne Maria walked up first and Chef gave her a tray of blended rice. "What the heck is this stuff?"

"Blended rice!" Chef shouted, "it's my favorite."

"Okay?" Anne Maria then walks to her table. Brick and Jo walk up next.

"Blended rice?" Brick with surprise asked.


"They served this all the time at camp," Brick said, "It's my favorite!"

"No kidding, mine too!" Chef took an impression on Brick and gave him several scoops of blended rice. Brick then ran to his table with joy.

"I'll skip on this," Jo said, "got any fruit?" Chef gave her a rotten watermelon. "Well, it's better than rice smoothie." She walks to her table and Dawn, Cameron and Scott walked up.

"Do you have anything that doesn't include meat and radioactive fruit?" Dawn asked. Chef nodded his head and a sad Dawn walked back to her table.

"Do you have anything that doesn't have dairy, meat, sugar, salt, pepper, fruit or anything that you can choke on?" Cameron asked. Chef nodded his head and Cameron walked to his table hungry.

"Do you have food?" Chef gave him a trey of blended rice. "Finally, I can eat!" Scott ran back to his table with joy.

Next was the Maggots.

"Do you have any protein?" Lightning asked, Chef gave him a t-bone, "well, at least it have protein in the bone!" He nawed on the bone.

Zoey, who was carrying an unconscious Mike on her shoulder and asked for two. Chef piled the treys on another and gave them to Zoey, who wasn't too happy. Chef then looked at Sam and B, but they backed away from him.

Chris then finally walked in as the teams were eating at their tables.

"Welcome to episode three!" Chris announced, "usually the third challenge tends to be more difficult than the rest but today, it's going to be fun!"

"Are we going to die?" Sam frighteningly asked.


"Oh okay then." Sam continued to play his game-boy.

"But we just filtered our lake so we are going to have a challenge... on the lake!" Chris then gave everyone their bathing suits, "You all have ten minutes to meet me at the dock!" He then leaves.

At the dock, the competitors, except Zoey and Mike, were in their bathing suits. Chris comes to the dock and walks up to Zoey and Mike.

"Why aren't you guys dressed?" Chris asked.

"Well, Mike's sick and I'm going to take care of him." Zoey said.

"Alright." Chris said, "But you lose, you know you're up for elimination?"

"I don't care."

"But, you just gave your team a disadvantage!"

"Not for long!" Jo said, "Brick, go join the Maggots!"

"But," Brick said, "Like join them?"

"Yeah, you heard me!" Jo pointed at the Maggots, "As team captain, I'm going to sacrifice the weakest and give them to you before you take my strong members."

"But Brick is pretty tough," Sam said.

"He's a pants wetter," Anne Maria said, "And I sleep under that!"

Brick walks over to the Maggots and stands with Lightning, Sam and B.

"Well, we got a new member!" Lightning said.

"Alright guys, the first challenge is coming shortly, but first, we have a special guest joining us," Chris said, "Here she is... Bridgette!" He points to the lake and there's Bridgette, surfing to the island. The wave brought her to the dock and she stood right next to Chris.

"Hey guys, what's up?" Bridgette said.

"Woah!" Cameron said. In the confessional, Cameron said "I can't believe she's here! I always had a crush on her but now she's here, I'm nervous to talk to her."

"Alright guys," Chris continued, "Today's challenge, you and your teams will go underwater and grab your team water skies! Then, you'll jump into one of those jet boats, where you guys water ski to save Bridgette from man-eating sharks!"

"Wait, what?" Bridgette said. Several interns then grabs her and went into a boat and rowed away. While they were rowing away, she shouted out "I never agreed to this!"

"Got it?" Chris asked.

The teams got together in their groups. The Maggots were trying to discuss who was going to swim.

"I think I should do it! I'm the most athletic!" Lightning said.

"Agreed!" Sam said, then Brick and B agreed with him.

On the other side, the Rats were glaring at Jo.

"I'm doing this, need to show those boys how a girl can do this," Jo said.

"And?" Anne Maria said. Jo and Anne Maria then glared at each other until Chris' whistle went off, sounding off the challenge.

"Is everyone ready?" Chris shouted.

"Yes!" Lightning said.

"Oh yeah!" Jo said.

"And go!" Chris said.

"No countdown?" Jo asked.

"No countdown." Chris said. Lightning jumped in the lake, then an angry Jo jumped in.

Under the water, Lightning continued swimming towards the bottom. He saw the skies and swam towards them. Jo, however, drove down towards the skies faster than Lightning, causing him to hold onto her feet. Jo kicked him off and grabbed her skies and headed up for the dock. Lightning then grabbed his and kicked off the ground, hitting the dock first.

"And I beat you!" Lightning said.

"Oh come on!" Jo angerly said.

"We're going to give these love birds a break. We'll be back!" Chris said.

On the shore, Mike and Zoey walked together holding hands.

"Mike," Zoey asked him, "Is everything about you alright?"

"Yes why?" Mike quickly responded.

"Well, you seems not to be yourself lately."

"What do you mean?"

"Well, you pretend to be a bird in the morning, seem to be a cranky old lady at times, an old man, a little boy, a little girl, and a lot more!"

"Okay! I give up!" He finally went down on his knees and started to cry. "I have multiple personality disorder! Okay, I've said it. Before, it was terrible. Now, I'm trying to help it by socializing with people other than Anne Maria and her friends."


"I know you think I'm a freak, but I just want to let you know that I have a lot of feelings for you!"


"And I know it's problematic but I have some things to do through before I have my mind fixed."

"My lord, Mike! Listen to me!"

"Okay," Mike whimpered.

"I don't care if you have multiple personality disorder."

"Wait, what?"

"I don't care. Why? Because I like you too."

"You do?" Mike jumped up on his feet.

"Yeah I do. You're like the first guy that didn't run away from me when I finally opened up. Tell you the truth, I'm a loner, no friends, parents hate me and all really, never had a truth friend... or boyfriend."


"Yeah..." Zoey then ran up and kissed Mike.

"I never had a girlfriend before but this is awesome!" They continued to kiss before the screen went to Chris, Chef and Dakota, standing on the dock.

"Also, we're adding on these neat rock shooters!" Chris said.

"Rocks?" Scott asked.

"Yep, so you can shoot the other team."

The teams were set up for the final challenge. On the Maggots' boat, Sam was steering, Lightning was the shooter while B and Brick were the surfer and grabber.

"You guys got this?" Sam excitedly asked.

"Oh yeah!" Lightning said.

"We're going to win this!" Brick said. B gave them a thumbs up.

On the Rats' raft, Anne Maria was steering, Jo was shooting while Scott and Dawn are surfer and grabber, while Cameron is holding onto Dawn.

"Ready team?" Jo asked.

"Ready!" Anne Maria shouted.

"Ready!" Dawn and Scott shouted.

"Not yet." Cameron said.

"And everyone's set and go!" Chris said.

"You need to do a countdown." Jo said.

"Not for me!" Anne Maria pressed on the gas and went flying off into the lake. The Maggots were shocked to see how fast she's going. Sam then slowly rode into the lake.

There off, Anne Maria was speeding in the lake. Scott didn't see Bridgette, but the boat ran into a water bomb, it went off but didn't destroy the boat, but Scott jumped into Dawn's arms, leaving her standing on one leg on one ski.

"I can't see!" Dawn screamed out.

"Just hold on!" Scott shouted in fear.

"Yo!" Jo said, "Watch out for the bombs!"

"Sorry," Anne Maria said, "I'm trying to drive!"

"You suck!"

"I have my license!"

"You still suck!" Anne Maria and Jo then glared at each other and started to attack each other. They almost hit the other boat, but Sam quickly dodged it.

"Woah!" Sam said, "That was a close one! No sign of Bridgette."

"I'm over here!" Bridgette said, who's holding onto a top of a bouie, trying to fight off a shark.

"Oh there she is," Lightning said.

"I'm going in!" Sam turned the wheel towards the bouie, but the Rats boats crash through their boat, leaving Lightning, Brick and B while Sam was still driving the other side. "How did that happen?"

The Rats boat then collided with the bouie Bridgette was on, but she landed on Scott. Anne Maria and Jo, however, were still fighting but they didn't care.

At the dock, Chris, Chef and Dakota were watching on and were surprised and scared on what was going on.

"And that is why Total Drama is awesome!" Chris shouted.

"You got that right!" Chef said.

"At least I'm not part of this challenge," Dakota said.

"Soon Dakota, soon." Chris said.

Mike and Zoey then walked up to Chris and the others.

"How's everything going?" Mike asked.

Chris, Chef and Dakota took a huge step away from then, as Sam collided with Zoey and Mike.

"There you go!" Dakota shouted to them.

"And the winners are the Rats!" Chris shouted. The Rats boat then went onto shore and hit the confessional stall and stopped. Dawn, Scott and Cameron looked in the boat and sees Jo and Anne Maria pulling each other's hair. They finally looked at each other and walked away.

"On the other hand, the Maggots have an elimination ceremony to attend tonight." Sam, Zoey and Mike moaned while Lightning, Brick and B came to the shore.

"What are you going to do about me?" Bridgette shouted to Chris with anger.

"I got an idea." Chris said. The next scene showed the full view of the island, were a catapulted Bridgette was shown flying off into the lake.

"Now, I'll see you guys later!" Chris told the Maggots.

At the elimination ceremony, Lightning, Brick, Sam and B were all cross-armed and glaring at Mike and Zoey. Chris was standing behind the barrel while Dakota was holding five marshmallows and Chef was holding the toxic marshmallow.

"What did we do?" Zoey said.

"Didn't compete," Chris said, "Teams hate it when their members don't compete. So one of them go."

"Wait, what?" Mike and Zoey said.

"Marshmallows go to Lightning, Sam, Brick and B!" Dakota handed them all marshmallows.

"No!" Zoey said.

"This can't be happening!" Mike said.

"Yep," Chris said, "I love it when couples are in the bottom two. It's so exciting. But tonight, one of them is safe."

Mike and Zoey then quickly hugged each other, with sadness and fear.

"And with four votes, Mike is out!" Chris shouted.

"Mike..." Zoey said, she then started to cry but Mike then grabbed her hands.

"Listen, this is for the best for me," Mike said, "Plus, I know I have a girlfriend that's still up and running for the game. I know she can win!"

"Thanks, I'm going to miss you," Zoey said.

"Zoey, want to walk Mike off the show?" Chris said.

At the dock of shame, Mike was in the catapult and Zoey was looking at him.

"I'm sorry this happened," Zoey said, "We just started going out but now I'm not going to see now."

"Don't worry," Mike said, "The next time I see you, we'll go on the best date ever!"

"Then it's a date," Zoey said. Chris then yawned and pulled the lever, catapulting Mike into the darkness.

"Love," Chris started, "It starts and end so tragically in Total Drama." Zoey then leaves the dock crying. "Tune in-" Dakota then proceeds to knock out Chris again.

"Tune in to see more Dakota next episode! There will be me, me and me! Oh and the other people that are in the show. That's right, it's another Dakota episode! See you next time on Total Drama Dakota!... and Revenge of the Island..." Dakota then looked at Chris and ran away from him, leaving him knocked out on the dock.

Four: Fresh On The Runway

Mutant Maggots
Toxic Rats

Chris appears on the island's theater stage, dressed up in a tuxedo and well styled hair. He walks to the end of the stage and poses. "Welcome to Total Drama: Revenge of the Island! As you recall from last episode, the competitors were in a challenge that tested their trust with their teams. However, Mike and Zoey were too busy being love birds, causing Jo to send Brick over to the Mutant Maggots. However, as Brick was getting used to his new team, Anne Maria and Jo's conflict on the other help their team win the challenge. As for the Maggots, Mike got the boot, but left a promise to Zoey that they'll go on a date after the show. And now, the moment you've all waited for, we'll be modeling!"

Dakota comes walking off the stage and pushes Chris off the stage. A random paparazzi came out of nowhere and started to take pictures of Dakota. "Fresh off the Runway!" she repeatedly said, "Did I forget to mention that my daddies made me do modeling and I've won 'Miss Teen Canada' last year?"

"Did I forget to mention to you that your fathers lost their jobs, you're no longer getting paid to be an intern, your mentor died and your entire family is in poverty?" Chris shouted to her.

In shock, Dakota grabbed her phone and called her brother, "Dillon, is this true? Is it? Oh no!" She ran off stage in a hurry.

"And there's going to be shock! Drama! And Modeling! Oh and Dakota of course! Right here on Total Drama... Revenge of the Island!"

The show opens up with the final 10 eating in the cafe. The Maggots laughing while the Rats were annoyed.

At the Maggots' table, Zoey was sad that her new-boyfriend, Mike, was just eliminated.

"Cheer up, Zoey," Brick said, "it's not that bad, you still have a game to win."

"That's true but Mike was really cool and I really wanted him to stay," Zoey said, before sighing.

"Well," Lightning spoke out, "at least we got ourselves a brand-new member! At least he's the strongest from the other team!"

"True and he's not crazy!" Sam said, before getting a bowl of eggs thrown at his face, "Sorry Zoey," he said while the bowl was on his head.

"Again," Zoey shouted out, "I just lost my boyfriend. Don't say anything."

"I think I know what to do!" Brick shouted, "I think we need another team conference! This team lost two in a row and there's no way we're losing again. We need to join forces and destroy the Rats!"

"I agree!" Lightning said.

"Yay!" Sam said.

"I like this guy!" Zoey said. B gave him a thumbs up.

At the Rats' table, they shown to have an upset face.

"We won the challenge, but we lost Brick," Anne Maria said.

"Well, that's one less person in our room," Jo said.

"He was a great member!" Dawn shouted.

"But he sucked," Jo said back.

"Cameron's weeker!" Anne Maria pointed out, "No offense, Cameron."

"None taken!" Cameron said.

"Oh come on Jo!" Scott shouted out, "Brick is the strongest on this team! Getting rid of him will only destroy us, now they're planning on ridding us."

"Oh be quiet." Jo said.

"Er," Scott said. He appears in the confessional, "I can't believe Jo just gives away our member like that. She has no right to do that. Well, it's time for me to do take this game. Every season, there's always a bad-guy... well there's Heather and Courtney, but Alejandro did show off some evil moves last season. So I came up with some plans. Since I have a sad background story, I'm going to use that towards my advantage and trick these competitors one-by-one off this show! Now, I need someone to target off... well, Jo's too strong at the moment, so is Anne Maria. I think I need Dawn and Cameron for future votes so scratch off my team. But, there's the Maggots. Again, Lightning's too strong. But, I can use Brick and Zoey to convince Lightning to vote off B and Sam. Trust me, when it comes to nerds, they get the upper-advantage. I think B needs to go. He's too strong of a person. Plus, he doesn't go now, he's going to win. It's my time to shine and for a team to win and for me to win." His confessional ended and he started to laugh sinisterly at his table, earning a concerned look from his teammates.

"Uh," Anne Maria asked, "Are you okay?"

"Yeah," Scott quickly stopped laughing, "I'm fine. Are you?"

"Well," Anne Maria said, before going into confessional, "I'm slightly pissed off that the Maggots voted off Mike. I mean, what did he do? He's just a guy trying to help himself rid his disorder! Now I feel angry enough to eliminate one of them. But I need to blame someone... B, I'm going to blame B. Since I like the rest, I'm going to blame B. I don't like him." Her confessional ended and she gives B an evil glare from across the table, causing B to become concern.

The speakers in the mess hall went off, with Chris on the other line. "Attention contestants! Meet me at the theater as soon as possible! We have a special challenge ahead for you guys that feel like designing!"

"Designing?" Lightning said.

"Designing?!" Zoey shouted out with joy.

"Why are you happy?" Brick asked her.

"Because I love fashion and designing!" Zoey said, "We are so going to win this challenge, especially with our new captain." She winks at Brick and Brick smiled back.

Lightning appears in the confessional, "I thought I was captain? Brick's going down if we lose."

The top ten then appears at the theater. The Maggots and Rats sat at their own bleachers. As the Maggots sat down, Lightning glared at Brick. At the Rats bleacher, Jo glared at Anne Maria, who glared back. Then Scott glared at B, who Dawn and Cameron saw and and looked at each other with fear.

"Wow, I see a lot of tension going on!" Chris said, while he was in the air with his jet-pack, "And today's challenge we'll be doing some fun ol' fashion!"

"Fashion?!" Brick, Lightning, Sam, Scott and Cameron questioned at once.

"What's wrong with fashion?" Anne Maria asked.

"Listen guys," Zoey said to her team, "I'm going to fashion school, so this is a good challenge for us!"

"And maybe our first win!" Lightning said.

"Oh please!" Jo shouted across, "My team is going to win this challenge since we are that good!"

"Well, before you guys take this challenge into prospective," Chris shouted, "You'll be going into the dangerous forest, find an animal that wants to model and design an attire for them, bring them back for the judging, by me and our two special guests!"

"And they are?" Scott asked.

"Lindsay and Justin!" Chris shouted, Lindsay popped out of a suitcase wearing her usual attire while Justin walked off the stage, wearing a black tuxedo.

"Hi guys!" Lindsay shouted out, "I'm Lindsay!"

"We know who you are," Anne Maria said.

"And I'm Justin, and we're going to disrespect your designs," Justin said.

"I can tell who the Simon Bowell of this group," Sam said.

"And now, ladies and gentlemen... and Jo!" Chris said.

"Hey!" Jo shouted out.

"Time to go into the forest and find your team a nice model!" Chris shouted. The competitors, but Jo all ran into the forest, "Jo, are you going?"

"You didn't say go," she replied.

"Fine, go!" Chris shouted, Jo then sprinted into the forest.

In the forest, the Maggots had a though time looking for a model.

"Damn," Lightning shouted, "We can't find any models to help us!"

"Well, they're all mutated ugly animals," Brick said.

"Maybe we can use something that is the prettiest," Zoey said.

"Me?!" Lightning shouted.

"We need an animal," Sam said.

They look around and they saw a two-headed rabbit attacking a giant turtle, then a small frog eating a massive-sized fly, a small-mutated squirrel shooting laser-beams at a mutated eagle and the Rats' team hiding behind a bush.

"I don't blame them for hiding," Sam said.

"Well, we can always use that maggot over there," Brick said.

"The small one?" Zoey pointed out. They look over to a maggot eating a leaf. Then the camera pans out to it's mother eating the bark of the tree, "Oh now I see."

"Well, it's pretty adorable if we design it to be prettier," Sam said.

"Okay then, all in favor of the maggot?" Brick said.

"Aye" the team said at once.

Over by the Rats, they all saw the animals they can choose from.

"Well, since we can't use animals that will cause everyone to wet themselves," Jo said.

"Yep," Cameron said in shame.

"We need to go out and find some animals!" Jo said.

Soon, the entire team goes to a bear, that didn't seem mutated.

"Perfect!" Scott said.

"Let me take care of this," Dawn said, "Hello gentle creature of Earth, my name is Dawn and we would like to use you for a challenge of ours."

"I can talk English you know," the bear said with a Canadian accent.

"You can speak?!" Anne Maria said.

"Since the waste hit, all the bears can fly, I just happen to speak," he replied.

"So," Cameron question, "you wanna help us with our challenge?"

"Sure," he replied, "Only if you don't make me fat."

"Deal!" They all said.

At the stage, Dakota and Chef was mopping the stage while Chris, Lindsay and Justin were talking to each other.

"So," Chris said in awkwardness, "How did you guys survive?"

"Oh it was nothing," Lindsay replied, "We all swam to this other island, told the natives about you and we're all safe and sound!"

"Oh and Blaineley is suing the show," Justin said.

"She is?" Chris said.

"Oh yeah, for everything you got."

"Ah darn it!"

The competitors ran to the stage, but they stopped in front of Dakota.

"We got our animals!" Sam shouted.

"Cool, what do you have?" Chris asked.

"We got a mutant maggot, like our team name!" Zoey said.

"And we got a talking bear!" Jo shouted.

"I like to be called 'Paul'," the bear said.

"Paul!" Jo said with correction.

"And all thought all the bears can fly now," Chris said, "Now, go design animals!" The competitors walked backstage for the designing portion of the challenge.

"That animal can talk!" Lindsay shouted out to Chris.

"Yes, yes it can," Chris said.

"Can I join the game?" Dakota asked Chris.

"For the one millionth time, no!"

"I only asked once."

"I felt that you asked more times."

"There, stage is mopped!" Dakota walks off the stage and looks at the competitors and sees them designing their animals. "These people are having so much fun, and now I have to watch from the sidelines?" Dakota stumbles off and walks to the cabin. She sat down on the steps and takes out her phone. "They think they're going to have fun? Ha, Scott thinks he's going to be evil? Didn't see anything yet! Lightning thinks he's winning? He's losing! I'll show them what it takes to be evil. I was expelled for making everyone on the cheer squad going bald, framed a model for reckless driving just so I can move on the game. I'd tell you, I may not have a lot of book smartness, but I have a lot of street smartness and now, I will destroy these people."

Dakota walked into the Maggots' room and saw everyone's possessions. She grabbed Lightning's protein powder, Zoey's design books, Sam's golden game-boy he had hidden in his case, B's contact case and Brick's picture of his mother. She then walked slowly into the Rats' side of the cabin. She then proceeded to steal Jo's workout magazines, Anne Maria's hairspray, Dawn's tea-mix, Cameron's picture of his mother and Scott's dirty blanket. "Now, all I need to do is find someone and frame their butts! Maybe then Chris will realize how valuable I am to this game." She then hid the bag of belongings under the cabins and ran back to the stage where everyone was still figuring out what to design.

The Maggots were listening to Zoey.

"So, I think this plain red dress would look nice on her," Zoey said.

"Why do you say that?" Lightning asked.

"Well, it's not too flashy, not too outrageous and it doesn't look like a hot mess," Zoey explained, "but it's original and it's nice to have on a maggot."

"Agreed," the guys said.

Over by the Rats, they seems to not agree on a design for Paul.

"I think he should look more Jersey!" Anne Maria said.

"I think he should look more jockey!" Jo said.

"I think he should look more safe!" Cameron shouted.

"I think he should look more normal," Scott said.

"Can't think of anything," Dawn said, "but lets try to combine our ideas into one."

"As the model," Paul said, "I like hers better."

"Fine, fine!" Jo said, "But you are going to look like a jock!"

"And it's time for the fashion show!" Chris shouted out from a table, with Lindsay on his left and Justin on his right!

"Can we get this over with so I can get paid?" Justin said.

"Lindsay only gets paid," Chris said.

"I thought I get paid too!" Justin angerly said.

"Well, we asked you to be part of this last minute because everyone loves Lindsay! But fashion show!"

Zoey walks out, followed by Lightning, Sam, Brick and B.

"This is Lady Maggot Two!" Zoey shouted, the maggot walked out in a solid red dress with a blonde wig. It walked over to the judges and barfs on Justin.

"I give her a 10!" Lindsay excitedly shouted.

"Zero for ero!" Justin said.

"Well," Chris said, "I like the retroness, but is it really necessary? But the barfing just gave it 7 points. 17 for the Maggots!" The Maggots proceeded to cheer, "And it's the Rats turn.

Jo and Anne Maria walked out together, followed by Scott, Cameron and Dawn.

"Here's Paul!" Jo said.

Paul walks out with ripped sweatpants, a gold jersey with a black sweater underneath, a gold hat and pink sunglasses.

"I feel like a dork," Paul said.

"I got this!" Dawn then ripped the clothes off and revealed that she had an idea of her own. Instead of her team's design, she dressed Paul up with a plain white t-shirt, black jeans, black shoes and spray painted the hat to black.

"10!" Lindsay shouted.

"I give it a six," Justin said.

"Oh well, 10!" Chris said.

"What the heck!" Anne Maria said.

"I'm going to fashion school for a reason," Dawn said, "Plus I read his aura, this is his usual clothes. If we continued the clothes he was wearing, we would lose and you would of been eliminated."


"Sadly, I did vote for you in that vision but it's not happening.

"Rats win!... Again!" Chris shouted.

"Aw!" The Maggots sighed at once.

"Well, at least Dawn has some wicked stuff to show me," Zoey said, "I'll be right back." She then runs off to the cabins.

"And it's time for the drill, I'll see you at elimination Maggots," Chris said. They all walked off the stage.

"Can I at least take a shower?" Justin asked, "The Maggots barf burns!"

"Go for it," Chris said, Justin then runs off.

Back to the cabins, the competitors are seem walking back. Dakota notices that everyone is on their way back.

"Oh no! they're coming back!" she shouted. She realizes that Zoey isn't with them, "Well, since she's not here, I guess I will!" She takes out Zoey's books from the bag and threw the bag in front of the cabin. Dakota then ran through the back window of the cabin and hid in the woods.

"Hey, what's this?" Scott said. He goes to the bag and sees different items. "Oh my! My blanket!" he shouted out. He then bumps the bag and the competitors gasped.

"My game-boy?!" Sam shouted.

"My protein?!" Lightning shouted.

"My hairspray!" Anne Maria shouted.

"My tea!" Dawn shouted.

"My mom!" Brick and Cameron shouted at once.

B then quickly picks up his contact case, takes his contacts out of his eyes and puts them in the case.

"My workout magazines!" Jo fiercely shouted, "Who... did... this..."

Zoey walks out of the cafe, "Hey guys, I have something to tell you."

"You stole our stuff!" Scott shouted.

"Wait what?" Zoey questioned.

"Yeah, it makes perfect sense, the leaving, the revenge, the Mike! Can't fool us Miss Zoey, if that's your real name!" Scott said.

"But I would never take your stuff!" Zoey said, "This can't be happening, I was framed!"

"You will die!" Jo shouted, before Dawn, Anne Maria and Cameron held her back and carried her away, "I will enjoy your screaming from the hurl of shame!" she shouted to her.

"Stealing gamer's games, smarty's case, private boy's mom... but you shall never touch my protein!" Lightning shouted, "Lets go guys!" Lightning and the guys walked off.

"See you at the finale, Zoey," Scott said before walking off. While walking off, he said "And I was going to blame B but this worked out better... wait I didn't do this."

Zoey looks around and sees that no one likes her, "I can't believe this is happening. All I wanted is friends and now they all left me. At least I have my... pride." She choked up and started crying. Dakota comes walking out, clapping.

"Well, this is an interesting run," Dakota said, "Now I know who I'm replacing in the game."

"You did this?" Zoey quickly said.

"Yep, it was good!"

"You'll never get away with this!"

"Try it! And in the mean time, I have an elimination to watch."

It's the elimination ceremony. B, Brick, Lightning and Sam are sitting in order and staring down Zoey, who's glaring at Dakota.

"And it was a battle of the fashion!" Chris said, "But I guess it had more drama after since Zoey-"

"I was framed!" Zoey shouted.

"-yeah stole everyone's stuff but Zoey's and got everyone but Zoey angry." Dakota winked at Zoey, "And marshmallows go to..." tension builds up, Zoey crosses her fingers while Dakota evilly smiles at Zoey. "B, Brick, Sam, Lightning!" Chris shouted quickly! Dakota then handed out their marshmallows while Chef through the toxic marshmallow at Zoey, but she quickly dodged it.

"Wait, you can't do this right now!" Zoey said.

"Why not?" Chris questioned.

"Because I'm innocent! Why would I join a show to make friends only to betray all of them?"

"She... does make a point," Brick said.

"And why would I go through everyone's belongings, steal them only to get caught?"

"She's making a good point," Sam said.

"And why am I being blamed for this?"

"Because Scott said so," Lightning said.

"But I'm not Scott! I was framed today and it's not fair, but it happened. I will let everyone know that I will be strong and so I only had Mike as a friend or boyfriend, I will let everyone know that I didn't do this, it was actually-" Chef appeared behind her, covered Zoey with a bag and through her into the catapult. "Wait, I'm trying to save you!" Chris then pulled the lever and Zoey goes off into the distance.

"And you think we would actually spoil you guys? Nawh! Something terribly wrong happened and it's now down to nine! See you next time on Total Drama... Revenge of the Island!"

It's nighttime now, Scott is still awake in his bunk. "I know I couldn't have done it, because I didn't do it... unless..." his eyes quickly opened and he heard sinister laughing from outside and he quickly got scared.

Five: Too Icy

Mutant Maggots
Toxic Rats

Chris appears on the dock and opens the episode, "Previously on Total Drama: Revenge of the Island! The competitors competed in a challenge to show off their fashion. In the end, the Maggots' retro designed weren't as good as Dawn's plain looking designs. Dakota decided it's her turn to return, so she framed Zoey into elimination. We are now down to the final nine and it's going to be awesome! Find out what happens here on Total Drama, Revenge of the Island!"

It's a hot day out on the island, so the competitors decided to go relax and swim on the beach side.

Anne Maria sprays herself in her suntan lotion and lays down in her sun chair, "Now this is a way to send it in the sun!"

"May I sit here?" Sam said, with Cameron on his side.

"Sure, just don't get any sand on me!"

"Okay," Sam said, he and Cameron sat down and started to to build a sand castle.

"So how is this fun?" Cameron said.

"It's fun because it's sand!" Sam said, Anne Maria was annoyed so she played her music.

Dawn walks out with covered bathing suit, while carrying a black umbrella. She walks to a rock and meditates on it.

"Hey!" Anne Maria shouted to Dawn, "Try to get a tan!"

"It's impossible for me to get a tan, my skin is just naturally white," Dawn said.

"Well," Anne Maria said, "In order to be more attractive, gotta be a little more unnatural."

"I thought it was the other way around," Dawn questioned.

"Nope." Anne Maria then looked at Lightning and Brick running on the shore line, "I want to win and all but there's like no hot women on this show." She sees Jo running in a bikini, "Correction, no hot women," she looks at Dawn, "I can say your adorable, Jo's ugly and Dakota's alright."

B walks out with a rolled-up blanket and stands next to Cameron and Brick. He whips it out and a bunch wires appeared.

"Hey," Cameron asked B, "What are you making?" B does sigh language and eventually builds a robotic chair. "That is awesome!"

"May I sit in it?" Sam asked, B gave him a thumbs up. Sam then sat in the chair and the chair then started to massage his feet, "Now this is life."

Brick and Lightning stopped running.

"Yo man," Lightning said, "I'm glad we're getting along after what happened a few days ago."

"Yeah," Brick said, "especially with Zoey and stealing and I was shocked. Oh well, now I get to work out with my team!"

"Now it's time for a swim!" Lightning said.

"Hey boys," Jo said. Lightning turned around and saw Jo and he fainted.

"Well hey Jo," Brick said.

"You trying to be athletic without me?"

"Nawh, we're just doing our usual run."

"When you were on my team, you didn't want to run!"

"Yeah because you were all lazy."

"Er!" Jo kicks Brick's knee and walks away.

Dakota, who's near the beach, looks at the competitors having fun. Chris then yelled at her through his microphone.

"Get back to work!" Chris shouted.

"Okay," Dakota said, she then continues moving giant barrels of toxic waste over by the lake. Scott appeared behind her.

"I know what you did," he said.

She turned around, "Of course you would know," Dakota said, "Lets just say that it's something you were going to do and I just happen to do the same thing but I did it before you and framed the wrong girl."

"But why?"

"I'm trying to get back in the game, duh!"

"So you need some help?"

"Why offer?"

"Because I know you're a nice young lady, but getting in the game itself is going to take a while."

"Well, all I care about is getting in the game and going to the finale."

"And I can help."


"Well, all I need is for you to frame the people and I'll take care of them at the elimination ceremonies."

"Well, I made a strong message after Zoey, I think I can take care of it all."

"But you need an alliance when you return, don't forget, Brick, Lightning, Anne Maria and Jo are super strong and can take you down. Cameron, B, Sam and Dawn are super smart so they'll know what you're up to. But you and me can take those eight out of the game with ease."

"Well, I'll see after this elimination and I'll tell you want I think about it."

"Well, don't target B because he's mine."

"Who knows, maybe I'll target you." Dakota eventually winks at him and walks away.

"Damn, she is good."

Chris eventually appears on the intercom. "Hello competitors, enjoying the heat?"

"Yes!" Anne Maria shouted.

"Well, get ready to be cold!"

"Oh come on!"

"Today's challenge, you'll be climbing mountains and defending your snow forts!"

"It's 100 degrees out!"

"We have snow makers. Anyways, get dressed and meet me in at the mess hall."

It's five in the afternoon and the competitors are all sitting down bored in front of the mess hall.

"The sun is going down and our beach fun is gone!" Anne Maria shouted in anger.

"Not to mention we've been waiting here for four hours," Cameron said.

"Hello people!" Chris shouted, walking out of the mess, "Are you ready for your challenge?"

"We've been waiting out here for four hours!" Lightning angerly said.

"I said 'at the mess hall', not outside," Chris said, "It was lunch time and Chef actually made pizza."

"Did you save us any?" Scott asked.

"Nope, interns and Dakota got hungry. Now, challenge time! Today, we'll go to Mount Spooky Drama!"

"Mount Spooky Drama?" Sam said.

"Yep!" Chris shouts to a foggy, edgy mountain with grey and thunderous skies, "You'll race there and climb up to the top of the mountain!"

"What if we don't run?" Brick asked.

"Then I'll let the giant roach go."

"Roach?" they all said. A giant roach appears behind the competitors. Jo, Cameron, Anne Maria and Scott all jumped into Dawn's arms and she started to run, while Lightning, Sam, Brick and B sprinted behind her, while the roach chases them.

"And I love this show!" Chris shouted out.

At the mountain, the final nine appeared at the mountain. The Maggots stopped in front of the mountain and started to climb. Dawn stopped in front of the mountain and dropped her teammates.

"My arms are tired, I'm going to take a break," Dawn said.

"Well, I'm going to start climbing!" Jo said, she, Cameron and Scott started to climb the mountain.

On the mountain, Lightning, Brick, Sam and B are helping each other up the edge. Lightning's climbing and helping up Brick, who's helping up Sam, while B is pushing him up and climbing.

Meanwhile, Anne Maria sprays her hair at the bottom of the mountain. On the mountain, Jo glares at Anne Maria.

"Hey!" Jo shouted, "What do you think you're doing?!"

"I'm making myself beautiful when I compete... and now I'm done." Anne Maria starts climbing.

The competitors climbed the mountain. Jo made it up first and started to jump.

"Yes! I won!" she shouted, she glanced over to see that Dawn is already on the mountain, "How did you even get up here?!" Jo shouted to Dawn.

"Oh," Dawn said, "I took a shortcut." A flashback appeared with Dawn looking at the mountain. She then whistled and several birds came, grabbed her shirt and lifted her up to the top of the mountain.

Back to the challenge, Scott and Cameron are climbing together. However, they get stuck on the hill and both fall, but they landed on top of Anne Maria's hair.

"Hey! No touching the hair!" she shouted.

"Can you at least bring us to the top of the hill?" Cameron asked.

"Fine." She continued climbing, only to see the Maggots reaching to the mountain first, followed by the Rats.

Chris appears on his jetpack, flying down to the top of the mountain.

"And the winners are the Mutant Maggots!" he shouted.

Anne Maria immediately threw Scott and Cameron to the ground, in front of Jo and Dawn.

"You guys think you can use my hair? Well you can't!" Anne Maria shouted.

"Hey, take it easy. It's only a challenge," Jo said.

"Only a challenge? My hair and looks are worth more than a challenge."

"Well maybe if you care about the game more, we'll like you."

"I don't even care if you people hate me, either way, I'm out of this team." Anne Maria walked over to the Maggots, grabbed Lightning's hair and threw him over to the Rats, "Chris, you betta make this official."

Chris went on this phone. "Can she really do that?... She can?... Alright..." He hangs his phone up and looks at the competitors, "Anne Maria and Lightning, you are now on opposing teams."

Anne Maria looks at Sam, B and Brick, "You guys will listen to me whenever I say something. Got it?"

"Yes sir!" Brick said.

"I'm a woman!" she shouted back.

"Yes ma'am!"

Over to the Rats, Lightning stares at Scott, Cameron, Jo and Dawn.

"Well damn! Lightning's new teammates." He raises his hand up high, "High-five!"

Jo then grabbed his hand and crushed it. "This is my team, and whatever you say or do, you have to get it approved by me, hence why the others don't talk."

"The teams are now changed... again! Who's team will raise to the top? Will it be Anne Maria or Jo? We'll be back!" Chris said.

It's now sunset and the competitors are now in a winter wonderland. All freezing next to each other and shivering.

"Welcome to the snow land challenge! Today, the teams will defend their snow forts made by our visitors, Harold and Beth!" He looks over at Chef, "Where are they?"

A quick shot of Harold and Beth in the catapult, Beth throws her shoe at the lever and they were thrown off into the distance.

"Well anyways, Harold made this nice snow fort and Beth made a hill with the flag open. Since the Maggots won-"

"We choose the castle," Anne Maria said.

"Maggots to the castle! Rats to the hill!" Chris said.

"Oh come on!" Jo shouted, while walking to her fort.

"So are we going to lose?" Lightning asked.

"Maybe." Cameron said.

"There is no chance for us." Scott said.

The other members stared at Dawn, "I don't see the future, I just see people's auras. Sadly, Scott's is terrible, Cameron's is lonely, Lightning's pretty awesome while Jo has no aura."

"She does have a point, I have no soul," Jo said. "But we need to win this challenge! So men, go out there and fight!"

"Are you talking to us?" Cameron asked.

"Yes I'm talking to you." Jo shouted, "Now go!" Scott, Lightning and Cameron ran. "Dawn, stay guard of the flag."

"What about you?" Dawn asked.

"I need to pee. Be back in four minutes." Jo then walk away with Dawn in disgust.

Over by the other fort, Anne Maria has her teammates in a line.

"Now, we have a problem. They are coming right for us. Now, I'm going to take them down. B, you're going to guard the flag. Brick and Sam, go grab the flag." Anne Maria said.

"Wait, you're going to take down three men?" Sam said.

"I have the strength of 47 men and 12 butches!" Anne Maria, Sam and Brick ran out of the fort.

Brick and Sam ran past the male Rats, but they ran into Anne Maria.

"Ha," Scott laughed, "What's a girly going to do to three guys?" Anne Maria then throws Scott into the ice, then kicked Lightning in the stomach and punched him in the face. Followed by a growl at Cameron, causing him to wet himself and scream in terror.

"And that's why I'm awesome!" Anne Maria shouted to Brick and Sam.

"Well, I found that pretty awesome." Sam said.

"Rats ahoy!" Brick said. They got behind the fort, only to see the flag and Dawn gone.

"Where did she do?" Sam said.

"Up here," Dawn said, she jumped off the tree branch and landed on Brick and Sam, with the Rats' flag, "told you I was awesome."

"You are!" Sam said.

"But where did you..." Brick said, before the three of them were covered by snow.

Jo ran past them, then past Scott, Lightning and Cameron, then into the Maggots' fort.

"Now, it's time to fight!" Jo shouted.

"Oh yes it is." Anne Maria shouted as well. The two of them tackled each other to the ground. Anne Maria then pulled Jo's hair, but Jo pulled Anne Maria's arms back. B was watching the battle, but he didn't noticed Dakota, taking the team's flag and throwing it over the fort, in front of Scott, Lightning and Cameron.

"Wait, this is the Maggots' flag," Cameron said.

"Grab it!" Scott said. Lightning grabbed the flag and ran over to the Rats' fort.

"And the Rats win... again!"

"What?!" Anne Maria shouted. She threw Jo towards B and ran towards Chris, "We were just watching the flag, how did they even get it?"

"I have no idea, but they got it and they won it. See you all at the elimination." Chris said.

At the cabins, Scott goes to Dakota.

"Hey there, I just want to let you know that I saw you during the challenge. What are you up to?" he told her.

"I told you, I'm coming back to the game even if I destroy some people," Dakota said.

"Listen, you're sneaky and I'm evil, but this isn't going to work with you eliminating everyone."

"Well, maybe the alliance isn't set to work out."

"If you leave, I'll tell Chris what you're up to and get yourself fired."

"Woah! You wouldn't."

"Yes I will."

"Fine, but I will take it easy." Scott walked away and Dakota looked at the Maggots, where she only saw Anne Maria, Sam and Brick. She glared at them and walked over. "Hello Maggots, I just want to let you know that B was in the fort when the flag was thrown, so that means B did, losing the challenge for you all. Plus I heard he hates Anne, thinks video games are stupid and Brick is lame. Bye!" Dakota then walked away, causing them to get angry.

At the elimination ceremony, Chris stood in front of the Maggots on the dock of shame, with Dakota holding three marshmallows and Chef holding the radioactive marshmallow.

"Welcome to the fourth elimination ceremony, this is your fourth time Maggots! So lets get this started, shall we? Anne Maria, Sam, and.... Brick. You're all safe."

B was in shock, but he looked down and walked over catapult and sat in there.

"This is for hating!" Anne Maria said while walking off the dock.

"This is for hating games!" Sam said while walking off the dock.

"And this is for calling me a dork!" Brick said while walking off the dock.

"...wait, what?" B finally spoken. Chef threw him the toxic marshmallow, landing in his lap.

"Goodbye B!" Chris said, finally launching him into the darkness. "So, that concludes another shocking episode. I'll see you later on Total Drama... Revenge of the Island!"

Dakota is shown to be walking in the forest with a glare. "Scott thinks he's going to be the best? No way, blackmailing me won't do anything, hence why I have a plan on eliminating everyone in the game, but Scott is now number one on the list." She then laughed sinisterly, causing the entire forest to hear the laugh.

Aftermath: Blaineley's Newbies

The scene opens up at the Aftermath studio, Blaineley is seen sitting on a red couch, all fine and 100% healed.

"Welcome to the Total Drama Revenge of the Island Aftermath special!" Blaineley said with excitement, "This season, we'll interview our eliminated competitors from season four and we'll see what it's like to compete on an radioactive island! Even though Chris is keeping them away from the slime for some reason. At least there's some drama." She crossed her arms. "Oh yeah, here's the old cast."

She points to the original contestants where they all look upset.

"[MIKEY CENSOR! D:<] you," Heather said.

"Why are we even still here?" Eva said.

"Yeah, all we do is just sit here and wait for one us of to get kidnapped," Duncan said. Some, Chef dropped down from a cord, grabbed Duncan and left.

"Like that," Blaineley said, "Remember, you have five year contracts and you have like several months left. So get over it!"

"Fine!" most of them said.

"Anyways, this season started out with 13 brand new, 16-year-old competitors. And this season is getting pretty-"

"Lame?" Geoff said.

"Stupid?" Bridgette said.

"Outrageous?" Sadie said.

"Not the same because no originals aren't in the game?" Owen said.

"No! It's out of control." Blaineley said, "Chris just doesn't care and is letting people younger than you get toxicfied."

"'Toxicfied' isn't a real word," Izzy said.

"Shut up!" Blaineley said, "Anyways, we have some people to interview today! Like the four of the five eliminated competitors from Total Drama, Revenge of the Island!"

"Four of the five?" Courtney said.

"Dakota's still on the island as an intern eliminating everyone until she gets back in the game," Blaineley said

"I should of done that," Heather said. "Blah-blah so we only have B, Mike, Staci and Zoey! So lets bring them out!" Blaineley and the originals contestants clapped for the four competitors. They all sat on the couch and looked at Blaineley. "So how was it like to compete?"

"Well, the competition is alright but the fact we're all here just really sucks," Zoey said, "I mean, I was eliminated by a sore-loser fashion freak getting revenge on Chris." B then bumbs Zoey's side with his elbow, "Yeah B did too."

"I was just voted out because I looked at everyone's applications," Staci said.

"You also blackmailed us!" Mike said.

"But I wanted some friends yah," Staci complained.

"I have no idea why everyone voted me out," Mike said.

"Hey, I thought you told them to vote you off," Zoey said.

"I was but I didn't get to it," Mike said.

"Here's what happened!" Blaineley said, a video showed Dakota walking up to Brick, Lightning, Sam and B.

"So like Mike's a crazy person and crazy people are just really crazy. Bye!" Dakota said. The video ended with everyone gasping.

"So Dakota eliminated me, how nice!" Mike said.

"Don't worry, we were both eliminated by her," Zoey said.

"Oh well, at least we can finally have that date. Wait! Isn't there a restaurant next to the studio?"

"Yes... lets go!" Zoey grabbed Mike's hand and ran out of the studio.

"So like, B, explain to us how it was like to be on the island?" Blaineley asked.

"B doesn't talk," Staci said.

"He said 'Wait What?' when he was getting eliminated!" Blaineley said.

B just stared at her, he looked sad then started to cry and ran off stage.

"Yah so that was something you don't see everyday," Staci said.

"Shut up!" Blaineley said, "well I was hoping this show would be awesome but it's now. So join us after five episodes where we meet the eliminated competitors and see who everyone is rooting for! See you next time on Total Drama Revenge of the Island Aftermath!"

Six: Rats vs Maggots in a Treasure Hunting Challenge

Mutant Maggots
Toxic Rats

Chris and Chef appears in their trailer, where both of them are relaxing in the hot tub.

"Chef, can you do the opening for me?" Chris asked Chef.

"Sure thing," he said. "Last time on Total Drama Revenge of the Island, our final nine relaxed on the beach then climbed a mountain, then had a snowball fight where the Rats won. Also, Anne Maria and Lightning switched teams and out of nowhere, B was eliminated and we're down to the top eight!"

"Hey, I know Dakota's been an intern for a while and where does she sleep?" Chris asked.

"She sleeps outside."

The camera switches to Dakota freezing in a pink sleeping bag, next to a firepit that isn't even lit. "I need to get back into the game... SOON!"

"Well, this episode is going to be fricken awesome! Especially with Duncan, hidden treasure and a fight between captains Jo and Anne Maria. What's going to happen in this challenge? Find out on Total Drama... Revenge of the Island!"

In the Maggots side of the cabin, Sam is bunked above Brick and the two of them are staring at Anne Maria who's spraying her hair.

"What are you looking at?" she said.

"Well, it's not everyday where we see a pretty girl spray her hair," Sam said.

"Well that's a nice thought but I'm not into dudes. I'm into girls." Anne Maria then stared at Dakota, who's running away and screaming from mutant animals. "Now that's my type of girl!"

"So," Brick said, "I have a lot of questions and-"

"Listen," she said, "I was born this way and I enjoy every moment. So let me explain how we do it." Sam and Brick then awkwardly looked at each other.

Over on the Rats' side, Dawn and Jo are watching the guys.

"Ugh," Jo said, "I liked it better when there was more girls here but now it's the three of them and two of us."

"Well, it can't be that bad," Dawn said. They looked at the guys.

"Chug! Chug! Chug!" Lightning and Scott are screaming to Cameron as he drinks a two-liter of coke. He finished and burped very loudly.

"Am I a dude?" Cameron shouted in excitement.

"Now you are," Lightning said.

"Yay! I feel so wanted." Cameron then high-fived Scott and Lightning with joy.

"Oh please," Jo shouted, "this is still my team and non of that will be happening! Right Dawn?"

"I want to try." Dawn walked over to the guys and started to chug a two-liter soda in seconds. She burped louder than Cameron, shocking everyone in the room.

"Dawn! Dawn! Dawn!" they guys shouted. They soon lifted her off the ground and continued cheering to her.

"Sorry Jo, I feel wanted!" Dawn said to Jo. They walked out of the cabin, continuing to cheer for her. Jo walked out of the cabin, seeing her team chugging soda. Anne Maria walked out of the cabin.

"Oh my gosh! They're chugging soda! Save some for me!" Anne Maria shouted then joined them.

Sam and Brick walked out of the cabin with shocked faces.

"So like we never talked about what she said again, right?" Sam said to Brick.

"Well at least we know how it works." Brick said.

"Lets take our mind off of it and drink some soda!" Sam said.

"You're right!" Brick said, the two of them ran down with the others and chugged soda with them.

"Oh come on!" Jo shouted. The seven of them all chugged their sodas at once and finished at the same time. Then, they all burped at once, causing Jo to barf. "This is a super stupid show!"

The seven of them all stood next to each other, laughing and holding soda bottles. Jo walks towards them, only to put her hands on her hips and glare at them. However, the speaker goes off.

"Congrats to making it to the top eight my precious!" Chris said on the speaker.

"Wait, we're in the top eight?" Cameron shouted.

"Well duh!" Anne Maria said, "there's only eight of us left. Of course we're in the top eight."

"Anyways," Chris continued, "Today's challenge will focus on your water skills."

"Again?" Lightning said, "We just had a water ski challenge!"

"Not really," Chris said, "That was swimming. This challenge, you'll be pirates! Fighting for the gold!"

"Gold?" Scott shouted.

"That's right... gold!" Chris said.

"So how we win?" Anne Maria said.

"Ha who says anything about you losers winning?" Jo told Anne Maria.

"Well, since it's Jo vs Anne Maria, I think I know who's team is gonna win it all," Anne Maria said.

"Your team lost four challenges in a row, just ask Sam!" Jo said.

"Yeah it's true, the Maggots does suck," Sam said.

"Doesn't mean we're going to lose," Brick said.

"Brick, no one told you can speak," Jo said.

"You placed me on here so you can win, but this team is stronger than ever!" Brick said.

"And we're going to beat your butts!" Anne Maria said.

"If we lose, can I stay?" Sam said.

"Yeah sure," Anne Maria said.

"Stop interrupting me!" Chris continued on the intercom, "Today, you guys will be given a ton of wood to make your ships. Then, you have to race each other to the island, only to drop ashore and look for your treasure. But, the maps... are actually shredded, so you have to find them."

"How?" Scott said.

"Well, not only did we not make a map," Chris said, "But we buried Duncan. So it'll be easy to find."

"Duncan's with the treasure?" Cameron shouted.

"Duncan's with the gold?!" Lightning shouted.

"You buried Duncan alive?" Dawn shouted.

Seven: Mine Your Own Business

Eight: You Believe You Can Fly?

Nine: The Spookier You See, The More You Pee

Ten: Tour de Radioactive Track

Aftermath: The Final Four Business

Eleven: The Little Forest of Horror (feat. Audrey 2)

Twelve: "It's Time For My Revenge"

Thirteen: We're Warriors!



  • There are different information about the competitors:
    • Anne Maria - uses hair spray and fake tanner; cousins with Mike; from New Jersey; reveals to drive; fails her classes; reveals to have an attraction towards women; she hates Jo.
    • B - real name is "Beverly"; doesn't speak due to an issue that happened when he was a baby.
    • Brick - afraid of the dark; he wets his pants occasionally.
    • Cameron - lives with his mother; weighs 60 pounds; lives inside a bubble.
    • Dakota - still rich (as of chapter four, her family lives in poverty); reveals that she has two dads and three older brothers (she's also the only girl in the family); dropped out of high school; reveals to have a dark side on her; hinted to having her license.
    • Dawn - real name is "Harvey Marsleigh"; a Wiccan; a survivalist.
    • Jo - real name is "Joann"; believed to be a boy at birth; pees standing up; sleeps naked; revealed to be the head of her football team.
    • Lightning - works out every morning; has attractions towards older women.
    • Mike - cousins with Anne Maria; from New Jersey; has a crush on Zoey; has multiply personality disorder (only known to Anne Maria and recently Zoey).
    • Sam - reveals that his father's name is "Harvey"; plays video all day; his family is poor.
    • Scott - reveals to be poor.
    • Staci - compulsive liar; in the series, she talked about her relatives, however in this story, she talked about herself.
    • Zoey - reveals that her hair isn't red; didn't have friends where she lived; has a crush on Mike.
  • All the competitors are 16 according to Chris.
  • The teams were formed at the end of chapter one instead of the beginning.
    • The team names are the same as the original.
  • Here are the team changes this season:
    • Chapter three: Brick (formally on the Toxic Rats) was moved to the Mutant Maggots.
    • Chapter five: Anne Maria (formally on the Toxic Rats) and Lightning (formally on the Mutant Maggots) traded teams.
  • After Zoey's elimination, all the remaining females were on the Toxic Rats until the next chapter where Anne Maria and Lightning traded teams, making the teams, once again, inter-gendered.
  • Dakota's story role is similar to her role in the series.
    • She was eliminated early (first eliminated).
    • She returned an episode after her elimination; but instead of colliding with Sam, her hang-glider hit the surviving members of Team Maggot and launched Staci off the island.
    • She became an intern like the original.
    • A difference in her role is that she gets paid while being an intern because of her dads and she opened an episode.
    • It's been said by Chris that Dakota will return, but it's unconfirmed when she will return.
      • Revealed in chapter four, she was stopped being paid as an intern and she is poor.
      • Revealed in chapter four as well, she devised a plan to return to the game and be part of it for good.
  • With B's elimination, Sam is the only original member of the Mutant Maggots left on the team.
  • This story reveals that Blaineley did escape the island in the finale of Total Drama World Tour.
  • Author Note (spoilers): I will confirm that Bridgette, Lindsay, Justin, Harold, Beth, Duncan, Ezekiel, Cody, Noah and Courtney will take part in future challenges. The rest aren't but will appear in the finale.


Name Team Rank voted off Rank in Game Chapter voted off Reason voted off
Dakota NONE First Eliminated 13th Place Bigger, Badder and! The challenge required 12 competitors to cross the finish line and Dakota didn't cross it, causing herself to get eliminated.
Staci Mutant Maggots 2nd Voted Off 12th Place The Lying Game of Wipeout She revealed to have gone through everyone's applications to compete on the show. This upsets her team and they voted her off.
Mike Mutant Maggots 3rd Voted Off 11th Place Speeding Love Mike and Zoey didn't compete with their team, so the team voted off one of them and Mike ended up with four votes. (According to the Aftermath special, Dakota told the Maggots that Mike was crazy and they should vote him off.)
Zoey Mutant Maggots 4th Voted Off 10th Place Fresh On The Runway Dakota advised a plan to return to the game, so she framed Zoey into her elimination by stealing everyone's item (but Zoey's) and everyone believed it was her that stole their stuff, resulting into her elimination.
B Mutant Maggots 5th Voted Off 9th Place Too Icy Dakota told Anne Maria, Brick and Sam to vote out B, convincing them that he was the one losing the challenges. (Also told them that B hates Anne Maria, 'disses' video games and thinks Brick is a loser.)
Anne Maria Mutant Maggots2
Brick Mutant Maggots1
Cameron Toxic Rats
Dawn Toxic Rats
Jo Toxic Rats
Lightning Toxic Rats2
Sam Mutant Maggots
Scott Toxic Rats
  • 1Brick was formerly on the Toxic Rats.
  • 2Anne Maria and Lightning switched teams in episode five.

Elimination Table

# Contestants 11 2 33 4 54 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13
TBA Lightning IN IN IN B2 WIN
10 Zoey IN IN B2 OUT
11 Mike IN IN OUT
12 Staci IN OUT
13 Dakota OUT 2Intern
  • 1There was no elimination in this episode.
  • 2Dakota was given a chance to return, but it's not yet confirmed when.
  • 3Brick was moved to the Mutant Maggots.
  • 4Lightning and Anne Maria switched teams.

  WIN  = The competitor/team won in this chapter.
  IN  = This competitor remained in competition without winning nor being eliminated.
  B2  = The competitor was in the bottom two of the chapter.
  OUT  = The competitor was eliminated in this chapter.

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