This story is rated PG-13.
There is some language or violence that may not be appropriate for people under thirteen years of age.

Welcome to...



1st Generation

  • Alejandro (The Arch Villain) - Finalist in TDWT
  • Courtney (The Type-A Overachiver) - Placed 14th in TDI, 4th in TDA and 6/7th in TDWT
  • Duncan (The Criminal) - Placed 4th in TDI, finalist in TDA and 5th in TDWT
  • Gwen (The Goth Chick) - Finalist in TDI, 12th in TDA and 9th in TDWT
  • Heather (The Queen Bee) - Placed 3rd in TDI, 9th in TDA and finalist in TDWT
  • Lindsay (The Dumb Princess) - Placed 9th in TDI, 6th in TDA and 14th in TDWT
  • Sierra (The Obsessive Stalker Fan) - 4th Place Competitor in TDWT

2nd Generation

  • Cameron (The Bubble Boy) - Finalist in TDRI
  • Jo (The Take-No-Prisinor Jockette) - 5th Place Competitor in TDRI
  • Lightning (The Athletic Overachiver) - Finalist in TDRI
  • Mike (The Multiple Personality Disorder Guy) - 6th Place Competitor in TDRI
  • Scott (The Devious Guy) - 4th Place Competitor in TDRI
  • Zoey (The Indie Chick) - 3rd Place Competitor in TDRI
  • Sam (The Nice-Guy Gamer) - 10th Place Competitor in TDRI


Prolouge: Veterans vs Newcomers

It's been a year since the finale of Total Drama: Revenge of the Island. Since then, Chris was arrested and brought to jail for dumping toxic waste in Lake Wawanakwa and causing the genetic mutation of Dakota Milton and several interns. One day, the producers of Total Drama got a hold of Chef and asked him to deliver an important message to Chris McLean.

In a jail cell, crowded with prisoners, Chef walks down the cell blocks, with a yellow envelope in his hand. He looks around to see the Psycho Killer, several other inmates and eventually Izzy in her own cell.

"RCMP?" Chef asked Izzy.

"Yeah they caught up to me," Izzy said franticly, "But now that I'm here, I can be myself! Wa-hoo!"

"Okay then," Chef said. He continues walking down the block and sees Chris in a cell (with glass doors), watching the Total Drama Island finale.

"Go Owen!" Chris shouted. He turns over to see Chef, who was excited to see him. "Chef! It's been a whole year since I last saw you!"

"I know," Chef said, "I came here to deliver you a message from the Total Drama Producers."

"Let me have it," Chris said. Chef slips the envelope to Chris and Chris reads it out loud.

Dear Chris McLean,
   I hope you had fun in your cell. As you were paying your time, Lake Wawanakwa was 100% cleaned of all toxic waste. And to let you know, the network decided to renew us for another season of Total Drama, where you'll be hosting for your fifth season. Hope you come up with some interesting ideas! We sent the government your bail and you'll be released shortly with Chef Hatchet. Hope you can bring us another awesome season, otherwise we'll send you back to jail.
From your bosses.

"And you'll be free in 3...2...1," Chef said, Chris's cell door opens and Chris steps out.

"That was quick," Chris said.

"Lets go," Chef said. The two walk down the cell block, looking at one another. "So you got any interesting ideas?"

"Yes," Chris said, "Just get all the competitors to meet me at the Aftermath studio in two days.

"Sure will," Chef said, where they eventually start laughing sinisterly.

Two days later, in the abandon film lot, the Aftermath studio is jam packed with audience members. And on stage is the 35 competitors (minus Izzy, who's still in jail, and Alejandro) all sitting on stage. On one side is the Veterans, who are all glaring at the Newcomers, who are all sitting on the opposite side of the stage.

"Who do you guys think you are," Heather said, "You're not Total Drama worthy."

"I believe she's saying that because she's angry in the inside," Dawn said, "It must be difficult going on without Alejandro."

"Shut it!" Heather shouted to Dawn.

"Don't talk to our fellow competitor like that," Sam said.

"And I bet you're a lame-o nerd as well," Harold said.

"At least I'm a lame-o nerd with a 12-foot tall monster girlfriend!" Sam said back.

"But she has no sass like the sassy queen," Leshawna said.

"But I can crush you all," Dakota said, making a fist.

"Put your fist away, monster," Eva said.

"I hope you brought back up, loser," Jo said to Eva.

"Guys!" Owen said, "No need to fight."

"We didn't say anything about fighting," Jo said.

"Hey," Heather said, "Lets fight!"

"Bring it diva!" Jo said. All the competitors rallied up and started to beat each other, and the audience cheers them on.

As the fight goes on, Harold and Leshawna go to attack Sam, but Dakota jumps in front of them and throws them off stage. Heather goes to attack Dawn, but B steps in and opens his jacket, causing a giant boxing glove to hit her, Gwen and Duncan off stage. But, Sierra kicks Dawn and B off the stage as well. Lindsay, meanwhile, punches Katie in the face.

"Lindsay!" Tyler said to her, "Beat them up!"

"But I thought we were fighting each other," Lindsay said.

But, it wasn't too late as Anne Maria sprays the four in the face with canned hairspray. Ezekiel comes from behind her.

"Oh heck no!" Anne Maria said, spraying Ezekiel in his eyes.

Geoff and Bridgette make out during the entire fight, but were kicked off stage by Eva and Jo fighting each other. DJ runs off crying while Owen falls off stage, looking for food.

The fight continues with Lightning and Scott pounding on Noah and Trent, Staci annoying the heck out of Justin and Beth, Zoey and Mike teaming up against Cody and Sierra, Cameron hiding behind the couch in fear and Brick is watching the entire fight.

"Damn," Brick said, "And I thought my cast was crazy." Soon, he was tackled by Courtney.

Soon, an alarm went off, distracting the competitors the are still fighting.

From the ceiling, Chris comes down on a rope and the 35 competitors all stare at Chris.

"I see you guys are getting to know each other," Chris said.

"Why are we here?" Jo asked.

"Because the network wants another season from us and I'm going to give them another season," Chris said, "And I need the best seven from Total Drama Revenge of the Island to sit on the golden couch."

Soon, two golden couches come crashing threw the ceiling, with one landing on Owen.

"So," Chris said, "That means Lightning, Cameron, Scott, Mike, Zoey, Jo and Dakota sit on couch one."

"Dakota doesn't want to come back after what you did to her," Sam said to Chris, while he is walking up to him.

"Fine," Chris said, "As Dakota's boyfriend, you'll be taking her place."

"Sweet," Sam said. The seven of them go to sit on the couch.

"And as for originals," Chris said, "It was a hard decision but quickly, we came up with six worthy competitors, and they are Heather, Gwen, Lindsay, Sierra, Courtney and Duncan!"

The six of them go to six on the other couch, staring at the newcomers.

"As for the rest of you," Chris said, "Your journey on Total Drama is officially over. So no more returns, debuts or cameos, you're all done."

The competitors moaned in shame and walked out of the studio.

Chris turns to the thirteen chosen competitors for the new season.

"There's a reason why you guys are with us," Chris said.

"So you can torture us some more?" Heather asked.

"Yes," Chris said, "But that's not the point. The reason is that we were given season five so we can knock the socks off the viewers, and you All Stars are the best choice!"

"All Stars?" they all said at once.

"Yes," Chris said, "All Stars! And tomorrow, we'll be heading down to Lake Wawanakwa, where it is 100% clean and 100% toxic waste free! And there will be new surprises on the show and we want to know what you are all thinking!"

In the confessional, the competitors gave a statement about returning.

First was the veterans, starting with Gwen.

"Another chance at Total Drama? Well, I'll make it useful," Gwen said with a smile on her face.

The screen statics and Duncan is next. "Hey, I'm game! I made it to the finals once, and I'm sure I'll make it again!" he cheered on.

The screen statics and Courtney is next. "It's been two years since I competed, and there's no way I'm letting old conflicts get in my way."

The screen statics and Sierra is next. "Cody! I'll win for the both of us! Hopefully I won't come home as a 20 foot monster."

Next up is Lindsay. "Two words... Unlimited supply of lip gloss! Wait... I think that's five."

Next is Jo. "I'm coming back this season and I'm taking over."

Heather, "I'm going to rule this game, and no one is going to stop me."

Lightning, "Sha-Lightning is back! Sha-sham!"

Cameron, "Hey, if the bubble boy made it to the finals last time, sure I'll make it again."

Mike, "So now that everyone knows my condition and I can 100% control my personas, I can say that I'm going to go far."

Zoey, "Wow, another season of Total Drama! Hopefully the veterans will like me."

Scott, "My proformance last season was terrible, but this season, it's going to be better and!"

Sam, "Don't worry Dakota! I'll win for the both of us!"

The screen statics to Chris, who's standing in a parking lot with a military-like helicopter next to him.

"Soon," Chris said, "We'll be watching our All Stars battle it out to see who's #1 in the game! See you guys later!" Chris closes the prologue.

One: Heroes vs Villains

Chris McLean stands on the dock of shame with a huge smile on his face. Next to him is the Total Drama Robot.

"Welcome to Total Drama All Stars, our fifth season where the best of the best return to fight it out to become Total Drama's number one competitor and to win one million dollars! And it's time to bring in our Total Drama All Stars!" Chris introduced.

A military airplane comes hovering the island. The door opens and Chef is standing at the entrance with Cameron.

"Introducing first," Chris said, "Our previous finalist, Cameron!"

Chef picks Cameron up and throws him off the plane, "This is illogical!" Cameron shouted.

"Next up," Chris said, "Lightning!"

Lightning runs up to the opening, "Lightning's back! Sha-shzam!" He drives out of the airplane and Mike and Zoey walk up.

"Total Drama's lame couple, Mike and Zoey!" Chris shouted.

"Hey," Mike said, "We're not lame!" Chef then kicks the both of them off the plane.

Next up is Scott.

"Our lame antagonist from last season, Scott!" Chris said.

"You'll never hear the end of this!" Scott said, before being pushed off by Jo.

"I'm still mad at you," Jo said.

"Our powerhouse jockette who was betrayed by her allies last season, Jo!" Chris said.

"I'm getting my revenge!" Jo said. Chef then kicks her off the plane and is holding Sam, who is playing his hand-held game.

"And our gamer nerd who's playing for his monster girlfriend, Sam!" Chris said.

"This is for you, Dakota!" Sam said, before being thrown off the plane.

"And it's time to introduce our veterans," Chris said, "Starting with our Queen Bee, Heather!"

Heather walks up to the exit of the plane, "There's no way I'm jumping," Heather said. Chef then kicks her off the plane.

"Captain Lindsay her Hotness, Lindsay!" Chris said.

"Yay!" Lindsay said. She then walked off the plane and Duncan and Gwen are up next.

"Boyfriend stealer and cheater, Gwen and Duncan!" Chris said.

"Hey," Gwen said, "Leave us alone!" Behind them was Courtney, who was smiling. Gwen and Duncan turned around to see her, but they both screamed and jumped off the plane.

"Our crazy C-I-T Courtney!" Chris said.

"I'm not crazy!" Courtney said, who then jumped off the plane.

"Sierra!" Chris said.

"For Cody!" Sierra said, who jumped off the plane.

Ezekiel, who laughed. The 13 competitors are shocked to see him. Ezekiel jumped out of the plane and in mid-air, a plunger hits Ezekiel and is railed towards the Drama Machine.

"No way this loser is coming back," Chris said, "But I can put you into good use."

The 13 competitors swim towards Chris and all get on the dock of shame.

"Welcome to Total Drama All Stars!" Chris shouted, "This is our final season with you guys competing on Total Drama, and we're going to name our number one competitor at the end of the season!"

The thirteen competitors all cheer.

"And this season is going to have a lot of surprises," Chris continued, "This year, we're bringing back past challenges that were way too difficult for you guys in the past. If your team loses, you'll be forced to vote off a member of your team and be spending a night in the gross cabin going hungry. But, if your team wins, you'll be spending the night in our new McLean spa-house, with free massages, waxing, fine dining and you're personal butler!" Chris points to the spa house and the competitors were excited to see.

"Uh, Chris," Sierra asked, "Why is there a giant toilet next to the dock?"

"Oh that thing," Chris said, "Yeah, that's the flush of shame!"

"Ew," the competitors (but Sierra) said.

"That's pretty awesome," Sierra said.

"And who's a better example of being the first to be flush into the Total Drama history book, Ezekiel!" Chris said. The robot shoots Ezekiel into the toilet, and he presses the button, where is flushes Ezekiel into the toilet, and causes a giant splash of water to cover the contestants.

"Gross," Courtney, Cameron and Lindsay said.

"That was pretty awesome," Jo said.

"And this will happen to the 12 of you if you're voted off," Chris said, "Now it's time to put you guys onto teams, and this season will be Heroes versus Villains!"

The screen statics and Heather is the first one to use the confessional. "Oh I'm so going to run this game!"

The screen statics and Gwen is now in the confessional. "I'm pretty sure I'm on the Heroes team, but knowing Duncan will be on the opposing team. So much being on the same team with him."

The screen statics and it shows the 13 competitors.

"Heather, Jo, Duncan, Lightning, Scott and Gwen," Chris said, "You guys will be the Villainous Vultures!"

"I'm a villain?" Gwen screamed out, "But how?"

"Because you stole my boyfriend and became the new Heather!" Courtney said.

"You constantly broke Cody's heart throughout the series," Sierra said.

"You dumped Trent and told his team to vote him off," Lindsay said.

"Basically," Chris said, "And as for the rest of you, Sam, Lindsay, Cameron, Mike, Zoey, Sierra and Courtney, you guys are the Heroic Hamsters!"

"Wait," Duncan said, "How is Courtney a hero?"

"I'm more of a hero than Courtney is," Heather said.

"Courtney is a hero because of the actions of Total Drama Island, Total Drama Action and Total Drama World Tour," Chris said, "Trust me, Gwen and Courtney were originally suppose to be on the opposing teams but I thought it would be awesome for them to be on the opposite teams, where it can go either way."

"Hey!" Jo said, "They have seven members, we have six. No fair!"

"Didn't think that through," Chris said, "You guys can have the Drama Machine!" Chris presses the button and the robot goes near the villains. The robot stand near Heather.

"Get away from me," Heather says to it.

Heather appears in confessional again, "There's something about that robot I don't like."

The scene brings it back to Chris speaking to the teams.

"You guys good?" Chris ask, "Now, meet at the bottom of the hill for your first challenge!"

The competitors are walking in the forest.

"Back off," Heather says to the robot.

Gwen and Duncan notice that Courtney is glaring at Gwen.

"Courtney is staring at me like she's trying to barbecue me," Gwen said.

"Don't worry," Duncan said, "I'll glare back at her for you." When Duncan went to glare at Courtney, she looked away from him. "Uh Courtney, I'm glaring at you," he said with a worried look.

"Maybe Duncan wants you to insult him," Lindsay said.

"What's the point," Courtney said, "Duncan has no meaning to me anymore, but Gwen... I thought we were friends. Never make that mistake again."

"Sierra," Sam said, "I've noticed that your hair is back to normal."

"Thanks," Sierra said, "Now that I'm 100% healed and my blogs are runner at full, it's safe to say that this season is going to be at it's best!"

"Nice," Sam said.

Heather walks passed Jo and called her a "loser."

"Hey," Jo said, "Get out of my way, you washed up bucket."

"Guys," Gwen said, "Even though we are villains, we should stop acting like them and actually get along."

"Oh sure," everyone said.

In the confessional, Heather appears first. "Yeah right."

Jo's next, "I don't..."

Duncan's next, "Trust anyone..."

Lightning, "On this...

The robot, "Beat-bop..."

Scott, "On this team."

And finally Gwen appears, "I think this went well." She smiled but a screen edit shows the other villains laughing sinisterly at Gwen with fire backgrounds.

The competitors made it to the bottom of the hill, and Chris is driving a quad and a red and gold carriage are there next to him.

"Welcome to your first challenge!" Chris said, "Today we're bring back our first challenge from Total Drama, the cliff driving into a shark-infested lake! Here's how it goes: You guys will be jumping into the lake to look for a key that opens the door to the spa house. Once you grab a key, you'll go to your team's carriage, where they'll be bringing you to the spa. Once you unlock the door, you and your team will win the challenge! Losers will send someone home later tonight! Now, it's time to choose someone."

"I will be team carriage pusher," Heather said.

"Okay," Lightning said.

"It's your funeral," Jo said.

"Okay," Chris said, "Heroes?"

"Woo," Lindsay said, "I would like to push!"

"And it's Heather vs Lindsay!" Chris said, "As for the rest of you, get to the top of the cliff!" Chris leaves and the 11 other contestants and the robot take off to the top of the hill.

At the top of the hill, the contestants got there, with the Villains getting there first, then the Heroes. Courtney, however, didn't stop running and jumped off the cliff first.

"Oh no," Lightning said, "She's not going first!" Lightning then jumps off the cliff.

In the air, Courtney notices that Fang and two other sharks are in the lake, she screams but collides with Fang anyways, then Lightning lands in the water.

On the cliff, Scott, Zoey and Mike notice that Fang's in the water, where they all said "Fang" in fear at once.

In the confessional, Scott is curdled up into a ball, "I thought Fang was brought to a zoo or something!"

The screen statics back to Courtney and Lightning, who are underwater. Lightning find a gold key and Courtney grabs a regular key.

Lightning gets out of the water first and jumps into his team's carriage.

"Yes!" Heather said. The two take off, then Courtney jumps into her team's carriage.

"Go go go!" Courtney said to Lindsay.

"Okay," Lindsay said, "How do I push again?"

"You just grab the handles and go forward!" Courtney angerly said.

"And forward is?" Lindsay asked, causing Courtney to scream.

Heather is pushing the carriage and Lightning is smiling.

"I can't believe I'm pushing you," Heather said.

"Get used to it," Lightning said, "Lightning is number one!"

"Yeah right," Heather said.

They make it to the spa house. Lightning runs up and tries to unlock the door.

"It's not turning!" Lightning said to Heather.

"Wow, I can't believe you're that stupid," Heather said.

They go back to the carriage and run back. Lindsay and Courtney arrive and Courtney tries to unlock the door.

"Ugh! Wrong key!" Courtney said.

"Have you tried a window?" Lindsay said.

Heather and Lightning get back to the cliff, and Duncan is about to go next.

"Go luck kiss before I go?" Duncan asked Gwen.

"Sure," Gwen said. Sierra walks up to them.

"My bloggers were ticked off when they saw you hook up, but I understand it," Sierra said, "Love is love."

"I have no time for this," Duncan said, he jumps off the cliff. Courtney and Lindsay get back and Cameron is about to jump.

"I'll go for my team!" Cameron said, he jumped off the cliff.

Underwater, Duncan is chased by Fang, but Cameron grabs a key and goes to his team carriage.

"Lets go!" Lindsay said to Cameron, they run off. Duncan finally arrives, but beaten up, and he lands in the carriage.

"About time," Heather said, before she starts pushing the carriage.

While running, Lindsay is staring at Cameron.

"You're so adorable!" Lindsay said.

"Uh," Cameron said, "Thank you?"

Heather is pushing Duncan now.

"You better stay out of my way this season," Heather said.

"You upset about Alejandro?" Duncan asked.

"I'm not upset!" Heather shouted.

"Yeah right!" Duncan replied.

Lindsay and Cameron made it to the spa, but when Cameron tried to unlock the door, it was the wrong key.

"Wrong key!" Cameron said, the two run back as Heather and Duncan arrive.

"Wrong key," Duncan said as he attempts to unlock the door.

"Nice job loser," Heather said.

Lindsay and Cameron make it back.

Zoey kisses Mike on the check, "Good luck!" She said. Mike is shocked by the kiss and daywalks into Gwen, whom both of them fall off the cliff.

Heather makes it back and Gwen and Mike are surrounded by sharks.

"Vito!" Gwen remembered, she rips off Mike's shirt and Mike gasped into Vito.

"Hey yo yo," Vito said, "Time for yous to get a punchin'." He punches the sharks as Gwen goes to grab a key. She jumps out of the water and jumps into the carriage.

"Time to push, servant," Gwen said. Heather takes off. 'Vito' jumps out of the water and jumps into the carriage. He gasps again and turns back to Mike.

"Lets go," he said to Lindsay.

"Okay!" Lindsay said, pushing with Mike.

While Heather pushes Gwen, the two glare at each other.

"If we lose today," Heather said, "You're going down."

In the confessional, Gwen appears. "There's no way I'm competing on the same team with Heather. I think it's time for me to act like a villain and get rid of some fat."

The scene goes back to Lindsay pushing Mike.

"So Lindsay," Mike awkwardly says, "How's it like to be back."

"Eh, not that bad," Lindsay responded, "At least I can have the chance to win some money!"

"Nice!" Mike responded.

Heather and Gwen make it back to the spa and Gwen tries to unlock it, but it's the wrong key.

"Wrong key," Gwen said.

"Again?" Heather complained.

The two run back as Lindsay and Mike arrive.

"Let's hope it's-it's the wrong key," Mike said.

"Again," Lindsay said, "We should try the window!"

Heather makes it back and Scott is afraid of jumping and is clinging on to a rock.

"You better jump!" Jo said, trying to pull Scott off the rock, with the robot behind them.

"You can't make me," Scott said.

Lindsay makes it back and Zoey is next to jump off the cliff.

Jo continues to pull Scott off the rock, but accidentally lets go and knocks into the robot, causing it to fall backwards and go flying off the cliff, causing it to hit the rocks on it's way down. Zoey sees the robot falling towards her, but she was able to grab her key and swim out of the way. She jumps into the carriage and takes off. Jo, Scott, Sam and Sierra look at the fallen robot as it makes it into the robot. It was soon attacked by sharks.

"So long and good riddance!" Heather said with a smile on her face. Soon, the robot starts to malfunction and it explodes, revealing that Alejandro is in the robot suit, shocking the competitors, especially Duncan, Courtney, Sierra, Gwen and Heather.

"You have got to be kidding me!" Heather shouted in fear.

In the confessional, Alejandro, who has a full beard, his clothes are dirty and his hair is fully grown back, is talking. "Last thing I remember, Heather threw me off a cliff, got covered with lava and put into a robot suit. It feels so great now that I'm out of there! Fresh air!"

The scene goes back to Alejandro landing on shore with a key in hand, but collapses.

Alejandro is in the confessional again, "Remember, two years is a long time of no walking... so I can't walk now."

The scene returns with Alejandro crawling towards Heather.

"Help me?" Alejandro asked.

"I'm not helping you!" Heather said. She turned away from him and crossed her arms, earning a glare from Gwen.

At the spa house, Lindsay and Zoey arrives. Zoey runs up to unlock the door.

"Darn it, wrong key!" Zoey said, she soon realizes that the door opens and Lindsay is on the other side.

"You know the window near the back is open, right?" Lindsay said.

Chris, who comes flying down a jetpack and goes near Lindsay and Zoey, "And the Heroes win the first challenge!"

"Yes!" Lindsay and Zoey celebrated. Chris goes near the other 12 competitors.

"Heroes win, Villains lose!" Chris said, "Meet at the campfire pit in about three hours."

"You're going to pay for what you've done to me," Alejandro said to Heather, "Pay!"

"I'm not scared of you," Heather said, "You and Gwen are going down!"

It's elimination time, and the Villains are all sitting at the bonfire.

"Welcome to our first elimination ceremony of the season!" Chris introduced, "Before we start, lets introduce the Peanut Gallery, where the winning team gets to watch someone from the losing team get eliminated and flush off Total Drama! Before we start, I need a strong volunteer from the Heroes team."

"I'll be the volunteer!" Lindsay bravely said. She walked up to Chris.

"Good," Chris said, "Now you'll be going to boney island for one night!"

"How is that good?" Lindsay asked.

"Because the McLean brand-immunity idol is there," Chris answered, "Find it and you're golden!"

"Okay!" Lindsay and Chef take off.

"Now it's time to vote!" Chris said, "This season is a little different, you'll be marking a red "X" on the 8x10 photo of the person you're eliminating. So, get voting."

In the confessional, Scott, Lightning, Jo, Duncan and Alejandro secretly voted. But Heather voted for Gwen and Gwen voted for Heather."

"This vote is a close one," Chris said, "But its Lightning, Duncan, Scott, Jo and Alejandro that are safe." Chris gives them their marshmallows. "Gwen and Heather, one has received six votes and the other received one. And the final marshmallow goes to... Gwen! Heather, you're out!"

The Heroes and the Villains all cheer for Heather's exile.

"What?" Heather shouted in anger, "You have got to be kidding me, I'm the best player in Total Drama!"

"You refused to help Alejandro," Jo said.

"You were mean to us," Duncan said.

"And Gwen got to us before you did," Scott said.

"Bye-bye Heather," Gwen said.

"Fine!" Heather said.

On the dock of shame, the Villains, with Jo holding Alejandro, is watching as Heather is in the Flush of Shame.

"I can't believe you all voted me out," Heather said, "You're all going down!"

"Nope, you're going down!" Chris said, he presses the button and Heather is flushed into the toilet. The toilet, however, starts shaking and it shoots Heather into the air and water comes splashing all over the Villains and Chris.

"Ew, gross," they all said.

"Wow," Chris said, "We'll get that fixed soon. But Heather is the first off Total Drama and who's going to join her as someone else will be flushed off Total Drama... forever! Join us next time on Total Drama All Stars!" Chris then ends the chapter.

Two: Evil Dread

The chapter opens with Chris McLean on the dock of shame, standing next to the Flush of Shame. "Previously on Total Drama All Stars, we introduced our thirteen competitors to our All Star season, starting with Zoey, Mike, Lightning, Cameron, Scott, Sam, Jo, Gwen, Duncan, Courtney, Heather, Lindsay and stalker Sierra. We placed our All Stars on teams, Heroes vs Villains! But, because of an odd number, we given our robot to the Villains, who turned out to be Alejandro. But Alejandro wasn't enough to give the Villains the win, and at a shocking conclusion, newcoming villain Gwen eliminated Heather in the first episode. So proud of her! This episode, there will be a lot of evil playing, heroes being heroes and someone taking the Flush of Shame. Find out here on Total Drama All Stars!"

It's nine in the morning, and the Villains spent the night in the other cabin.

In the guys' side, everyone is awake. Alejandro and Duncan glare at each other, meanwhile Scott and Lightning stands by and watches.

"Duncan, what's with the glare?" Alejandro asked.

"I know you're still evil," Duncan said.

"At this point," Alejandro said, "I'm greatful that I'm finally out of that robot suit."

"Not believing you," Duncan continued.

"You two need to sha-shut up," Lightning said, "We need to deal with a bigger deal and that's Jo. She needs to go."

Scott appears in the confessional, "So after seeing what Gwen did to Heather, I'm guessing my team have conflicts with each other. And I've noticed that Alejandro and Duncan hate each other, Lightning and Jo are at each other's necks, and Gwen is Duncan's girlfriend so who ever hates Duncan will probably target her. So, I'm going to lay back and watch the fireworks, and when its all said and done, I'll be the last one left."

In the girls' side, Gwen is looking at Jo doing jumping jacks.

"424...425...426," Jo counted.

"What are you doing?" Gwen asked.

"My early morning jumping jacks," Jo continued.

"Yeah," Gwen said, "Good luck today."

"Ugh," Jo said, she stops exercising and turns to Gwen, "If you continue being nice on the Villains, you'll be the next out. It's time to act like a villain and start being evil. Or else."

"Or else what?" Gwen asked.

"Or else you'll be flushed next," Jo said, she glared at Gwen and walked away.

At the McLean Spa resort, the Heroes are enjoying their spa reward. Courtney and Sierra are getting facials and foot massages. Cameron, Mike and Zoey are relaxing in mud baths, and Sam is getting his back waxed.

"This is the life," Zoey said.

"I'm going to get some apple sauce," Courtney said, "I'll be back." Courtney leaves the room, leaving her team there.

"Elephant in the room," Sierra said, "But why is Courtney on our team?"

"I have no idea," Cameron said, "I watched the previous seasons and she was evil."

"Well she was insane," Sierra said.

"But it's been two years," Zoey reasoned, "I'm sure she's a changed person. Just give her a chance."

"I'm with Zoey," Mike said, "Everyone deserves a second chance."

"True," Sierra said, "Aw, you two are so cute! Even cuter than Duncan and Gwen."

"True that," Sam said, "But nothing comes across me and my Dakota." Soon, he got his back waxed and his screams was heard around the island.

The scene switches over to Chris, who's in the mess hall. The Villains all take their seat at the table near Chef's kitchen. And then the Heroes arrive (minues Lindsay) take the table near Chris.

"Welcome to day two everyone!" Chris introduced.

"Hey," Courtney said, "Where's Lindsay?"

"Oh yeah," Chris said, "Here she is!" Lindsay comes walking into the main lodge, disappointed.

"Find anything?" Mike asked.

"No," Lindsay said, "Instead, these weird looking animals tried eating me and I kept running all night. Then I found a mini Chris head and threw it at them and they stopped."

"Lindsay!" Chris said, "That's the idol!"

"Oh..." Lindsay said, "Well you never told me." Chris slaps his head while Lindsay went to take a seat with her team.

"Well now that we're down one All Star, we are going to continue the All Star season!" Chris said, "And today, we're bringing back an old challenge from the France challenge, finding famous international landmarks! But, you'll have to find them underground! But before we do that, we have a challenge that'll give you guys' a reward for that challenge, and it starts right now!"

In the confessional, Jo appears, "Alright, this sounds interesting!"

The scene switches back to Chris, who's outside with the thirteen competitors on the beach.

"Now that you guys are here," Chris said, "It's time for each team to pick a player."

"As team captain of the Villains," Jo said, "I'll pick myself." Gwen then glared at her.

Gwen then appears in the confessional, "Oh so now's she's captain?"

The scene appears to the Heroes.

"I'll do it," Mike said.

"Alright," Chris said, "Jo vs Mike! You two will have to race around this entire island! First one back wins the shovels for their team! And go!"

"Right now?" Mike asked, Jo continued to run, meanwhile Mike chases after her.

"So in the meantime," Sierra said, "We just wait for them?"

"Basically," Chris said.

10 minutes later, Jo arrives back to where the others are. Mike then follows.

"And Jo wins the shovels for her team!" Chris said.

The Villains cheered while they all received their shovels.

"While the Heroes must dig with their hands," Chris said.

"It's okay, Mike," Zoey said, "You did your best."

"Awe thanks," Mike said.

In the confessional, Sierra appears, "Actually, it's not alright."

Lindsay is next, "We have to dig with our hands!"

Courtney is next, "Ugh, their niceness is annoying." Confession ends.

The scene switches back to Chris and the competitors.

"Alright guys," Chris continues, "The sculptures you'll be finding today will represent a member of someone of the opposite team! These are reused sculptures from Greece! For the Villains, you'll be looking for a 4-piece Courtney playing a mini heart model, and for the Heroes, you'll be looking for a 4-piece Tyler holding a giant rock!"

"But Tyler isn't in the game, anymore," Duncan said.

"And how do I represent the Villains?" Courtney asked.

"Tyler is Lindsay's boyfriend and everyone on the Villains team hates Courtney," Chris said, "Now once you find the parts, put the pieces together on your team's platform. But be careful, there's a ditch around your platform... filled with crabs! First team to put it together wins. The losing team will be flushing someone out of Total Drama tonight! So start digging... now!"

The competitors goes off to start digging on their respective side.

As the Villains dug for their pieces, Jo lectures her team.

"Alright guys," Jo said, "As captain, we're all going to find different sections to dig, that way we can find the pieces easier."

"Lightning doesn't need to listen to you," Lightning said, "Lightning's his own man." He runs to the water and starts digging underwater.

Gwen appears in the confessional, "Really? We need to deal with him?"

Duncan is next, "Seriously, this guy is stupider than Lindsay."

Alejandro is next, "Sometimes, I wish I voted off Lightning rather than Heather... but we can always vote him off next."

Back to the game, Lindsay is watching Sierra dig.

"So," Lindsay said, "We really need to dig with our hands?"

"Uh yeah," Sierra said, "We really need to."

"But I'm not getting my nails dirty," Lindsay continued.

Over by Mike, Cameron and Zoey, Cameron seeing a red dot in the ground. He digs in that spot, but a bomb goes off, covering Cameron with clothes.

"And that's what happens when Chef doesn't wash his clothes," Chris commented.

Cameron looks at a hat and catches an idea, "If Mike can dig at his regular speed, that means Manitoba Smith can dig faster!" He runs up to Mike and puts the hat on. He then gasps and turns into Manitoba Smith.

"Oy mate," Manitoba said, "Lets go find some stones!" He starts digging underground. He soon comes up from the ground with a piece of stone and throws it on the platform.

Over on the Villains, Gwen digs, but overhears Lightning and Jo arguing.

"Why don't you dig on land?" Jo yells at Lightning.

"Lightning is his own man," Lightning replied, throwing water at Jo.

"I'm going to kill you!" Jo said, before then, the two start to shovel-fight with each other.

Gwen moves next to Alejandro and starts digging.

"Gwen," Alejandro asked her, "What seems to be the matter?"

"Ugh, I feel so out of place on this team," Gwen said.

"Oh please," Alejandro said, "You're the new Heather, remember?"

"Yeah, but I don't wa-" Gwen said, before being interrupted by Alejandro.

"Gwen," Alejandro said, "You're a wise and nobel member of this team. You're going to be just fine." Gwen then starts falling for Alejandro, earning a look from Duncan.

Duncan appears in the confessional, "Alejandro better stay away from my girl, or he'll be flushed like his girlfriend."

Back to the challenge, Gwen digs and find a piece.

"Found one!" Gwen shouted, she throws the piece on the platform.

Scott goes over to wear the Heroes are digging. He sees that all the Heroes are busy digging, then he looks over to see that the Villains are busy digging as well. He then starts digging on the Heroes side and finds a piece of their sclupture and buries it on the Villains side.

However, Manitoba Smith sees Scott do that.

"I see what you did there," Manitoba said.

"What?" Scott said.

Manitoba Smith pushes away from him and grabs his team's piece.

"Trying to trick us, mate?" Manitoba said, "Now get lost." He pushes Scott back to the other team's side, but his shovel accidentally hits his head.

Zoey cries out "Mike," before it goes into his head.

In Mike's brain, Chester, Vito and Svetlana are in his head. The three of them heard Manitoba falling.

"That's not good," Vito said.

The four of them feel that the entire brain starts shaking, and the four all huddled together.

"The Malevolent One is coming!" Chester said.

"Get ready mates," Manitoba said with fear. A dark silhouette appears in front of the four, scaring them all.

"Mike!" Zoey said to an unconscious Mike, "Mike!"

Mike opens his eyes to see Zoey.

"What happened?" Mike asked.

"Scott knocked you out," Zoey said, "But we found another piece!"

"Nice," Mike said, he grabbed the piece and threw it on the platform.

Over by the Villains, Duncan finds another piece of their teams sculpture.

"Found another one!" Duncan said, he throws the piece on the platform.

Lightning, who's digging in the water, finds a piece of the sculpture.

"Found one!" Lightning said, who looks over at Jo, "And who said digging in the water was a bad idea?"

"Whatever," Jo said, "You're still an idiot."

Sierra finds a piece of the sculpture.

"Found one!" Sierra said.

"Yay Sierra!" Lindsay said.

Courtney finds a piece, "Found the last one!" She said. She throws the piece on the platform.

"Found one!" Alejandro said, throwing his on the platform.

"Lets go put it together!" Jo said, her, Lightning, Gwen, Scott and Duncan go to put their sculpture together, while the Heroes did the same.

But, they saw that the crabs are eating the platform and both platforms collapse into the crabs hole and eventually everything is eaten.

"Uh, Chris," Alejandro asked, "What now?"

"Chef," Chris asked, "Did you forget to feed the crabs?"

"I don't know," Chef shouted.

"Well," Chris said, "I hate to say it, but looks like the teams are tied."

"So what now?" everyone said at once.

"I guess we're going to have a double elimination," Chris said.

"What?" everyone said at once.

"It's a tie," Chris said, "And how do I handle ties now? Double elimination! But since we're at the teams stage, each team will vote someone off. But, when it comes to the reward, a member of each team will be able to go to boney island and find the idol. See you at elimination!"

It's elimination time, and the thirteen competitors are all sitting in front of the bonfire with Chris, who only has 11 marshmallows.

"So," Chris said, "Both teams have tied, a Total Drama first. And instead of a tiebreaker, a member of each team will pay the sacrifice! Starting with the safe Heroes, Cameron, Zoey, Mike, Sam, Sierra, you're all safe." Chris gives the five of them their marshmallows. "And as for the Villains, Gwen, Alejandro, Duncan and Scott, you four are safe." Chris then proceed to give them their marshmallows.

"And when it comes down to the bottom four, Courtney, Lindsay for the Heroes and Jo and Lightning for the Villains. Courtney, you're up because you're team and everyone else basically hates you, Lindsay's up because she refused to dig. Lightning and Jo are up because they mildly annoy their team. And, the two safe competitors are... Courtney and Jo!" Chris tosses the two their marshmallows.

"Sha-what?!" Lightning shouts out.

"Wait," Lindsay said, "I'm out?"

"You guys have to be kidding me!" Lightning angerly says, "I'm not leaving!"

"But guys," Lindsay said, "Why me?"

"It's time to flush these two losers!" Chris said.

At the dock of shame, Lindsay and Lightning are in the flush of shame.

"You guys will pay!" Lightning said, "Heather was right, this team is filled with losers."

"See yah, guys," Lindsay said, "It's been fun-"

Chris then presses the button and the two are flushed into the Flush of Shame. He then turns to the final 11.

"Alright," Chris said, "Now we need a volunteer from each team!"

"I'll go!" Scott said.

"Sure," Sam said, "Why not?"

"Alright guys," Chris said, "Follow Chef!" Sam and Scott left the island to boney island.

"AS for the rest of you," Chris said, "Get some sleep in the yucky cabins!"

The rest of the competitors groan and walk away off the dock of shame.

"Lindsay and Lightning are gone! What do I have in store for these guys next time on Total Drama All Stars!" Chris said, closing the chapter-

WAIT A MINUTE! It's midnight and everyone is asleep. However, in the guys side of the cabin, Mike, is calmly sleeping, but he gasps and his Malevolent Personality comes to life, his eyes go dark and his bangs cover one eye.

"One by one, they will all fall," the Malevolent One said.

To be continued...

Three: Saving Private Leechball

Chris McLean is standing on the dock with a leech in his hand, "Previously on Total Drama All Stars, the stars were sent to go digging for buried treasure, until things got heated with the hungry crabs and they eat everything! So now the teams both lost and had to send a member packing. The Villains chosen Lightning to go home and the Heroes sent Lindsay packing. This challenge, it's going to be grusome! Who's going to get the royal flush this time on Total Drama All Stars!"

It's bright and sunny out, as the competitors are awake in the cabins. On the girls side, tension is getting worse with Gwen and Jo.

"For the last time," Jo said, "You have to listen to me, as I'm team leader."

"And for the last time," Gwen said, "We don't need a leader."

"Wow," Sierra said, "You guys are more messed up than my last encounterment with Cody."

"What did you do to him?" Zoey asked.

"Well, I might of stalked him and some spying," Sierra explained, "But I needed to know what I can get him for Christmas!"

"You are starting to become a weirdo," Courtney said.

"She's already one to begin with," Jo said.

On the guys' side, Cameron is watching Duncan and Alejandro glaring at one another once again.

"So," Duncan said, "Are you going to waste your precious eye sight on me again?"

"Maybe," Alejandro said, "Maybe not."

"You better keep away from Gwen," Duncan said.

"Awe and I thought Villains didn't care," Alejandro commented.

"And I thought you couldn't walk," Duncan said, "But I guess miracles can happen."

"That's a burn on both of you," Cameron said.

"Zip it Cameron!" Duncan and Alejandro said.

Four: Food Fright



  • There are seven veteran contestants (Alejandro, Courtney, Duncan, Gwen, Heather, Lindsay and Sierra) and seven newcomers (Cameron, Jo, Lightning, Mike, Sam, Scott and Zoey) competing in this story.
  • Ezekiel, who snuck on the plane, is flushed off the show first.
  • Alejandro was introduced at the end of chapter one, 'Heroes vs Villains'.
  • Chris gives a reward to the winning teams by having one of them spend the night at boney island to find the Chris McLean immunity tiki.
    • In Chapter One, Lindsay was the first to go to Boney Island to find the tiki.
    • In Chapter Two, because of a tie, Sam and Scott represented their team and both went to boney island.
  • In Chapter Two, a tie happened and Chris had both teams send a member home. Not only that, but had each team send a member to Boney Island.
  • Mike develops a fifth personality, The Malevolent One, in Chapter Two.


Heroic Hamsters


The Heroic Hamsters is a teams in the story that includes protagonists (and one anti-hero) from the past four seasons of Total Drama. It includes Cameron, Courtney, Lindsay, Mike, Sam, Sierra and Zoey. The team was formed by Chris in the first chapter. They win the first challenge. In chapter two, both teams lost and the Heroes voted Lindsay off first.

Villainous Vultures


The Villainous Vultures is a team in the story that includes antagonists and anti-heroes from the past four seasons. It includes Alejandro, Duncan, Gwen, Heather, Jo, Lightning and Scott. The team was formed by Chris in the first chapter. However, they lose the first challenge and vote off Heather. In chapter two, Lightning was the second voted off.

Elimination Table

# Contestants 1 22 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13
# Alejandro IN1 IN
# Cameron WIN IN
# Courtney WIN LOW
# Duncan IN IN
# Gwen LOW IN
# Mike WIN IN
# Sam WIN IN
# Scott IN IN
# Sierra WIN IN
# Zoey WIN IN
12/13 Lightning IN OUT
Lindsay WIN OUT
14 Heather OUT
  • 1 - Alejandro debuts halfway through chapter one.
  • 2 - Both teams were tied in chapter two, causing no one to win and each team voting a member off.

Elimination Chart

Name Team Rank in Game Chapter Eliminated in Reason voted off Not/Merged
Heather Villainous Vultures 14th Place Heroes vs Villains Gwen refused to compete with Heather this season and convinced her team to vote her off. Not Merged
Lightning Villainous Vultures 13th/12th Place Evil Dread Because of the teams tying, both teams had to vote off a member. The Villains voted Lightning off because of his annoying.
Lindsay Heroic Hamsters Because of the teams tying, both teams had to vote off a member. The Heroes voted Lindsay off because she didn't help out during the challenge.
Cameron Heroic Hamsters
Courtney Heroic Hamsters
Mike Heroic Hamsters
Sam Heroic Hamsters
Sierra Heroic Hamsters
Zoey Heroic Hamsters
Alejandro Villainous Vultures
Duncan Villainous Vultures
Gwen Villainous Vultures
Jo Villainous Vultures
Scott Villainous Vultures
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