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Me in doll form because I have no artistic talent. xD

About Me

Hi! You can call me Gigi. Basically, I write fanfiction to hone my writing skills, but I also do it because I enjoy it so much! I like to work on one fanfic at a time, so my Heather/Noah fanfic, Life After Lies, is my focus right now.

I'm signed up at with the same username, and I am also known as gigirl942 at other places such as deviantart and livejournal. Thanks for visiting my profile, and I hope you enjoy Life After Lies or any other fanfics I might write!

My Stories

Life After Lies

Depths of Insanity

An Unexpected Reunion



If you want to be friends, just leave a message on my talk page. ^_^ I'm very open and I try to be friendly, so I don't mind!

  • Nalyd (Yay for Skipper Nalyd! xD A really cool admin and just awesome in general.)
  • Sprink (Fantastic author, artist, and person!)
  • TDIRM (A really, really nice guy and a very good writer!)
  • Sunshine (BEST. WRITER. EVER. Also, a totally nice person!)
  • Goldenshane (Great guy, has lots of writing and drawing potential!)
  • Tdifan (Green Day rocks! xD Very good author!)
  • Kenzen (Awesome dude. Has lots of potential as a writer! :D)
  • Crystal (Very good writer and nice person!)
  • Kgman (Awesome writer who has so much potential that it makes me wanna cry!)
  • Koops (Long time friend. We've had some pretty epic RPs together! xD)


Finish a multi-chapter fanfic.[]

Make ten friends. [x] (Woot!)

Finish a oneshot. [X](Depths of Insanity!)

Have one of my stories featured. [x] (LAL's the Featured Story for April 2010! Thank you all so much!!)

Have one of my stories be on the Highest Voted list. [X] (Life After Lies! Yay!)

Be Featured Author [x] (I LOVE YOU GUYS! ♥♥♥)

My Signatures

-- I sing the song of the fading silver star...

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