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  • I live in Denver, Colorado metro area
  • My occupation is Accountant (retired)
  • I am A proudly strange person
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How providential when you find
The face an index to the mind,
And evil men compelled to call
Themselves by names like Gideon Crawle!

--W.S. Gilbert, Ruddigore

I am the "evil man" who calls himself Gideoncrawle, although I will answer to any reasonable permutation thereof. At 60 years of age, I am quite probably the world's oldest writer of Total Drama fanfiction.

I have been on the wiki since 2010 and served as an admin for over three years; but around mid-2016 I ceased most activity beyond tending my own stories and those of my closest wiki friend. However, I still lurk regularly to see what's going on.

I have one ongoing story: my Season 1 reimagining, The Legend of Total Drama Island. See below for more information.

My Stories

Alphabetically within each section

Most of my stories now have pages on the TV Tropes website. You can find the links to these pages under the headings for each story. If you are a fan of TV Tropes, check out these pages. If you're not familiar with the site, this might be a good excuse to find out what the fuss is about.


Courtney and the Violin of Despair (commonly abbreviated CatVoD)

March 2011 Featured Story
Has a TV Tropes page
A kinder, gentler "Courtney bashing" story, featuring a series of embarrasing musical incidents based on true stories. The purpose of this story is to demonstrate that even character-bashing stories can be tasteful, quality work, and that you don't have to be mean to give your favorite punching bag a lot of grief.

Fake Souls anthology (contributor)

"Rise of the Dragon Queen" (Chapter 22) featuring Heather
"Desperate Measures" (Chapter 31) featuring Izzy. This story is very unusual in that it depicts Izzy as a tragic character, even a pitiable one.


June 2010 Featured Story
Has a TV Tropes page
My first published fanfic. Five residents of the Featured User gallery have suggested that it is professional-quality work.
As part of Legacy's first anniversary (8 February 2011), I posted my plot sketch of the abandoned 6th chapter on my blog page, as part of a special joint blog with Sunshine. Sunshine's contribution was a beautifully detailed fanart that now appears on the story page as a frontispiece.

Total Drama Island, by Gilbert and Sullivan (abbreviated TDI-G&S, pronounced "Tiddigus")

June 2011 Featured Story
Has a TV Tropes page
What if Gilbert & Sullivan had written TDI? The canon story arc retold with 8,300 lines of G&S verse--that's almost 3/4 of the total verse in the 14 G&S plays--and an average of 33 verse references per episode. A 400-page (8.5x11 equivalent) magnum opus 18 months in the making. Includes verses for Mr. Coconut, Sasquatchanakwa, The Escaped Psycho Killer With a Chainsaw and a Hook, and more.
The wiki version has all of the episodes posted. Supplemental work on the character pages will continue sporadically for some time.
The PDF version is finished, and is available for download on Google Drive, because Wikia can't handle a 50+ MB file.

In Progress

G&S Playlist for Life After Lies (abbreviated LAL-G&S)

I collected some Gilbert & Sullivan songs, most of which also appear in TDI-G&S (see above) into a playlist to honor the enshrinement of Gigi's story Life After Lies in the Featured Story gallery (April 2010). I have since added to it as Gigi posted new LAL chapters. The playlist is now three times its original size, with a playing time comparable to a typical feature film. The playlist currently resides on my blog page, although I may move it to an article page one of these days.
On 9 September (10 September UTC) this playlist had the honor of being the very first recipient of Gigi's Official Fadingsilverstar16 Sparkly Rainbow Seal of Approval.

The Legend of Total Drama Island (abbreviated LTDI)

Winner of 5 categories, including Best Reimagining, at the 2012 Wiki Awards
Has a TV Tropes page
A TDI reimagining patterned after one of the world's great literary classics--The 1,001 Nights.
The Thirty-second Night is posted. The Thirty-third Night is scheduled for Saturday, 1 June. New chapters are normally posted bimonthly, usually on or about the Saturday nearest the end of the month.
This story has a userbox related to its first big plot twist. See the My Userboxes section below.
Because this story was in development for over a year before its official launch, I previewed scenes every couple of months on my blog page. These previews reside on:
  • My "1,000th Edit" blog post, featuring a scene from the talent show challenge (now officially released as part of the "Seventh Night" chapter).
  • My Halloween-themed "2,000th Edit" blog post, featuring Gwen's arrival (now officially posted in "First Night") and a scene from the phobia challenge (now officially posted in "Eleventh Night").
  • My New Year's blog post, a "pause that refreshes" scene, from which episode I couldn't disclose at the time because it would have been a spoiler. This scene is now officially posted, with some changes, in "Tenth Night".
  • An unscheduled preview selected and posted on very short notice for its "ripped from the wiki headlines" topicality. The scene is from the "Awake-a-thon", now officially posted in "Fourth Night".
  • The Valentine's Day special: Three short, hot 'n' steamy scenes with three levels of steam heat. How hot do you like it? (One of these scenes is now officially posted in "Fourth Night", and the others are now officially posted with minor changes in "Twenty-first Night".)
  • Two short scenes: one from the end of the first episode (now officially posted in "Second Night"), and the other from the paintball deer hunt (later expanded and officially posted in "Fourteenth Night").
  • An anniversary post of sorts, marking (more or less) the anniversary of the date that I announced this project to the wiki. Features a scene (now officially posted in "Third Night") illustrating how I am making LTDI Darker and Edgier than the original by (among other methods) playing for drama certain incidents that the original played for laughs.

Coming Soon

Nothing currently in this category

In Development

It's too early to tell whether these stories will ever see the light of day, but I have done some work on them. The titles are subject to change.

"Before a Fall"

In this "scenes we'd like to see" vignette (that's Old School for "one-shot"), Courtney's and her lawyers' attempts to tamper with the TDA competition don't work out quite the way she expected.

A Fake Souls chapter featuring Katie and Sadie

"The Neverending Drama"

The original campers, now 40 or 50 years old, are STILL competing because Chris won't release them from their contracts. Currently shaping up as a long one-shot. Very dark.


My Userboxes

I have created two userboxes, which I unveiled on my Second Anniversary blog post. The first of these was originally a gift for Sunshine, but of course anyone is welcome to use it:

Izzy bloodlustThis user is “special”

To use, type {{SpecialPerson}}

The second pertains to my competition story, The Legend of Total Drama Island. That story's first big plot twist engendered some very strong opinions on the question of whether everything was as it seemed:

Harold hurtThis user doesn’t believe that Harold really died in The Legend of Total Drama Island.

To use, type {{HaroldLives}}


Why am I here?

Regarding who I am and what I'm about, let's start with the proverbial elephant in the room: I am vastly older than most of the folks on this wiki. We're talking decades older. Some of the tweens on this wiki are young enough to be my grandchildren.

So, what is a middle-aged man doing on a wiki for a kid's show like Total Drama? That's a good question, and here's a good answer: if it's well-written, what does it matter if it's (allegedly) a kid's show? Somehow, TDI captured my imagination in a way that only one other TV show (Sci-fi Channel's elimination game, Who Wants to be a Superhero?) has done since the turn of the millenium. Later seasons had their charms, but largely lacked TDI's sense of discovery, which is why I think only The Ridonculous Race compares to TDI.

In addition, my darling wife and I are longtime animation fans. We like TD's sister series, 6Teen, for the same reasons that we like TD itself.

Furthermore, my main hobby is sports photography (mostly volleyball and girls' basketball) at my former high school, so I spend a lot of time around teens, whom I have never been inclined to treat as anything but equals.


If I had been on TDI

The TDI characters I most closely resembled at that age are Cody and Noah. Allowing for the quirks of the drawing style, I even looked rather like Cody. Like Cody, I was a science geek, playing up a year (e.g. taking junior-level classes as a sophomore) in my math and science classes. Like Noah, I spent most of my formative years with a book in my hands, e.g. reading Sacagawea when I was all of 6 years old.

I differed from Cody mainly in that I never considered myself one of the "cool" kids, nor cared. I differed from Noah mainly in that people generally considered me a more pleasant person to be around, and I had no particular aversion to athletics (although I typically approached them with more enthusiasm than talent).


What makes me different

In several ways, I am different from most of the users on this wiki. Here are a few:

Age: 60 (quite probably the world's oldest writer of Total Drama fanfiction)

Occupation: Accountant

Education: Bachelor's degree in Chemical Engineering; Bachelor's degree in Accounting

Favorite music genre: Classical

Favorite literature genre: Mythology & related things (including epic poetry, Icelandic sagas, etc.)

Favorite TV franchise: Star Trek

Favorite cartoon series: Mighty Mouse (original), The Tick. Total Drama is my favorite recent series.

Favorite comic strip: Prince Valiant

Organizational memberships: Mensa (the largest and best-known of the many high-IQ societies out there)

Need more evidence that I'm a little different? Check out my Featured User interview in the September 2010 newsletter.



The success of my short story, Legacy led to several people asking me for tips on writing style. In response to these requests, the first Writer's Workshop got underway on my blog page on 17 April 2010. Those who missed the initial flurry are still welcome to post questions or comments, as I (and others, in all probability) will be monitoring the page indefinitely. Those who did participate are, of course, also welcome to post additional questions or comments as circumstances warrant.

Participants who don't write or who aren't comfortable advising others on how to write can still contribute. In addition to asking questions, nonwriters or uncertain writers can tell us what they like to see as readers. That's also valuable for writers to know.

The Workshop was so successful that it spawned additional Workshops, with different hosts and focusing on different aspects of writing. My own Workshop includes links to these. In addition, the Writer's Workshop series has been collected into a sidebar menu, under the "Community" section.

I, for one, think it would be great to have an ongoing series of these Workshops, hosted by various people according to their areas of expertise.



I won't call these "goals", because I haven't been actively pursuing most of them. An "x" denotes a milestone achieved:

[x] 100 edits - voting eligibility for Featured Story/User/Image/Character

[x] 500 edits - more or less the threshold to be taken seriously as a Featured User candidate

[x] 1,000 edits (I threw a serious bash for this one)

[x] 2,000 edits (I pulled out all the stops for this one, too)

[x] 3,000 edits (I marked this occasion by listing the known tropes for several of my stories)

[x] 4,000 edits (I posted a blog for this heralding the dawn of the wiki's Silver Age and using my new adminship to make my first policy proposal to my fellow admins)

[x] 5,000 edits (I marked this location by listing more tropes that I've identified in my stories)

[x] 10,000 edits (I marked this occasion with another multipurpose megablog post)

[x] Top 25 editors, by edit count (achieved 6 June 2010)

[x] Top 10 editors, by edit count (achieved 1 September 2011)

[x] Top 5 editors, by edit count (achieved 28 May 2012)

[x] Become an administrator (promoted 15 September 2011, resigned 8 February 2015)

[x] Become a bureaucrat (promoted 3 August 2012)

[xxx] Have one of my stories Featured (currently batting 3-for-3)

June 2010: Legacy
March 2011: Courtney and the Violin of Despair
June 2011: Total Drama Island, by Gilbert and Sullivan

[xx] Have one of my stories on the Library menus

(Legacy is now on the home page sampler and the "Classic Stories" listing, and The Legend of Total Drama Island is on the "Current Favorites" listing)

[x] Have one of my stories in the Front Page sampler (Legacy, of course. What else would it be?)

[xxx] Have a story page with 500 views, not including my own support work (TDI-G&S, LTDI and Legacy)

[xxx] Have a story with 1,000 views, not including my own support work (TDI-G&S, LTDI and Legacy)

[x] Have a story with 2,000 views, not including my own support work

(Wikia Central doesn't provide a visit counter anymore, but TDI-G&S and LTDI are unquestionably there by now. Legacy might be, too.)

[x] Be a Featured User (July 2010)

[x] Have a quote from one of my stories Featured (December 1-15, 2010)

(The first truly serious quote to be Featured, no less, and the first purely narrative passage to be Featured. From Legacy, naturally. Other quotes from Legacy and LTDI have been Featured since)

[x] Achieve something that no one else here has done before

(First author to have two noncompetition stories Featured - Legacy and Courtney and the Violin of Despair)

[ ] Live a blameless life and die beloved and regretted by all who knew me


Friends List

Always as a young man
I traveled alone,
And I would lose my way;
I felt I was rich
If I made a friend--
No man by himself is happy.
--from The Elder Edda (a collection of Viking poetry)

OK, let's see if there's anyone out there who's willing to be seen with "The Old Man of the Wiki".  

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  4. I really like your writing, and you're also very nice! -- I sing the song of the fading silver star... 21:31, March 7, 2010 (UTC)
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