aka GQ, Gossip,

  • I live in Lady Gaga's closet (save me)
  • I was born on July 7
  • My occupation is Fashion Student

Hey Everybody! Gossip Queen here, also known as GossipQueen101 (although you can call me Gossip, GQ, and whatever else you can come up with.) Some minor personal information: my real name is Jacqueline (everyone calls me Jack.) and I'm from New York City.

Random Facts

  • My Musical taste go everywhere. Seriously. I can seriously rap almost every Nicki Minaj song, Am a major Lady Gaga fan, and I recently fell in love with Lana Del Rey.
  • I came from, where I dabbled in the The Vampire Diaries, Gossip Girl, and Total Drama fandoms. Because I originally wrote Gossip Girl stories, you’ll see that really influenced the way I write Total Drama. I take a more glamorous, dramatic approach to the reality show, than a cartoonish one.
  • I can speak English, Spanish, fluent French, and a bit of Italian.
  • I went to an all girl high school in New York’s Upper East Side, and yes, girls really do act as wild as they make us seem on Gossip Girl. Also you don’t want to be stuck in a school full of girls when it’s that time of the month.
  • I am an avid lover of fashion. I have already interned for Ralph Lauren and now an official student at The Fashion Institute of Technology!
  • My favorite person in the entire world is an extremely handsome gay guy who is my best friend. He also sometime dresses up in drag, and I dance backup for him. He is such an incredible person and that should let you know where I stand on gay rights. I also oppose racism and sexism.
  • I am always changing my hair color, during the summer I was a bright red velvet red. During the fall, I was a brunette and now I’ve gone a really pretty pastle pink (which gets me stopped so much by random people and guys...)
  • That cute darling you see up there is my present for getting into the college of my dreams...


A new story in which twenty-two teenagers arrive at Wawankwa Island, expecting to have a summer they'll never forget. But someone is looking to make sure their time in Paradise turns into a nightmare. Originally the story was going to be only thirteen chapters long but I expanded it to twenty one chapters. A friend of mine recently reviewed the story and said the following "Twisted mixes mysteries like Pretty Little Liars and slasher flicks like the Scream series, and puts them in the dramatic world of Total Drama."

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