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Well hi there. I'm IzzyK. I'm possibly TDI's biggest american fan! I am also on the TDI wiki as IzzyK. My favorite character is Izzy, and my least favorite is Harold. So far, I have written one fanfiction, but I will. It's called Super Total Drama Island. It takes place 2 years after TDI, all 22 characters are coming back, and competing for 1 billion dollars! It's called Super Total Drama Island because it's bigger then TDI (Or is it?). Chris put a speacial spice in Chefs food. Not only does it taste better, but it gives who ever eats it super powers! All of the characters are going to get super powers (even Chris and Chef Hatchet). No one is getting voted off because they have to learn how to control their power, and they all battle each other for the money. I'm all so adding 3 new characters. Chris's daughter, Christina, Izzy's pet falcon, Warrior, and Gwen's Shadow. I'm also adding 2 new couples. Noah+Eva and Harold+Heather. I also have a fic called TDtM Dream. It's pretty much just what I think will happen in the upcoming season. I highly reccommend it.

My stories

Super Total Drama Island-hiatus

TDtM Dream-writing

Lindsay in Wonderland-coming soon

Psychos and Liars:The Truth about Izzy and Justin-coming soon

Total Drama Bloopers-coming soon

Total Drama Families-coming soon

Upcoming Stories

Lindsay in Wonderland is Alice in Wonderland with TDI characters and maybe a few new story lines. Psychos and Liars:The Truth about Izzy and Justin is a story of why Izzy and Justin dated at one time, how they broke up, why Izzy thinks he's a liar, what happened afterward, how Izzy, Noah, and Eva became friends, how the playful rivalry strarted between Izzy and Chef got started, and how Izzy got together with Owen in the end. Total Drama Bloopers is exactly what the title says:Bloopers that happened during the filming of TDI and TDA. Total Drama Families is a fallow-up to Total Drama the Musical. Everyone returns to compete for ten million dollars! But this time...with their parents, siblings and other close realitives!


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Pictures from my fanfiction made by my fans and me

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