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Hey, I'm Anthony but I prefer to be called Dreamer. I'm really interested in Total Drama and I would love to write fanfictions for it. I'm 12 years old and I am in 7th grade. Obviously, I'm a male. Great to meet ya. A random fact; I'm bisexual.


Obviously the best character.


My second fave! Favorite female character.

So, yeah my favorite characters are Bridgette and Noah. They're awesome okay! They just appeal to me better.

Books I love: I Am Number 4; The Hunger Games; The Throne of Fire; Series of Unfortunate Events; and Music of the Dolphins.

My Favorite Ponies:

(In Order)

Princess Luna

Pinkie Pie


Adam Lambert - For Your Entertainment

Adam Lambert - For Your Entertainment

My Theme Song. <3

My Fanfictions

My Katie fanfiction; In the Air. This is going to be not very active.

My Hunger Games fanfiction using Revenge of the Island characters; Not What It Turned Out To Be. This is not going to be very active.

My Bridgette fanfiction; Fairytale Nightmares. It's a fanfiction about Bridgette getting sucked into every dream she has, once she wakes up she's not in the dream anymore. She can touch, hear, smell, taste, and see everything in the dreams. But, can this ever end? Find out in Fairytale Nightmares.

An upcoming competition fanfiction: it's called Total Drama Pokemon Island. They aren't really pokemon, they're pokemon as a human. They compete in challenges and they get eliminated. Who will win?


Total Drama Pokemon Island

None of those pictures are mine. Someone else drew them and I'm using them in my fanfiction. Most of them were made in deviantart, and they own them.
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