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Total Drama House

The first season in my main canon, a la fourth TD season.
Chris takes ten of his contestants, along with four new ones, and pitts them against eachother in the fourth season of Total Drama, with a brand new format!
It's complete!

A Totally Dramatic Island

The first season in my hopeful reimagining series.
A Total Drama Island remake by yours truly.
Yet to start. (Hiatus.)

Survivor: Japan

Fanon season 25 of Survivor, replacing Philippines.
Survivor is still going strong after twenty-four seasons, this time with its largest cast yet.
Chapter 5 is up.


Once Upon a Courtney Lawsuit

How did Courtney really debut into Total Drama Action?
It's complete!

The BFFLs Are Broken Up

What will ever happen when Katie and Sadie get in a fight?
It's complete!


Total Wikia Pokémon

A Pokémon story, focusing on Ariel, Sunshine, and Shane.
A collaboration with Sunshineandravioli and Goldenshane.
Chapter 1 is up.


Wikia Users: California Shore

Tdafan123's fanfiction.
I wrote Chapter Four.

Fake Souls

Tdiandrockmusic2's fanfiction.
I wrote Chapters Twenty-Eight and Thirty-Three.




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  14. Finish Total Drama House before the end of New Year's Day 2013! [ ]


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