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Oweguy by Sprink

Oweguy done by Sprinklemist.

About me

I am Owenguy101. I prefer to be called Owenguy, Oweguy, or just Owe. I am one of the most well know users on the wiki having been here since February 6th, 2009. I'm also an admin and in case you didn't know admins are the wiki users that keep the wiki organized. I am a fan of Total Drama and other TV shows such as Adventure Time, Regular Show, The Simpsons, Futurama, and more. I am a skilled artist as shown by having many drawings of characters and scenes from my stories. My main stories on here are the Oweguy series which consists of Total Drama Oweguy, Total Drama Tourism, Total Drama Sci-Fi Action, Total Drama: Beach Party Mayhem and Total Drama Vegas City. I also do other stories on here from time to time as well. I'm on the wiki daily so if you ever need some help contact me or the other admins that are on the wiki.

Current Projects

These are the stories I am currently working writing on the wiki.

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Main Series (2010 - Present)

Logo Story Summary Status
Total Drama Oweguy logo Total Drama Oweguy In the first season of my main canon, 17 contestants compete in a TDI styled season hosted by Total Drama fan Oweguy while also dealing with tough challenges, angry animals, and each other. Completed (24 chapters)
Total Drama Tourism newer logo Total Drama Tourism In season two of my main canon, 10 contestants from season one join 10 all new contestants in a TDWT style season, but without any musical numbers. Hosted once again by Oweguy, can the contestants be able to get through from challenging challenges while also not causing some interference around the world? Completed (22 chapters)
Total Drama Sci-Fi Action logo Total Drama Sci-Fi Action In the third and probably most intense season yet, Oweguy reunites his contestants again along with four newcomers to compete in an abandoned science lab. They soon have to face some intense stuff like shrink rays, aliens, experiments gone wrong, and a contestant who has a secret agenda planned. Completed (20 chapters)
Total Drama Beach Party Mayhem logo Total Drama: Beach Party Mayhem In season four, Oweguy hosts another season of Total Drama, this time inviting 20 all new contestants to a beach resort and joined by his wife Marine as his co-host. This may seem like a nice vacation for our newbies but it soon turns out that it's not. They then compete in all new challenges featuring sharks, treasure hunts, intelligent shrimp, and much more. Not exactly what they expected for a vacation. Completed (20 chapters)
Total Drama Vegas City logo Total Drama Vegas City It's all star season time in season five of the main canon! Oweguy and Marine invite twenty two past contestants from the first four seasons to an impressive Vegas like city. But they soon realize that they have to do challenges in this city of lights like with all the other seasons. With some contestants reuniting and some meeting for the first time, what kinds of interactions will we get? And with some challenges like spending a day with supermodels or competing on a game show set, who will eventually come up on top? We shall soon see. Completed (20 chapters)
Total Drama Tropical Resort logo Total Drama Tropical Resort It's another season of Total Drama in season six of the main canon. However, Oweguy apparently lost his job last season and now Chris has taken over. With sixteen all new first timers, will they be able to survive Chris's challenges and have to deal with themselves as well? Maybe. But things will get intense when some crazy creatures get involved as well, including some that Chris might be responsible for. Being written (Up to chapter 5)

Revisited Series (2012 - Present)

Logo Story Summary Status
Total Drama Island Revisited title Total Drama Island Revisited In an all new story, Chris reunites with his main canon contestants as he plans on renovating Camp Wawanakwa into an island resort. With sixteen contestants competing once again for an awesome prize, they soon have to deal with each other, Chris's antics, and some other stuff as well. Returning in June (Up to chapter 10)

One Shots

Other Stories

  • Total Drama Summer, My first competition fanfic. It features the 22 TDI contestants competing in a old abandoned vacation resort. The story is finished.
  • Oweguy's Halloween Tales of Terror, A Halloween story that will contain three scary stories featuring the characters from the Oweguy series. The first story has been posted with the second one soon to be written.

Blog Series

Owe's Reviews

Reviews on stuffs I like or really hated. Along with reviews there are also top tens as well. There are six reviews

Owe's Countdowns

Top 10 countdowns of certain things that I like.

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Chapter Pics

Below are pictures for my various stories. Take a look and enjoy a laugh because some of them are funny!

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