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Little me! First time I have drawn myself in a long time.

About me

Sorry about my delay! I'm back, though, now that my computer is back in my hands, and I will be continuing in the wiki.

Age: 20

I recently graduated! That means that Pinball is officially out of school... Until September, when this cycle will repeat itself anew. I can't wait!

Open bookThis user is the author of Total Drama Reverb.

Open bookThis user is the author of Big Brother: Summer of TDR.

I finally thought of something relevant to post! I'm a grammar hound, and if you want me to look over something to help with that, I gladly will. If you look at Total Drama Reverb, you'll see that meticulousness demonstrated. Take a look if you can. I think it's really good for a start. It is being converted from drama (script) style to paragraph style, but I'm not caught up yet. Sorry if the data on the character pages doesn't match. I'm still working on catching up. Some things will change, too.

I thought of something else relevant! Note: all of my 1300+ edits come from everything that goes along with my one FF. I think that shows a little bit of dedication to it :) I also drew every character from either scratch or a body base. (Body bases are really obvious, such as for Paula.) Though the competition is far from over, there are already character pages + pictures for 15 contestants (which include bios and competition history), team (category) pages with a lot of data, and a story page with TDI-style charts (elimination charts and such). It's definitely growing fast.


Why not? It seems like so many up-and-coming writers have one of these. Why not me?

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Goal Achieved Date
Make over 100 edits Yes November 6, 2010
Make over 500 edits Yes December 16, 2010
Make over 1000 edits Yes January 1, 2011
Make over 5000 edits No
Make over 9000 edits!!!! No
Have a friend Yes August 12, 2011
Have 10 friends No
Be a Featured User No
Write a chapter with at least 10,000 words Yes March 6, 2011
Complete a competition fanfiction No
Complete a one shot No
Draw all characters for a particular season No
Have a Featured Character No
Draw a scene from a fanfiction No
Have a Featured Image No
Have a Featured Story No

Sound ambitious? It certainly is.

Total Drama Reverb


Episode Number Synopsis Date Word Count (Script) Word Count (Paragraph)
1 The campers arrive, learn the rules, party a little, and begin to make friends, enemies, and alliances. October 23, 2010 4,577 10,269
2 The campers have a double rope challenge and personalities begin to clash. October 31, 2010 5,063 9,816
3 A team paintball competition causes dichotomy and chaos. November 18, 2010 5,684 10,003
4 The campers work together in their teams to make a five-course meal with one of several themes. December 2, 2010 8,456
5 The campers build boats capable of searching the bottom of the lake and fight with the boats to secure a treasure chest. December 21, 2010 9,003

(It's over 9000!!!)

6 The campers' knowledge is tested through a team multi-round spelling bee. In Progress (converting others) N/A

Favorite Quotes

My Own

Total Drama Reverb

Episode 1

"My uncle’s a locksmith. If you don’t have a key, all you need to do is slide your fingernail between the cylinder and the central housing… and whack it with a sledgehammer until it opens.” - Chris McLean

Episode 4

"Under some circumstances, I would. But here's the thing about that: Helping you would require work." - Jack



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