Hello, I'm Ricky490, I love this site, I am super creative, this is why I came. You can also see me on Total Drama Wikia.

The articles, I made and you should check out:

I'M BACK! (Party streamers everywhere)


Total Drama Series

1)Total Drama High School (Finished!)

2)Total Drama Daredevil (Finished!)

3)Total Drama Circus (New Year's Day!)


The Humiliating History of Courtney (Finished!)

Tdilogy: The Study of TDI Campers


TDI Wars original series

TDI Wars: Episode IV, A New Hope...I Hope!

TDI Wars: Episode V, The Empire Strikes Harder... A Father and Son Reunion!

TDI Wars: Episode VI, Blue Harvest...or Return of the Eewoks!

Indiana Duncan series

Invaders of the Lost Bark

The Untold Stories of TDI Stories

Geoff and Bridgette's Break Up

Eva and Noah's Relationship

The Dock of Shame- Ezekiel

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