Title Description Status
Sunset over Hawaii Bridgette has died after many years of trying to save the beautiful island of Hawaii. Unfortunately, it wasn't a very nice death. Gwen and Geoff are in Hawaii and are hoping for some way to fix the empty voids death has left in their hearts. One-Shot
Behind the Mask I always knew there was a heart behind her skin. I also knew it wasn't cold and unforgiving. But even she believed she was evil. But I know what's behind the mask. One-Shot
Self Projects
Total Drama and the Return of the Island Last time you saw this show (about 5 years ago), 14 teenagers competed for one million dollars. In the big return of the series, 12 new losers will return to compete for an even larger sum: three. million! DOLLARS! Who will win this substantial prize? You'll just have to wait and find out! Chapter One
Hiatused Works

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