aka Allison

  • I was born on September 30
  • I am Female

Tdifan1234, labeled The Nerdy Ninja, is a user at the Total Drama Island Fanfiction Wiki. She is also an admin at the Total Drama Island Camps Wiki.

Tdifan1234 is also aware of the currently boring userpage she has, and will fix it in the future, because she's just doesn't feel like it right now. :P

Screaming Gophers/Killer Grips
Gender Female
Hair color Brown
Episode Eliminated "I shall NEVER be eliminated! >:D"
Friends Everyone :D
Enemies none... I hope D:
Fear Nalyd (jk)
Talent drawing, being awesome and random, memorizing pi(I've got 100 digits so far!)
Counterpart Cody(personality), Courtney(appearance), Noah(sarcasm & sadisticness), Harold(nerdiness)

About me

Favorite color: Red

Favorite Song: New Perspective - Panic! At the Disco

Favorite Bands: Green Day, Avenged Sevenfold,Panic! At The Disco. Fall Out Boy, Falling in Reverse

Open bookThis user is the author of "Vanishing Act".

FAILThis user will forever love "Sarah! How cold she?".

KendalliconThis user is a fan of Kendall from Total Drama: Boney Island.

Sunshine IconThis user is a fan of Sunshine the Ravioli Pixie.

Bozo's BukkitDey be stealin' this user's bukkit!!!

Niles win TDAThis user wanted Niles to win Total Drama Amazon.

Nalydxsunshine 2This user supports the relationship between Nalyd and Sunshine in Total Wikia Elementary.

SunshinexmattThis user supports the relationship between Matt and Sunshine in Total Wikia Elementary.




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