TheNewGame is an author on the Total Drama Island Fanfiction Wiki. He is also known as SeahawkLover12 on TheNewGame has been on the site since uploading Total Drama 60 Club some time in April or May 2018 (he cannot remember the date). If you are looking for basic character interaction, this is the wrong page; TheNewGame's stories are basically all comp fics (with a potential rare exception), and focus on one main conflict either at the start (such as Mark and Eva and Bryan and Jessica in Big House) or end (such as Bermuda Square and the Tripartite Alliance in Total Drama 60 Club), with the rest being almost entirely strategy. No couples will break up, though new ones may be formed, usually by Mark. There is never a primary protagonist in any of his stories; players that would be considered protagonists are eliminated early, and a player that would be considered an antagonist almost always wins. Expect the winner to have to earn it; no more floaters like Owen. This fact is what gives the name of TheNewGame; the game shifts from being a simple satirical parody of reality TV to being a straight-up alternative to reality TV.

Current Stories

Main timeline stories, in order
Story Status
Total Drama 60 Club Complete
Big House Complete
Total Drama Bermuda Square vs Tripartite Alliance vs Classics Episode 6 published; 10/18 contestants remain.

Character Pages

Mark (OC)

Eva (canon)

Sierra (canon)

Cody (canon)

Tobias (OC)

Liam (OC)

Lindsay (canon)

Tyler (canon)

Beth (canon)

Raaheel (OC)

Anna (OC)

Emma (canon)

Noah (canon)

Jessica (OC)

Kitty (canon)

Brady (canon)

DJ (canon)

Alice (canon, named by TheNewGame)

Jose (canon)

Junior (canon)

Dwayne (canon)

Kelly (canon)

Taylor (canon)

PFRJ (Paul, Ferdinand, Rafael, and Joseph) (OC)

Kim (OC)

Vladimir (OC)

Aram (OC)

Cynthia (OC)

Victor (OC)

Alejandro (canon)

Heather (canon)

Gerald (OC)

Rosemary (OC)

Kiki (OC)

Parvati (OC)

CoCo (OC)

Rajah (OC)

Bill (OC)

Mia (OC)

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