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Greetings! My name is Zakkoroen, but you can call me Zak. My main fanfic here is Total Drama Adventure, and when that is finished...

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  • January 31st, 2009- I became a rollback. Next stop, adminship (hopefully)!
  • Febuary 8th 2009-I become an admin!

New Fanfic Announcement

I am making a new fanfic starting the first day of Summer Break. Until then, I will perioically release minor spoilers on this very page, so check back often! (I love messing with peoples' heads!)--Call me Zakkoroen.Talk to me.What I've done.. 14:14, 30 January 2009 (UTC)


  • It will involve the sons and daughters of the original campers competing in TDI.

An improved Leslie, a character in the new fic series. Guess whose daughter she is?

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TDI Favorites Countdown

Just to prove that I'm still alive, and since everyone is doing it, here's my top 22 TDI favorite characters.

  • 22.Heather
  • 21.Harold
  • 20.Noah
  • 19.Tyler
  • 18.Ezekiel
  • 17.Eva
  • 16.Justin
  • 15.Beth
  • 14.Katie
  • 13.Sadie
  • 12.Trent
  • 11.DJ
  • 10.Cody
  • 9.Bridgette
  • 8.LeShawna
  • 7.Lindsay
  • 6.Gwen
  • 5.Owen
  • 4.Geoff
  • 3.Duncan
  • 2.Courtney
  • 1.Izzy


Total Drama HEROES!

The title of TDAdventure's sequel is officially Total Drama Heroes! Leave comments and team name ideas on my talkpage!

Just For the Fun of it

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