Hello there. This is 1dra7, (BUT YOU BETTER CALL ME DRA >:o ) This is a blog game inspired by Plat. Yes, you know who he is. :P If you don't, then SHAME ON YOU D:<

Here it goes:

The rules are simple. Find all 32 usernames in the following story to win a grand prize. It will be a kewl userbox/favor from me/whatever. :P

The Adventure of Bob.

A long time ago, in a land full of drama, lived a boy named Bob. It was a cold night. A spider was crawleing on the floor. Flowers were bloomin outside of his window. Bob stood and scoped out the surrounding area. "Gee whiz. I wonder what I'll do today? Maybe practice some Magic, or watch cartoon Mania." Bob says to himself. He looks at a glass of water he drank last night.

Suddenly, a man jumps in! "Well hello Mr.Odd!" Bob yells. The man screams and jumps out. "Get a job!" Bob yells to him. Bob walks downtairs of his home, and kisses his pet Platypus. "Hi Gary!" Bob says to his pet. Bob passes by a TV stand, and grabs his teddy bear. He then sits on his couch. He turns on his TV to his favorite show. "The Magnificent world of Nico!" The show was about someone named Nico. His TV stopped working. It was a mystery as to why it didn't work. "Oh wow." Bob says to himself.

Bob calls a repairman. He comes over with a jar of magic sprinkle dust. He sprinkled it over the TV and then asked to play cards with Bob. When he left, Bob called his friend, Rhonda. "Hi Rhonda, do you want to go write more fanfictions with me?" Bob asks. "Sure! Let me go make some Caviar. We can eat it while writing!" Rhonda says. Bob gets ready to leave.

Bob goes to a park with Rhonda. Bob sees a mysterious shadow on the table nearby. He doesn't think anything of it. They sit down and write. They made a character named Jay. Keys were his favorite toy. Rhonda and Bob laughed. They stopped laughing when the shadow absorbed them both! They then were transported to an alternate world of Octorocks and Raviolli!

Bob and Rhonda held hands. An evil master named Radish comes to them. He raises his hand and smacks them. "BE.NEVER.AS.FOOLISH.AS.THEM." Radish yells at them. An evil elf lord comes and shuns everyone, and banishes Rhonda and Bob to an eternity in Damian Nut prison.

Bob and Rhonda are very scared now. They were put into the prison, and met a prisoner from Earth named Lea. She wanted to escape. Bob and Rhonda plotted a plan. They planned to dig a hole in the floor with spoons, and to escape in a mazda outside and zoom off to Earth! Their time was cut short with Lea, as a portal opened and Rhonda and Bob were sucked into it.

They appeared on Earth. It was very sunny outside, and a table was flipped. It seems their adventure was caused by an anonymous threat. Rhonda and Bob were happy to be alive. On their way back, they met a person named Wons. Wons showed them their way home. Rhonda and Bob thanked Wons, and ran home.

Rhonda took their story home, and Bob went on a walk in his neighborhood. Bob returned home after a long walk. He turned his TV on at his home to Scooby Doo. "You Retter Run Ret!" Scooby shouts to a man named Chet. Bob felt good that his adventure was over with.


Yes, I know a LOT of them are fairly obvious, but oh well. Its worth a try. Several are hidden in there. Good luck. ;D

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