Chapter 1: Arrival

The island sits directly in the middle of the ocean. Fortunous island--the deathbed of these teenagers. There are six entrances, all of which contain their four respective tributes. They stand, unprepared and crying softly. Only one of them will come out alive--or so they would think.

Asia, the continent of tough warriors. Will they have a victor this year?

Oceania, the continent of growth. Will they be able to survive and thrive?

Africa, the continent of strength. Will they prevail?

Europe, the continent of work. Will they outlast the others?

America, the continent of hiding. Will they be able to live through this all?

"The rules stand as such!" The game creator announces through a microphone. He's in another place at the moment, watching the games begin.

"If all of your continent survivors last until the final four, you all four will go home alive."

Everyone cheers, forming partial alliances.

"You may not attempt to escape the arena. Doing so will result in vaporization."

"This competition will last for six days. Failure to have a victor by day seven will result in terminization, and every member of the game will be left to die. There will be no escape from the island, however, the force field will go down. You're in the middle of an ocean, so you won't be leaving."

"You have three minutes before the gong will sound the start of a new day."

Asian tributes talk amongst themselves.

Jin is a boy from Asia, who is dressed in the same attire as the others. A black jacket and blue jeans. He has long black hair.

Ling is a female from China. She has long pink hair and a careful look on her face.

Tamara is a female from China. She has short blonde hair and a scared grin.

Svek is a male from Russia. He and his Russian comrades back home have sent in a sponsor's grant.

A sponsor's grant is a grant to a player in the games. If one thousand people from the continent send in a grant request and ten dollars, the chosen tribute will begin with a backpack and a weapon. Svek is wearing his backpack and is holding onto a spear.

African tributes share worriful glances.

Okoth and Serri--male and female--are from Kenya. They wear the signature African suit--a loincloth and panther hat.

Josh and Marra--male and female--are from Libya. They too sport the same outfits.

They all have the same hair. Short and brown.

Marra holds a shiny orb in her hands. As a grant from Fortunous, the Africans will recieve the orb every year for their strength--though they are poor. The orb resembles strength, in which once the game begins, Marra will be surrounded by a force field. Anyone and anything that touches her will have the limb or item blown to pieces. Want a hug?

European tributes stand together, smirking. They all have grants.

Adele is the female from Europe in all general. She has long blonde hair and was named after a famous singer by the same name. She has a hatchet in her arms and the backpack.

Antigone is a female from Greece. She has short blue hair and has a spear.

Allen is from Europe. He is a male, and has a katana by his side. He has long black hair.

Evan stands beside Allen, smiling. He has short blonde hair and a hook glove. He has it over his hand, leaving him with one hand and a hook.

They all sport blue sports jackets and sweat pants.

North American tributes meet together with similar, afraid glances. There's nothing special about this place, other than their suits.

Zane and Mark -- Zane from Canada-- are the males. Zane has long black hair. Mark has short grey hair.

Harvey and Diamond are the females. They both have short pink hair. Why? Because. They're sisters.

Each one sports a backpack which is entirely empty. They have blue jeans and grey shirts on.

South American tributes are nearly the same. They have the same outfits and the same looks.

Dante and Jose both reside from Mexico. Both men have black hair which barely goes past their necks.

Dina and Semmi are the females from Mexico. Dina has brown hair flowing down her back. Semmi is a cancer filled teenager. She's dying--and as bad as it is--has to witness this. She's bald. Semmi is from Venezuela and Dina from Peru.

Oceanian tributes look the best of all of them. They're in tuxedos. The best thing for them is that they have tazers.

Zania and Conroy are from Australia. Zania is the female. Conroy is the male. They both have grants.

Jermaine and Raiha are from New Zealand. Raiha is the female.

They all exchange their quick glances.











Ding. Ding. Ding.

The gates rise up from their stalwart positions. Each tribute is let loose into the island of Fortunous.

"Weapon and Food dropoff will begin in two minutes in the grasslands." The game creator announces.

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