Chapter 2: Murder Of The Mainland

The mainland is where the entrances meet. They all lead into the area. Everyone is let go onto the fields to battle it out or escape.

Marra runs into the field full force. She has twelve minutes of complete force field action.

Marra runs straight into the field and charges the Asian tributes. Svek runs into the woods to hide away.

Marra takes a quick leap and grabs onto Ling's feet. Her feet instantly explode. Marra climbs up onto her back, completely frying her. In moments, Ling is killed. There's a sudden rapture of the earth, as a meteorite crashes just feet behind them.

It's a tradition, that once someone is killed the area nearby is cleared out. So nobody's safe, not even when you kill someone.

Ling lies there, sprawled on the ground.

A helicopter flies in and drops out supplies from above. Everyone races in to get supplies. They range from weapons, supplies, tents, etc.

Marra runs into the group and grabs Jin's neck. His head is fried to a crisp, killing him. Then, a meteor crashes into the earth again, but only to crashland on top of Josh who is helplessly behind them all.

Harvey of North America lifts up a golf club from the supplies area. She swings at Marra and fries her club in half. Marra counters it with a hug.

Harvey is melted in half.

Allen uses his katana to decapitate Tamara who is hopelessly fending for supplies. Marra tries to tackle Allen, but he dodges and Marra falls down onto the ground.

Zane looks down to see her and dodges out of the way. He lands right into Antigone's spear.

Marra's force field begins to flicker. In moments, it goes off and she doesn't even know it. She jumps up and slaps Antigone on her cheek. It does nothing.

Marra looks down, confused. In seconds, Allen slices his Katana through her ignorant body.

In mere minutes, everyone has scattered. The continent players try to meet up to the best of their ability, while dodging the many oncoming meteors.

"Where's Harvey!?" Diamond screams out, confused. She has on a backpack and has a butcher knife in her hand. A meteor lands in front of her, knocking her back. Her butcher knife flies back into her throat.

Mark screams out in horror.

The continental players stand, thinking about who's left. The standings go as such; Svek is the only remaining Asia player. Okoth and Serri remain for Africa. Europe, South America, and Oceania remain in tact. Mark is the only remaining North American.

In the forest, Svek gathers his belongings. He opens up his backpack to find a blowup matress is stuffed inside. There's no way to blow it up, howeever. He finds a package of jerkey and crackers. He packs his Spear into his arms and begins hiking.

Mark walks along, crying of fear. Nobody is left for him to align with and he's basically naked. He only has a backpack for armor protection and a small kitchen knife. Sven watches from nearby in the shadows. Mark opens up his pack to find he has shriveled berries and a bottle of water. He pulls it out and inspects it. It's Brita...a water filtering bottle. He pulls out a map of some sort from his front part of his pack. He smiles.

"Find the tent" it reads.

What'cha packin? Sven asks himself in his mind. He aims his spear carefully.

Mark gathers his things and looks around to scan his environment. He turns to see Sven. He barely has a second to scream when Sven dives for him and stabs his spear through his eye socket. Sven apologizes and forms a cross over his chest. He stuffs Mark's pack contents into his own pack. He looks up to the sky to see a meteor plummeting right at him. He dives out of the way as the meteor crashes into the body.

Europe gathers together in the woods, walking along a trail of mud.

"There's water somewhere around here." Adele says, holding up her hatchet to her arms.

"Hopefully. I wonder if someone else has found it." Antigone scans the environment.

Allen smirks as he hears something coming from the woods. A rabbit hops out.

"Oh, crud."

Evan giggles. "In time. You'll be able to kill, soon."

Okoth and Serri of Africa meet up near a spring of water. This is halfway across the map of Fortunous.

"I can't believe Marra did that. She caused us an alliance win." Okoth says, sadly.

"I wonder if we can team up with someone else. South America maybe." Serri says, looking down to the water.

"What? Tell them we'll help them win it?" Okoth asks.

"Help them a big deal. Show them something we can do." Serri holds out a crossbow and arrows she found from the field.

"Are you a good shot?" Okoth asks.

"I try my hardest." Serri smiles.

South America walks into the forestry. They meet up with the Oceania teens.

"...You're all alive." Dina says to the others.

"Surprisingly." Jermaine says.

An arrow flies through some brush and lands right in Jermaine's neck. He falls down to the ground, bleeding.

"What the--You! You set a trap!" Conroy pulls out his halberd he got from a grant.

"No! All four of us are here!" Jose shouts.

"Then who the he-" Conroy is interrupted by another shot in the air. It lands in a tree. Conroy looks down to find a small patch of dirt which is squishy. He looks at Jermaine who is phasing in and out of consiousness.

Conroy lifts apart a set of trees and looks in. It's...a room. The room has magma floating at the bottom and platforms at the top. A large box sits at the end of the room.

"It's a disguised was shooting darts." Conroy looks inside.

Sven walks in behind them.

"They found it." He says.

Lighting strikes the tree next to him. In order to hide, Sven dives into some brush. He looks up to find the sun has set and night is upon them.

"Fast night." Raiha is heard saying. Rain drops begin to drip from above.


A trumpet sounds from above them. The force field around the island suddenly flashes.

"Ow, God!" Raiha screams. A raindrop hit her on her neck, and it burned her.

Acid rain.

Acid drops slowly from the sky. Sven takes flight and runs into the woods. The others run into the trap room for shelter.

Okoth and Serri run into the trees. They hide under a large rock with a small cave in underneath.


The Europeans run trying to find shelter. They're all bleeding from acidic wounds. They race into an unknown place. It seems it's an old abandoned town. How odd. They run into a large townhouse nearby and hide away.

Sven runs nearby to the town, bleeding. He finds a cave and jumps inside. He sees a puddle and has at it.

In the trap room, the Oceania and South Americans sit on both sides of the room.

"You come near us, we will kill you." Conroy tells them as a warning.

"We're hoping for an alliance..." Dante says to Conroy.

"A...what? Okay--fine. If you want to hang with us, you have to sacrifice someone." Conroy stands up with his halberd. He hoists it by his side.

"...Sacrifice..." Dante says to himself.

"But if we sacrifice someone, we all won't be able to win." Semmi says.

"We both can't win. We'll end up breaking away eventually. But we'll help you out if you sacrifice someone." Conroy says.

"Semmi wants to go!" Dina shoves Semmi in front of Conroy. Conroy smiles.

Semmi jumps back. Conroy slices her stomach open with his halberd. He shoves her out into the acid rain, which by now, is pouring. She screams.

The acid pours into her mouth from her screams. It leaks into her body where her intestines leak out. Conroy walks behind her and shoves his halberd through her back. She's not dead yet, however.

"God, stop!" Semmi screams, blood pouring from her mouth. She looks up to the sky as acid pours into her eyes. Conroy yanks her back inside. She sits there, bleeding out. He looks at her in sorrow.

He kicks her head back, nearly breaking it. He lowers her slowly into the lava below. The top of her head slowly melts off. She drifts away, being knocked out cold. Her intestines fall out, dangling on her face, some of it dangling into the lava.

They throw her out into the acid. She's not even dead yet, but the acid will surely kill her by the morning.

An announcement comes across the island.

"Welcome, Fortunous players. There are currently: FOURTEEN people alive, with the fifteenth on her way out. Let us remember these players of today's bloodbath. JIN, LING, TAMARA, JOSH, MARRA, ZANE, HARVEY, DIAMOND, and the players murdered, MARK AND SEMMI. There are currently FIVE continents still in the game, with North America being murdered out first. Today was the beginning of our horn events. The Acid Rain is an occuring storm. Be on the lookout for those cloudy skies! A horn always sounds an event." The Game Creator says.

"That Russian boy is still alive. I wonder when we'll kill him?" Allen asks.

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