Welcome to the Cutthroat Competition!

On this show, anything can happen.

As long as you're willing to pay for it.

Rules of the Game

  • There will ~hopefully~ include 10+ players in the game.
  • Each episode, players who make it to the game will be given a sum of cash they may use to bid on items that will aid them in completing the challenge. They may use this to either help them or sabotage another player in their way.
  • Players are limited to the amount of money they have each episode to bid with. They cannot gain more money, only spend it (unless they win it)
  • At the end of a challenge, the player who wins or had the best performance will be granted immunity. The immune person will get a bonus cash sum for the next challenge in the game, and will be safe from elimination.
  • At elimination, players who are not immune will suffer the Cutthroat Elimination. Players will submit their votes for elimination. The person with the most votes will have their rope chopped, which will send them home packing.

Challenge/Bidding Examples:

Sample Challenge:

Players must solve a 30 piece puzzle. The first person to do so will be given a key, and must then post *unlocks door* five times to open the door. Then, they post *grabs immunity idol* to win.

Sample Bidding:

Players may bid on the following items in this challenge:

  • Scissors -- Bid on this to gain the ability to snip someone else's puzzle. This will cause their puzzle to be split into 40 pieces instead of 30.
  • Lock Guard -- Bid on this to give the Lock Guard to one player. This person will need to solve an additional puzzle to take the lock guard off of their door to fit the key in.
  • Glue -- Bid on this to glue some of your pieces together. This will shorten your puzzle from 30 to 20.
  • Freezer -- Take 3 players' puzzles and stick them in the freezer to lock them up. For one minute these players will be unable to work on their puzzles.

Remember, these are examples and will highly likely not even be in the competition.

~Sign Up~

Hopefully we can score 10+ players interested in the competition. Remember that challenges/eliminations will take place daily and will not all be done at once. Also note that if you do not come to the challenge, you will not be able to get cash, bonuses, or safety for it.

1 - Zanna

2 - Mystery

3 - Bruno

4 - Nate

5 - Dakota

6 - Ben

7 - Trey

8 - Kevvy

9 - Plat

10 - OHF

11 - SG

12 - NP 13 - Webly

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