No, this isn't copying anyone. This is totally original...hehe...

Anyway, these are simple rankings in my opinion of Total Drama Island/Action/World Tour. ROTI will not be on here.

There may be spoilers in here.

'25. 'Sadie


Sadie is one of those characters you can't stand when she talks. I don't like her one bit. I'm happy she got out early, but in my opinion, Katie should have been in longer. But she wasn't and we had to live with her until she nearly killed Courtney by chucking apples at her head.

24. Katie


Katie was less annoying, though Sadie took her spot. She actually sounded normal when she shrieks, "EEEE!" Katie is not as annoying as Sadie, though she really needed to be in ahead of Sadie. It would have been better.

23. Eva

This might seem to be a cliched list, but I don't care. Eva did nothing every time she was shown on the screen. When she did get some air time, she raged. Come TDWT time, she was shown on the panel of losers and sometimes introduced us to the aftermath. Bad character. She needs more development.

22. Beth

Beth is a nerd. She got her braces off in season two, and nearly won in season two. (American season) While I rooted for her that season because Duncan was in the finals, I was very disappointed in the winner chosen. Duncan is not likable in my opinion. Beth is a soft character, and she has a strong friendship with Lindsay. She's okay. Not awful.

21. Izzy


I don't like Izzy. She's crazy. She has her funny moments, but she's a creeper. Owen's fondness of her doesn't help at all. The freakshow didn't deserve all the airtime she got. That's not harsh either. And speaking of Owen...

20. Owen


Owen has had waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay to much screen time. Apparently, we're all supposed to like him. But in reality, not many people favor him. He won over Gwen in season one, came into the final four in season two, and made it halfway in three. It's pointless to argue; nobody listens. He's just a big chubby pointless character.

19. Cody


Cody is a creeper. He creeps on Gwen mainly. His spot was taken by Sierra in season three, as she became the creeper and Cody got creeped on. Cody was annoying mainly since all he did was creep. How many times have I said creep or creeper in this section? It's creepy.

18. Noah


Me: Please shut up.

Noah kissed Cody. It's also creepy. Noah, though, is quite entertaining. He's not an awful character. He's quite funny sometimes, and maybe even charming to a girl at some moments. He got out third in TDI, which in my opinion was not deserved. He didn't need to win that season, but he needed more time on the show. In TDWT I was almost certain he'd make the final 5 or so. But he didn't. It's a little upsetting how much the creators dislike him.

17. Blainely

Crowd: Why is she on here!?

Me: It was either her or Mr. Coconut.

Blainely is funny. She's a joke character, seemingly, because she isn't on the show very long as a contestant. She is 'married' to Owen, who quickly falls in love with her. She got out with Courtney, which surprised me. I mean, why not send her to the final two? I'm joking, really. She's not even a character.

16. Duncan

Fangirls: Boo!

Me: Who let you in here?

Duncan is a jerk. He's mean to Harold, and nearly everyone he doesn't like. He's attracted to Courtney AND Gwen, but both not at the same time. He's mean. That's all there is to it. He has gotten WAY too much airtime. He has the second most airtime on the show, I believe. He made the final four in season one. Won in season two. And he made the final five in season three. Though, he did quit early in season three. Point is, he's favored too much.

15. Sierra

Fanboys: Boo!

Me: Who keeps letting these people in here? Seriously?

Seirra or Sierra, however you choose to spell it, is a creeper. She's just like Cody. She made the final four in TDWT, and got out in the final four. She was okay, as she was kind of funny. But overall, not a good choice in character.

14. Justin

Fangirls and Owen: Boo!

Me: I'm firing the security guard.

Justin is silent all through season one. In season two, he spoke up and became an antagonist. In season three he never came back. He enjoyed taking off his shirt and making people his slave. He's also quite stupid. He's funny sometimes, though. He's not awful.

13. DJ

Me: We replaced the crowd with cardboard cutouts of celebrities. They're quieter than our last group.

DJ's a mama's boy. He is a chicken. He's funny, yeah, but he's a chicken and is scared of everything. I don't have much to say about him, though.

12. Ezekiel

Boy, the crowd would be cheering, right? Anyway, I think Ezekiel was entertaining while he was there. He didn't get much screen time at all. He actually has the LEAST screen time on the show if you don't count Mr. Coconut (Who is really the best character). He deserves more than being out first. Yeah, yeah, Duncan got out first in season three. But officially, Ezekiel got out first by being kicked off of the plane.

11. Lindsay

Lindsay is the dumb blonde of the seasons. She's dumb, and she's blonde. Not much to say, other that she's really helpless. She doesn't exactly know better when she does stupid things. She has been taken advantage of by Heather, the seasons' female dog. Lindsay is popular by the girls of the seasons. That's it on her part.

We've reached the final ten of the countdown. You know everyone is on the list at some point. These remainders are my personal favorites.

10. Alejandro

He's a female dog too. But he's lovable. He's very evil on the inside, as he takes over the female's mind on the show. Several people don't fall for it, but others do. A good villain.

9. Courtney

I was going to say bad things, but I was sued. She liked calling in her lawyers and such to make sure she doesn't unfairly lose. She's a prep in all cases. She's in love with Duncan, but Duncan doesn't love her.

8. Trent

He loves Gwen, sort of, but she doesn't love him. He plays the guitar and enjoys spending time with his friends. What a good guy, right? Well, he changed from number 5 to number 8 when he cheated for Gwen in season two. What a bad season...

7. Leshawna

She's a cool character. She's nice to nearly everyone and very helpful. She's not crazy or anything like the rest of the characters kinda' are. She always makes it far into the show, which is good.

6. Harold

He's the other nerd. But this nerd was my hope to win in season two. He got out late in the season, I think the final 5, and got a great placing. Since then, he's gone downhill. But he's a good character in my opinion. They spent time on this one.

Now we're in the final five. These are my favorites.

5. Heather

She has had the most time spent on her. She has the most animations and the most hair styles, and the most airtime on the show. She's a good villain. Too bad she's such a female dog, ya' know?

4. Geoff

This guy. This guy is such a party animal, and that makes him so cool. He's a neat character. He only was in season one though. Well, yes, he was in season two, but he barely did anything but kiss Bridgette. He was also host of the aftermaths, but really, who cares?

3. Bridgette

Such a great character. She's so nice to everyone, and she's not grudgeful. She loves animals and surfing, and she loves Geoff. A fantastic character.

2. Gwen

A great character. She's nice, and can be mean sometimes, but overall she's nice. She is number two because she cheated on Trent for Duncan. Duncan and Gwen are not a good couple at all. But still, she's a really good character. She almost won in season two, and almost made it to the finals in season three.

1. Tyler

Tyler is the best. Honestly, why did he NOT win a season? He was entertaining and funny, and his relationship with Lindsay was kinda'...cute. He's a great character, and for some reason, isn't loved by many.

These are all my opinions, feel free to comment. Don't rage or anything, though.

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