Dravivor Best of the Best is scheduled for Saturday May 3rd. I have a cast planned, but in Dravivor spirit, if you show up on chat and are not on the cast list, you can still play as long as we are in need of more players.

Rutillia - Sunny
Judith - Fanny
RavenBaxter - Bruno
IAmYourLeader - Liam
AshleyTurntkey - OHF
AlizeTurntkey - CK

RobbieShapiro - Ben
BrICE - Dyna
Natedawg14 - Epic
JoeTheTurnip - Trey
LadyGaga - Dylan
Forrest - Avery

Debbie - Mika
CandaceFlynn - Jax
Charlotte - Reddy
StacyRowe - SG
Turid - Toad
AmberSivayus - Duke

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