this shall be the avery's volcano that we never got or will get

the Dravivor blowout because hopefully this will finish it so I can stop and do TV Stars


sign up excessively so that we can have like 20 people signed up like Avery's Volcano had ^_^ I don't know when this will be and I don't feel like it'll be soon since I haven't gotten to actually PLAY in an RP in a long time.

sign up sheet:



if you have the energy you can justify why they are a hero/villain.

Only looking for 14 people to play but if the excitement for this is anything like Avery's Volcano, hopefully we can have more. Unlike that it will not have 290382984 twists like Redemption Island/Outcasts/Phony Idols/whatever. It will be a straightforward RP.



1. Debbie - [Maldives - Mika]

2. Eleanor - [Lost Islands/All Stars/Second Chances - SG]

3. Beverly - [Morocco/Second Chances - Dylan]

4. CandaceFlynn - [China/Blood vs Water - Jax]

5. Forrest - [Seychelles/Fans vs Favorites - Avery]

6. Shantae-Tashlina - [Fans vs Favorites - Reddy]

7. VladimirPutin - [Cambodia - Space]


1. JoeTheTurnip - [Morocco/All Stars - Trey]

2. Georgette - [Tocantins - Epic]

3. Bellatrix - [Shifting Islands - OHF]

4. Azula - [San Juan Del Sur - Duke]

5. Narrator - [Morocco/All Stars - Ben]

6. Rutillia - [Croatia - Sunny]

7. Azealia Banks - [New Zealand - Liam]

8. Superstar - [Tahiti/Second Chances - Dyna]

9. Dravivor654 - [Lost Islands/All Stars/Blood vs Water - Bruno]

10. AlizeTurntkey - [Tahiti - CK]

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