Ahoy mateys! And welcome to...


Dravivor 5: Pirate Islands!

One Game. X Players. One Sole Survivor.

Welcome t' Dravivor 5: Pirate Islands! This be a pirate themed game, involvin' pirate tribal councils, pirate based tribes, and pirate based challenges.

Pirate Based Twists

Kidnapping: The losing tribe will be able to kidnap one player from the winning tribe to come to tribal council with them. Now it isn't always so good to win a challenge!

Ransom: Each tribe will have a set of ransom points. If they win a challenge, they gain a ransom point. If a tribe has two ransom points, they may play them and save a player from being kidnapped.

Buried Treasure: At merge, a hidden immunity idol will be buried in the sand at base camp. There will be three pieces to a treasure map. An image will be sliced up into three pieces, and piece by piece will be given to immune players. If a player can locate the sliced image on the internet and send it in, they get the idol. If they cannot find it but manage to find all three map pieces, they get the idol as well.

Tribal Council: This is not a twist--just a clarification. All kidnapped players will not be immune. At merge, the player with individual immunity will be able to break ties if one is to form.

The Pirate Themed Gameplay

All challenges are based on Pirate themed activities. Tribal Councils will take place at base camp, and losing players will walk the plank. Both tribes will be surviving on their own respective ships docked near the base camp's jungle.

Hope to see you there!

Be a Pirate

Live the life

Win it all or go home

Arg! This be Dravivor 5!

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