Another round of Literal Thinking! These three puzzles will test your thinking!

The Rose:

You have a rose that you picked for your girlfriend or boyfriend. You take this rose through three things.

A car ride, which causes the red pigment to slightly fade from the sunlight.

A restaraunt--you go to eat, and accidentally crush the rose with the food.

A washing machine--you wash your clothes and forget the rose was in your shirt pocket.

After these events, the Rose is dead. All leaves have fallen off, and you are fairly short on cash. You need a rose to present, though. You still have the petals. How do you get the rose back?


You're on a ship, and it's sinking quickly. The flood is rising, and you need to escape quickly. However, the chaos from the other passengers is blocking a lot of exits. You don't know how to swim, and you're stuck on top of the ship! You look around, and find there's no way to jump off the ship.

You, however, escape, but how?


You have to get six shots to prepare for a trip from Mexico to Italy, and back to the United States. You, however, are direly terrified of shots--especially when two of them must be inserted to the butt area. So, you freak out. You want to avoid getting shots, but you need them to prepare for any illness. How do you go about this situation?

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