Mafia, Chapter 1: A Shot in the Dark

Written on: 7/15/2012

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Rated PG13

If you don't like violence, do not read.

It was 9:34 at night. Kevin, the local baker had just arrived at his tiny apartment where he and his wife reside. It's a dark night, and the two are extremely tired. Kevin, who has black hair and green eyes, walks into his house with several loaves of bread.

"Evenin'." Kevin smiles as he walks through his shabby apartment door.

"How was work?" His blue eyed wife asks.

"Eh...same as ever. Making bread is so dull." Kevin says.

"Well, Kev, you have to do this. It's the only way we're ever going to pay off the rent we owe." She says. She pushes back her blonde hair from her eyes.

"Kathleen, you know I'm trying hard," Kevin sits down his bread, "But it's hard doing this. There are so many bakers that I get a low salary. With all this going on, and the tourists coming in through the bridge, we have a lot of work to do."

"If only you had listened to me and became a cop when you got the chance." His wife, Kathleen, smiles. Kevin smiles back and takes off his black jacket.

"I'm gonna hit the shower first. You use up the hot water when you do it first." Kathleen says. She takes off her pink shirt and walks into the bathroom nearby. Kevin smiles.

It's not easy being him. They're very poor people. As a baker, Kevin makes a tiny salary. Coupling that with the bills he pays hardly ever feeds them. Kathleen is a detective on the police force. But, there's no real crime going on. The island of Seph is as peaceful as the country forests.

Fred, the local chef down at the Wine and Dine is walking home from a long day of work. The streets are empty and cold. He pulls out a scarf and wraps his neck up in it. Already he feels warm.

His blue sweater blows in the wind. His bright orange hair slightly blows as well. It isn't long before his blue eyes meet up with a long black van. It's driving down the road.

"Hey! Hey!" Fred exclaims to the van. It comes to a sudden stop. Fred runs up to it, pulling out some cash.

He runs up to the driver side window. The driver rolls it down, and looks at Fred. He has thick black glasses on his face. He's in a black coat and is wearing a black hat.

"Could you maybe...give me a ride? I'm freezing." Fred shows the man fifty bucks.

"Uh...sure. Get in." The man says. He presses a button and the back door unlocks. Fred quickly opens it and dives in.

"Thanks, sir." Fred says. The van drives off down the road.

It pulls over near a gas station, where the man gets out. "Gimme that fifty." The man says. Fred hands over the money for driving him home.

"I'll be back." He says. He walks inside the clear glass doors. The man walks inside.

Fred stares at the gas pump at his side. He then turns over to see the man drop his trenchcoat. He pulls out a gun from a side pocket and puts it to the cashier's head. Fred stops himself from screaming. He notices the cashier back up against the wall.

Beep. Beep.

Fred hears a noise inside the car. He looks at the front passenger seat and sees a small beeping plate. Fred quickly opens the door and jumps out.

But his scarf snags on the seatbelt handle. Before he can get it out, the car goes up in flames.

It's chaos. Fred is blasted into the sky. The car explodes, bringing the cas tanks and the store up with it. The cashier and the man both are destroyed in the heated blast.

Fred's limp body crashes through the small roof of Kathleen's bathroom. She jumps out from the curtain and screams in terror. Kevin, who heard the noise as well, runs inside to see the scalding hot body of Fred. Kathleen nearly passes out before he catches her.

"Call 911." She says.

From a small post on the harbor of Hawaii, a small bunch of people watch the island through binoculars.

A tall, italian woman smiles at the small blaze she sees. She picks up a radio and says into it,

"Operation: Bridge Bomb is underway."

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