On a small island in Hawaii, one small bridge connects to a beautiful world among the Hawaiian residents. Seph, the new island off of the coast, has been discovered. Millions of people reside there. A city area, a forest in the distance, and a resort among a beach all lies on the island. Only one entrance and exit...and only one small thing to destroy it.

Will life here carry on? Or will anarchy come?

The mafia is growing larger, and much more violent.

This island is theirs.

Nobody will make it out alive.

What it is:

Mafia is a story of a large island of people combatting a mafia gang which is ever growing. It follows the mafia trying to take over an island, and the villagers attempting to stop them. Who will win? It's an all-out battle.

I didn't have anywhere else to put this except for my wiki (Which I'm sure nobody goes to). But the chapters will be posted on here AND on my wiki for viewing.

(I hope this is allowed here if it's a blog ._.)

Table of Contents

This will link you to the many chapters in the story.

A Shot in the Dark

Operation: Bridge Bomb

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