If any of you have noticed, I've come here less and less. Well, this is going to explain a lot of that.

Today, my mother is going to buy me Flash Cs6. This is going to take some time from my being here so I can happily develop my video game. ^_^

Aside of this, my thoughts about this wiki have changed as far as staying or leaving. This place, as I've stated for, has changed my real life attitude and it's not good.

I feel the things we talk about here do work in ways to change us. We all, mainly all of us, think it's funny when you're mean or make a rude remark--even if it is percieved to be a joke by others, it might not be to the person it's being told to. I'll go on to explain this in a bit--but anyway, the users on this wiki mostly act the same with the exception of a few people. Most of us are generally mean to each other in our own ways, most of you cuss like sailors, and some of you talk about the most disgusting stuff.

The part of being generally mean simply means that when someone says 'Hi<3', someone will probably respond like 'Oh god it's *user* jk haha :) '. This is often a joke, yes, but it gets annoying very quickly. As well as this, there's always the snide remarks we make about people and how they do their own things.

"You don't like pokemon? Wtf is wrong with you?"

Nobody has every said this exact phrase, but people have said a lot like it. I do recall, once, a conversation about Pokemon and how some people hated it and some people liked it, which just made people rage at the other side.

Most of the wiki cusses like sailors. (Not you Bruno or Mana or JER, you little sweethearts. Let's not forget Gid or Jay either. And if I'm forgetting you, just say so, or whatever) Whenever I log on to chat, it's F*ck this and F*ck that, most all the time. I'm not exxagerating--I think the word f*ck is said on average 100 times a day here. I've even heard the C-word dropped on chat a few times before .-.

"But Dra you cuss too what the f*ck :|"

I have on chat before, and if you bothered reading my last hiatus blog, you'd know I'm trying to stop it. It's not right and there's better vocabulary than those words. If any of you have notice, I do not and will not ever put a single cuss word in my writings. Never have I done this and never will I.

"I like to eat that crunchy a--'I'm not even gonna repeat it. This seriously disgusts me when people, you know who you are, talk about this. This just makes me leave the chat. This is just gross, and I don't even need to make a paragraph explaining why.

I can't count how many times my parents have walked by and seen my chat open and saw people dropping f-bombs. I had a friend of my father's come over to stay for like, a week because he got kicked out of his house. He saw the chat and said, and I quote, "Do your parents let you go on a website lile this?"

I said, "...It's a new user, they don't normally cuss like that,"

I won't say the user's name who almost got me completely suspended from this website. Luckily he was cool enough not to tell my daddy.

I'm done with my rant. I'm drifting apart from this place, and soon, I will likely be gone. Just sayin', if you don't see me much, I'm drifting farther apart.

Expected Comments: "Dude you cuss what the f'ck?", "This is just a cry for attention", "There's nothing wrong with the wiki" , "gtfo you noob"

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