Alright, Webly has decided to stop the newsletter. But he has handed it off to me! Webly will still do Author of the Month and Story reviews, but he won't be in charge of the newsletter.

Now that I'm in charge of the newsletter, I think it's safe to say that this month won't have a newsletter. It will be rebooted in March.

However, people have NOT been doing their job. So if anyone would like to be on the newsletter team, please respond below, PROMISING that you will do your job and not forget.

Spots Open:

(Sorry if you had this spot before and you aren't listed on here. Re-apply.)

Author of the Month: Webly

New Stories: OPEN

Polls: OPEN

Wiki News: OPEN

New Proposals: OPEN

Rumors: Reddy

Milestones/Edit Achievements: OPEN

Story News: OPEN

Fun Wiki Games: OPEN

Comics: Reddy, Michael, Bruno,

Featured User Interview: Jake

Other Featured Stuff: Dra

Story Reviews: Webly

This Month's Top Ten: Dra

Wiki/Real Birthdays: OPEN

Advice Column: Sunshine/TAU/Both (Undecided by the two)

Join now. Some spots can have more than one person covering it.

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