Hello, bloggers and writers and whatever else you may be! I bring you a new totally not copied series, Problems with Dra! Before you begin, these aren't problems with me. I don't have any problems other than a physcological problem, an obsession with toast, an urge for killing innocent teddy bears, and an urge to destroy copper coins because they smell funny at all.

So, let's begin.

Issue Number 1: New Users and Usernames

This is not really a big deal, but it does get annoying sometimes. People don't normally go by their username in full, such as, Sunshineandraviolli, Sprinklemist, 1dra7, Redddude, Radical M, Owenandheatherfan, Funny Haha Goodtimes Michael, etc. People normally perfer nicknames over their full username. But sometimes, when new users come around, they talk to you, and the first thing they say is:

"Hello 1dra7! How are you?"

And it really irritates me sometimes. I know they don't really know what you perfer being called, but I believe it should be common sense to at least ask what you wanna be called.

"Do you go by 1dra7 or a nickname? :) " would be nice.

Issue Number 2: Religion Wars

This wiki is diverse with religions. Some Athiest, some Jewish, some Christian, whatever. Don't bring it up, please. Unless you know the person is your religion, don't talk about it when someone doesn't believe what you believe. It can really, REALLY, cause a big fight. What I'm about to say, is an example.

Person 1: I believe in God!

Person 2: God is fake.

Person 3: *says cuss words and yells*

  • Admin comes on*
  • Both are banned for fighting*

Me, personally, I am Christian. I believe in God. And to me, it's good to spread the word. But just don't do it here, do it in real life or something. It can brew a fight.

Issue Number 3: The Game

The Game.

Issue Number 4: Text Speak

I know most of you know this about me, but it irritates me to where I wanna' shoot myself.

Person 1: Hey how r u 2day?

Person 2: Good, you?

Me: Person 1, please, at least while I'm around, use you and are and today instead of text speak. <3

Person 1: y do u hat me?

Me: No I don't hat you.

Me: Hate*

  • Person 1 has left the chat*

It's irritating. It makes the user seem so lazy and foolish, like you don't even know how to spell.

Keyboard: QWERTYUIO.

"You" can be spelled easily; it's right there.

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