Can you find out what's wrong with everyone else?

How to Play:

Players: 4+ (Not including a host)


One person is the Psychiatrist, the others are the Patients. The Patients must use some form of communication to determine a type of illness. They will tell the host their illness (only one type), and the decision must be unanimous. They will then be asked a series of questions by the Psychiatrist, and they will have to answer. The only question they can't answer is: "What's wrong with you?"

Here's an example of gameplay,

  • Players decide on the illness: Every line they speak must have the letter k in it. They tell the host their chosen illness (which was unanimously decided)
  • The Game begins:
  • Psych: Player A, what's wrong with you?
  • Player A: I don't know.
  • Psych: Okay, Player B, what is your favorite food?
  • Player B: Key Lime pie, of course.
  • Psych: Alright, Player C, when were you born?
  • Player C: Well, Psyckaitrist, I was born December 1st 1992.
  • Psych: You misspelled Psychiatrist.

As above, the answer does not always have to contain the illness, as Player C demonstrated by misspelling psychiatrist. Here are some types of illnesses for example:

  • A certain letter must be in every line you speak.
  • Every other question asked to you must be answered with another question.
  • Each line you speak must have a prefix on one word. (Example: {Mal}Nutritian
  • None of your letters at all can be capitalized.

If the Psychiatrist thinks he knows your illness, he can guess. If wrong, keep going until the time runs out or he/she gives up.


  • You must always be truthful if the psychiatrist guesses your illness.
  • If you make a mistake while talking you must always fix it (for example, the "no capital letters", you could accidentally use one. You must fix it on a new line)
  • You have to work with the others, and you cannot stray from the chosen illness, or else it is unfair. The host should be keeping watch over the game and will warn you if you're doing it wrong.
  • Each round should last about 5-10 minutes, or in some cases, if the psychiatrist gives up.
  • The host chooses the Psych, and must announce it out loud to everyone.

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