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Total Drama Explosion!

You must read chapters 1-11 of this story by the 24th.

Score Report

Strikes Item Place Contestant Score
0 None Indi
0 None OHF
1 None Webly
1 None Zoomer
0 None Toad
0 None Jess
1 None Xros
0 None Mrodd
0 None Nduke

Credits. Indi has a 3% Credit amount. Credits are listed below. Items are ALSO listed below.

You can only have one item at a time.


Bookmark - Costs 10 credits. You can also get this by having the highest score on the test.. Getting the score will automatically buy this. It allows you to sit out for a test. It can be bought for 10 credits. When sitting out, you get 100% automatically.

Shredder - Costs 8 credits. It shreds 'down an opponent's score to half, and adds it to your score. The max score is 100%.

Printer - Costs 5 credits. It adds 30 to your parner's score. Highest score is 100%.


Contestant Credits
Indi 10
Webly 0
Zoomer 0
Toad 0
Jess 0
Xros 0
Mrodd 5
Nduke 5

The Averages of the Purple Team and Orange Team were above 100. I divided the score among the team mates.

Indi had 3, plus the 7 added came to 10.

Purple Team had 7.5, which came to 7. Orange had 5.5, which came to 5.


Chapters 1-11 of Total Drama Explosion. Due the 24th.

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