Well, Read About Week One was...

a disaster.

Nobody got a 100% (Or a 120 if they got the bonus right). Only two teams completely finished with both partners taking the test. Shane, KG, Cod, and Twilight failed to take this test. (A few of them have done this in the past read about as well.)

Anyway, it's time for the results. Indi and OHF finished first. Webly and Zoomy finished second. The rest had one partner fail to complete the test. Their scores were put into their place.

Strikes Place Contestant Score
0 1st Indi 90%
0 1st OHF 30%
0 2nd Webly 70%
0 2nd Zoomer 30% X
1 5th KG 0%
0 5th Toad 50%*
1 3rd COD 0%
0 3rd Xros 70%
0 4th Mrodd 60%
1 4th Shane 0%
0 5th Mr.E 50%
1 5th Twilight 0%

It's time for something new in Read About, that nobody has ever done before when hosting.

Score Bonuses! Here's how it works: Each Team has a total score. After adding both of the partners' scores together and getting an average, they will get a score bonus depending on what place they got during the challenge. Your place was determined by who finished first.

Purple Team

Indi - Got a score of 90%, the highest score achieved on this test.

OHF - Got a score of 30%, the lowest score achieved if you don't count the inactives.

Average: 60%.

With 1st place, they get a bonus of 15 points.

Total Score: 75%

Red Team

Webly - Got a score of 70%.

Zoomer - Got a score of 30%, but had an excuse for being on a trip.

Average: 50%

With 2nd place, they get a bonus of 10 points.

Total Score: 60%.

Pink Team

KG - 0%. Inactive.

Toad - 50%. He joined at the last minute after Mana quit.

Average: 25%

With 5th place, they get a bonus of 0 points.

Total Score: 25%.

Blue Team

Cod - 0%. Inactive.

Xros - 70%. Good job, dude.

Average: 35%.

With 3rd place, they get a bonus of 5 points.

Total Score: 40%.

Orange Team

Mrodd - 60%. Good guesser.

Shane - 0%. Inactive.

Average: 30%

With 4th place, they get a bonus of 2 points.

Total Score: 32%.

Teal Team

Mystery - 50%. Eh...okay.

Twilight - 0%. Inactive.

Average: 25%.

With 5th place, they get a bonus of 0 points.

Total Score: 25%

Final Report Card:

Strikes Place Contestant Score
0 1st Indi 75%
0 1st OHF
0 2nd Webly 60%
0 2nd Zoomer
1 3rd COD 40%
0 3rd Xros
0 4th Mrodd 32%
1 4th Shane
1 5th KG 25%
0 5th Toad
0 5th Mr.E 25%
1 5th Twilight

The final two teams go to elimination this go around. So, KG, Toad, Mr.E, and Twilight will go to elimination.

However, an immunity will go to the person who had the highest score of the four people. Toad and Mystery both tied at 50%. Since Toad joined extremely late, he's got immunity. Mystery, KG, and Twilight will go up for elimination.

Who should go home?

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