Welcome back to Read About. This time, there is no voting. The person who is eliminated will be announced below, and will not appear in the next blog. This is also an update blog, so look out for it.

Score Report

Strikes Place Contestant Score
0 2nd Indi 103%
0 2nd OHF 100%
1 5th Webly 0%
1 5th Zoomer 0%
0 4th Toad 79%
2 4th Mr.E 0%
0 3rd Jess 79%
1 3rd Xros 72%
0 1st Mrodd 100%
0 1st Nduke 82%

That's a lot of people with inactivity strikes. On to the averages:

Purple Team

Indi: 103%. That's evened out to 100% with a credit of 3%. Credits will be explained later.

OHF: 100%

Average: 100%

With second place, they get a bonus of 15 points.

Final Score: 115%

Red Team

Webly: 0%

Zoomer: 0%

Average: 0%

With fifth place, they get a bonus of 0 points.

Final Score: 0%.

Pink Team

Toad: 79%

Mystery: 0%

Average: 36%

With fourth place, they get a bonus of 5 points.

Final Score: 41%

Blue Team

Jess: 79%

Xros: 72%

Average: 76%

With third place, they get a bonus of 10 points.

Final Score: 86%

Orange Team

Mrodd: 100%

Nduke: 82%

Average: 91%

With first place, they get a bonus of 20 points.

Final Score: 111%

Report Card

Strikes Place Contestant Score
0 1st Indi 115%
0 1st OHF
1 5th Webly 0%
1 5th Zoomer
0 3rd Jess 86%
1 3rd Xros
0 2nd Mrodd 111%
0 2nd Nduke
2 4th Mr.E 41%
0 4th Toad

Now, as Jake said in the previous blog, there's gonna be a few changes and something new.

1. There are no scores past 100% on the final scores. Anything past 100 will be spread out to both team mates as credits. What are credits? That'll be explained in a bit.

2. Items. Items are going to be added in the game from this point on. Items will be put in the next blog. To get items, you have to do good on your test, or you have to have credits to get an item.

3. Credits. Credits are going to be added to an 'account' of sorts. You'll use them to get items.

Now then, the next day is going to be put up tomorrow. The eliminated person is...

Mystery, with 2 inactivity strikes. Bye Bye, Mystery! <3

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