Welcome back to Read About! We have a lot to cover in this let's go ahead and get started.

This Week's Score Report

Strikes Place Contestant Score
0 2nd Indi 100%
0 2nd OHF 100%
0 1st Webly 100%
0 1st Zoomer 100%
1 KG
0 Toad 100%
0 Xros
0 Mrodd 0%
1 Shane
0 Mr.E


Notice anyone missing on the score report? That's right; Twilight has been eliminated with the most votes. Sorry, bud! Mystery is now flying solo for this week. After this elimination, he will be moved to another team (unless he gets out)


Your goal this time is to finish up Total Drama Dra, by reading 12-23. That's 12 chapters. This needs to be done by the 11th.

--WHAT!? That's only like, 5 days!?--

Heh, good luck. Better start reading.

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