So I'm getting ready for Dravivor: All Stars sometime in the future--it will probably be the last Dravivor for a while considering that it has happened a ton here recently.

I have a list of people I ask to come to the game and represent their previous player. At the time the game occurs, anyone on chat at the time will be able to join first as their former character. Then, anyone else with a former player can join to fill in the spaces.

Requested Cast

Dravivor: Lost Islands

  • Dravivor654 [Sole Dravivor] - BrunoSomebody
  • Bowser [5th] - That Epic
  • Eleanor [7th] - Shadowgeoff

Dravivor: China

  • Blinks [8th] - COKEMAN11
  • JoeBiden [7th] - Nalyd Renrut
  • CandaceFlynn [Sole Dravivor] - Jaxswim

Dravivor: Congo

  • Aaryn Gries [4th] - Dakotacoons
  • DramaLlama [Sole Dravivor] - Indi26

Dravivor: Morocco

  • Narrator [5th] - Ben 109
  • JoeTheTurnip [2nd] - EnTrey
  • AmberSivayus [Sole Dravivor] - Nduke

Dravivor: Latvia

  • BasilTheCat [7th] - Sunslicer2
  • Judith [4th] - Fann Y. Fiction the 2010th
  • Michelle [5th] - Sliemy
  • Wondrasch [Sole Dravivor]*

*we have no idea who this is ironically

RP will have only 12 people. For reference:

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