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The Haunting Ground is a lesser known game due to other titles coming out at its time. Devil May Cry 3 and a few Resident Evil titles managed to overcome Demento(as it is titled in Japan)'s airtime for commercials. However, those who do know of its existance have enjoyed it to the last moment. It has its own flaws but those will be discussed later. As well, I'm sure nobody's reading this so I'm not going to bother spellchecking.


Fiona Belli was in a car crash, her parents killed during. She awakens from her 'coma' in a castle dungeon room inside of a cage. She sees a bulky man cooking dinner of some sort, who leaves after a shock of lightning. Her lock snaps loose and Fiona escapes her cage. She goes to the top where the castle truly begins to unfold.

In the Castle suite, she finds the maid, Daniella. She's a very pretty woman, as described by Fiona herself. Purple hair and a purple (or red in hard mode) suit, coupled with her soft voice. She has laid out clothes for Fiona to dress in. Afterwards, she goes exploring.

In a castle library, she meets Riccardo, who scares the living bejeebers out of her with a dead woman's corpse. And afterwards, she recieves a message from her uncle Lorenzo.

Debilitas is met before meeting Riccardo/Lorenzo. He is a humanoid known as a humonculous, who has the childlike mind of many and the strength of a man. He chases Fiona until his defeat in his chapel. Afterwards, Daniella joins in as a stalker in the underground Mansion. After she dies, Riccardo tries to impregnate Fiona with his seed so he can be reborn with her azoth, which will be defined later. Lastly, Lorenzo reveals he's an old man, who's dying, and needs azoth to survive. He takes Riccardo's small amount and becomes young again, and in the final boss, he is killed.

Azoth is something Fiona has which is the essence of life. There. I did it.

Fiona meets a dog, Hewie, in part one with Debilitas, who becomes her weapon and companion until the end of the game. He is a major part in the worst ending of the game, as Hewie can die in hard mode, and if he's not treated properly (fed if he's hurt and praised for doing good) he will not come to Fiona's rescue, and give the D ending near the end of the game.


This game is the second made by Capcom to have stalker enemies in it. The first is Clock Tower 3 which sucked boo-tay. Stalkers are main enemies who pursue the main character until the player dies or the stalker dies. And in capcom's case, Stalkers take a while to kill, as they won't die until the final boss.

Unlike in Clock Tower 3, where the stalker randomly appears and tries to kill you, all stalkers are met in the first chapter, or part, of the game, as protagonistic characters. However, they all turn out to be false protagonists themselves. I'll go over them in brief.

All stalkers work in a similar way. They will chase Fiona and try to kill her in one way or another. They will appear at random times. You can hide in hiding spots to escape them if you can.


Debilitas is the humanoid I spoke of earlier. He is the man child who pursues Fiona after seeing her while playing with his doll. His name is unspoken until Riccardo tells him to stop chasing Fiona at one point. As he is the first stalker, he will not truly appear at random until a certain objective is met, and Fiona is officially with her dog Hewie.

Debilitas is the only stalker who does not really want to kill Fiona. As a Humonculous, he's attracted to her azoth, and thinks she is a doll. He kills her by hugging her in a death grip. Debilitas cannot speak, and eerily knows her name, as when he attempts to talk, he shouts out "Fee-ooh-naaaah!" and sniffs the air. He also scratches his groin and swings his arms around when he's frustrated.

When Fiona goes into hiding, Debilitas normally gives up easily, and doesn't return to her hiding spot unless Fiona uses it too much.

His boss is very easy. You need to destroy two bar holders in the chapel that hold up a chandelier. Once broken, the chandelier will collapse. Debilitas will live though, and find Fiona to be a human, and stop chasing her. He will also die in the boss if Hewie attacks him too much. He is the decider between endings A and B and C.


The next stalker in the game is the seemingly harmless maid, Daniella. She cannot feel pain or experience pleasure--sex, taste, smell, etc. The only thing she feels is azoth--the essence of life. She knows Fiona has it, and by the time she becomes a stalker, Daniella goes mentally insane. She feels no emotions at all, and feels it right to bash her head in the mirror in Fiona's room.

Doing so allows her to rip out a piece of glass with her bear hands, giving her her murder weapon. Then, the first chase is on.

Daniella is definately the most dynamic stalker of the game. She does not run to find Fiona. She walks, and is surprisingly faster than anyone else in the game. Hewie's attacks on her do not affect her as much as he does other stalkers. She simply grunts and tosses him off.

When Fiona hides, Daniella will know. She will look around constantly, and will often come back into the room to check twice. And, if Fiona runs into a room directly in front of Daniella, and then hides, Daniella will know you're in there, and will not leave until you come out. If by chance she actually leaves, she's waiting outside. When she hears your footsteps, she'll come right back into the room. Sometimes she'll tap on Fiona's hiding spot, leave, and come in and open up where she is to scare Fiona.

Daniella also closes doors behind her, giving a false sense of security to Fiona. As well as that, she can also wield a firepoker instead if Fiona talks to her while she's cleaning a fireplace.

"But she's supposed to kill you, not clean." You say.

Daniella is creepy like that. At random times, you will find Daniella and she'll be cleaning.

Daniella will also hide in wardrobes, being the only person who will hide in Fiona's hiding spots.

Daniella will also adjust her walking based on her frustration variable. She's the only stalker with it. When she cannot catch Fiona during a single chase, Daniella will begin to run. If she's harmed enough and frustrated, she will walk in a slower robotic fashion. In this form of her walking, she's easy to escape from, but Daniella will still follow you a long while. As well, when she's frustrated, sometimes she'll take it out on Hewie. And on hard mode, she can even kill him in a few hits.

Daniella will also scream and laugh while chasing Fiona to put her in panic. She can also be evaded with her screaming if she stands in front of a mirror. Since she is imperfect, she screams at the sight of herself in a mirror.

Her boss battle is very cool too. Using Hewie, you need to attack her to stop her footsteps. You have to push 4 pillars onto pressure pads to light up a floor mirror in the center of the room. Once all 4 light up, lure Daniella onto it. She'll look down and scream so loudly the ceiling above, which is made all of glass, cracks, and Daniella is sliced in half by a huge glass shard.

She has a huge cult following, as she's the most dynamic stalker.


Riccardo is by far the creepiest. He does not wish to kill Fiona directly. He wants to get her pregnant. He wants to be reborn with more azoth than what he has, and so he chases Fiona. He has the most areas to stalk, and the least areas for Fiona to hide.

He has a gun, which he uses when he cannot catch Fiona after a while, or if she's far enough away from him. What's sad though, is he's an awful shot. He also chases Fiona through the underground mansion. Fiona solves a puzzle, and causes Hewie to run away into a forest.

Riccardo then follows Fiona to the backwoods, where if he's triggered, he will follow her relentlessly until Hewie is found.

He then knocks out Fiona, and she awakens in a water tower. Through alchemical production, he has become invisible. However, it's not very good, because as he takes damage, he can be seen a bit better each time. Hewie always sees him.

What's bad about Riccardo is that his random appearances only occur in the mansion. The forest is scripted, as well in the water tower. He only appears when something changes in the tower, which occurs over five minutes. Then, there's his boss.

A good thing though--when he's invisible, he has no gun.

His boss is the shortest and (imo) the lamest. All you have to do is send Hewie through a hole in the wall behind you (the right one, of like, 3) and tell him to jump on Riccardo when he's next to the edge of the water tower. This takes place on top of the tower, so Riccardo is attacked and he falls off onto the ground below.


Okay, now it's downhill. He's the final stalker.

In his first stage, he's found in a location known as the house of truth. It's pretty much a giant library with some statues. Lorenzo starts out as a very old man who army crawls towards Fiona as she runs away. He's surprisingly very fast. However, he passes out easily if Hewie hits him enough. After a bit of puzzle solving, his boss battle comes up.

In it, you need to knock out Lorenzo on a conveyor belt and then turn on a machine. This activates the belt which pulls in Lorenzo and crushes him under a mining compressing device. He is squished.

However, after Riccardo died, Riccardo's azoth went to Lorenzo. He somehow manages to survive, and becomes a younger man, about in his 50s. This phase will not stalk you, only taunt you. He locks Fiona in a room and talks to her until finally letting her go. If Fiona tries hiding in the trap room, Lorenzo will reveal he can see everything she does.

In the final stage, Lorenzo is in his 20's. He has magic missile type powers. If Fiona is hit by a blue magic ball, she dies immediately. It's weird. It's nearly impossible to escape him, and it sucks because he is ALWAYS after her. It's an extremely small area, so he rarely despawns. When he does finally go away, you have a few moments to use Hewie to find the boss room. He sniffs something, finds a cane, and gives it to Fiona. Once it's put into place, the final boss begins.

In this, you cannot kill him in any special way. You have to rely on the special alchemic powders you can throw, Hewie, and magma rocks that spew out from the center of the room. Yes, there's a fire pit in a random spot. Anyway, after he is killed, if he's killed, he'll fall into the fire. But he's not done yet.

Outside, the house will rumble. You'll need to run and crouch to avoid being thrown to the ground by a shockwave from a random earthquake. Lorenzo comes back to life as a flaming corpse. He chases Fiona in the final scene. And just when you think it's over...

You run into the final final boss. The statue.

No, just kidding. However, the statue of an angel collapses on Fiona, and you have to button mash random buttons to push it back up. If Flaming Lorenzo was somewhat close to Fiona, you're dead. If you manage to push it up, good for you, you're almost done.

At the end, Lorenzo finally dies and turns to ash. Then it's over. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay.


The game in the music is awesome, and to your surprise, a gameplay mechanic. Each stalker has three music tracks. One for their chase theme, one for the regular background music, and one for the boss battle. The background music is an eerie theme that plays in their part of the game.

Music will grow silent when you're near an enemy. When a stalker is near and the music grows silent, Fiona hunches over and looks around. You have a chance to escape them, however. But if you suddenly hear footsteps, you're dead. The chase music will start and you'll need to run.


Failures: Seemingly undead babies who hug Fiona and scream. Screaming babies alerts stalkers of your location, and makes Fiona panic. They kill the music.

Humonculi: Globbed up humanoids who stand against walls. They kill the music, giving you a false sense of a stalker being around. If they are kicked, they turn around and hit Fiona.

Luminessaints: They are small blue orbs that follow Fiona. If they hit her, they make a large shattering sound, altering the stalker of your location and panicking Fiona.

One Creepy Fact:

Stalkers are always there. They will rarely despawn. After a chase, they will disappear and despawn. Shortly after, their coding causes them to walk around. They will avoid you, standing still or walking into rooms opposite of you. After time passes, they will turn around and follow you.


The gameplay is fairly easy to understand. You'll be searching things, kicking vases or enemies, crouching down, throwing alchemical ingredients, and running.

When Fiona is scared, she panics. When she panics, the screen becomes blurry and grey. When she is too scared, the screen becomes VERY grey and blurry, and Fiona will run into walls and fall over. After a while, she goes into full on panic and screams. Then, you cannot stop her--you only control where she runs. If she hits a wall too many times, she falls over and needs help. If she doesn't get it from Hewie, the stalker eventually kills her.

Hewie can be praised, scolded, can attack, or made sit. Sitting is often used on puzzles where he opens a door and Fiona needs to go through. No worries, He eventually comes back.

Fiona can throw alchemical items at stalkers. These include powders which explode on contact or detonate an electric shock. She can sit down traps that do the same thing. If she does enough damage, the stalker will faint.

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