This is a game.

In the Stalker, about 8+ people will join. One person will be announced as the Stalker. The rest are simple players, houseguests, whatever you want the setting to look like. Each 'day' (blog), the players will be given a certain challenge. This varies from simply telling me a word or phrase, or guessing a number, etc. They will be mainly option based challenges unless someone has a good idea.

The Stalker will always have one sort of option in the game. If it is chosen, the players who chose it will be put on the chopping block. The Stalker will pick one person to eliminate. This will go on until three remain.

The Stalker's name will be guessable on the third day. Everyone will be able to send in a guess as to who they think the stalker is. The results will not be revealed until one day later. If the stalker is guessed, the Stalker will be eliminated and replaced with someone else.

Example Challenge:

You have to choose three keys laying on the floor. 1, 2, or 3.

Stalker's Choice: Key 3

Players' Choices: A. 1, B. 1, C. 2, D. 3, E. 3.

D and E are up because they picked 3. The Stalker must pick between the two.

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