Off the coast of Wikia, a strange island off the coast of Brazil (alo alo), fourteen (or so??) users will be cast out to sea to attempt surviving for 39 days. They will compete in challenges for immunity and vote out players as they progress onward to becoming the sole survivor.


Each day, a challenge will be posted in blog form. All players are expected to play the game and submit the answer/score by the deadline. Once all players have completed the challenge (or once the deadline is reached), the losing tribe will be announced, and players will then vote someone out.

The person who receives the most votes will be eliminated, and so on.


Each tribe has an idol hidden somewhere around their camp. To find the idol, one must solve the clue(s) given to them. The winning tribe of the challenge will receive a clue.

How to play it: when you submit your vote (or any time thereafter but before votes are read), you must tell me that you want to play your idol. Once you state you are playing your idol, you are NOT allowed to retract it. It can be played on anyone, and must be used on or before the final five tribal council.


The game has 14 players so it should take around 1 and 1/2 weeks MAXIMUM. The more activity we have, the higher the probability of the game ending earlier.

Signing Up

To join the game you need to do two things:

A. Tell me how active you are on the wiki and on chat. If you are not very active you cannot play.

B. Create a FaceYoManga avi for me to place in the official table.

39 Days

14 People

1 Survivor!!!!

DraProbst DraProbst
The Host
483 Avery FireFlame
100px Mr. Blonde
Hi Da Killah Bunnyz
DakotaAvatar Dakotacoons
BrunoMangatar BrunoSomebody
Nate'sAvatar NateNJ14
Naomi-2 LongLiveLion
Benirl Ben109
Zoey Echomist x
AlexHi AlexIron
Literallyme Shadowgeoff
Tobi ThatEpic


Benji TDfan10
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