Everyone has come to the conclusion that RPs are basically dead. This summer, everyone is going to be either working, taking classes, or with friends, and in general, people have (apparently) lost the desire to host/play, but there are still many that want to play.

It makes me cringe to think that TV Stars would end on a random season, so I want to make this final effort to have a final season of the series, and potentially a grand finale of all RPs in general if things don't change. SO, I am going to host TV Stars Battle Royale on January 7th.

That is a saturday. Don't make plans with friends, don't host your ORGs past 8:30 EST, and ask for work off! I'm not actually going to expect anyone to go out of their way for it, but think of it as a big gathering. It's like, the finale of RPs. Why not make an attempt to be there for it? It could be huge.

Regardless, it's the most effective RP date outside of regular weekdays, when people have to work and such. On Saturday December 17th, everyone will be in school still except for a few. On Saturday December 24th, people will be with their families for Christmas. On Saturday, December 31st, people will be at new-year parties. January 7th is the only real date where there's nothing going for it.

Once again, don't make plans. Be there for TV Stars Battle Royale! ^_^

It is an all-returnee season. It initially was going to be one-timers only, but I will allow you to threepeat with any players you competed as in Superstar Showdown, Bollywood, or Road Trip. I will probably let you play anyone you want within reason, so just ask if you want to play someone specific. Otherwise I'll be drafting a desired cast list.

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