TV Stars Walk of Fame!

America has been tasked with voting for three people that they want to see inducted into the Walk of Fame 2.0. 21 Celebrities were nominated to compete in this poll, and 17 received votes. However, the top three is very clear!

It's time to reveal the winning character who got first place!

This Celebrity was in TV Stars Road Trip...

They once dominated their original season...

She turned down a Taco Bell Commercial to be on Road Trip...

"I already know that America loves me. I don't need their approval!"


Congratulations to Ashlee Williams (Broadway, 2nd & Road Trip, 5th) for making it into the TV Stars Walk of Fame as the first place inductee! She received 36% of the majority votes as an inductee.

Ashlee is often remembered as the original challenge dominator in the new-formatted TV Stars seasons (from Broadway and onward). She was one of the most popular contestants in Broadway and it was only fitting that she was voted into TV Stars Road Trip by America! Once again, she was very good and had multiple layers to her personality. Ashlee is an amazing character all around and is a host's dream to have around.

Because of her adoration from America, Ashlee receives the next star on the TV Stars Walk of Fame.

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