How well do you think you are at writing? How well do you think others think you are?

How well done is my apple pie?

This is The Counter *echo*

Here's the deal: 10 people will sign up for the competition. Each 'week' or 'round' will involve each player writing a short story by a deadline. Then, their story will be judged from a scale of 1-10, based on the following three factors:

How well was it written?

How well did you write the story? Did you use very improper grammar, or did you use better word choice than needed? Did you ensure you had dialogue and interesting actions, or did you bore me to death?

How were the characters?

Did your characters really stand out, or did they blend in and become bland and obnoxious? Did they have memorable things happen, or did they just say bland lines repeatedly?

How was the plot progression?

Did you skip from point A to point B extremely quickly, or did you take time to explain what happened? Did you explain what happened, or did you jump straight to the next area with no introduction?

Here's the catch, however, to the challenges: You don't have all day to do it. When you're ready to do the challenge, you must catch me on chat and PM me. It's then that you'll be timed about 5-6 minutes to type up a story for the challenge. You have to think on your toes for this one!

Each person will be on a team of 2. After they both do the challenge, their results in total will be averaged out to a score. The top team with the best score will be granted immunity. Then, our special judge, The Counter, will give the top team a priced dollar amount to purchase their stories. If they say yes, their cash is banked into the point chart. If they say no, their current cash standing will be put on hold for the next week.

But, Dra, why wouldn't we say yes?

If you say no to your priced amount, it'll push to the next week. If you get on top the next week, your cash amount will double.

But, Dra, what is this crap for?

Each week, as well as doing the challenge, you'll be able to use your cash amount to get items. These vary from score variators to immunity idols.

As well, in the final two showdown, their amount of cash will be their big 'reward' at the end.

Work with your team. Get ideas.

Score big in cash from the Counter.

Spend it on prizes.

It's all fair in love and Counting, baby ;D

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Edit: You need at least 800 edits to join

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