This is the Cycle.

The Cycle is a game about 12 authors who compete in a cycle of competitions to become to ultimate writer. The authors will be forced to work together or apart, depending on the week, to write a type of story in the time limit. Some weeks will test creativity over a few days, and some will test creativity in a few minutes.

You may sign up below, but first;

Why is this called the cycle?

The stories go in a large cycle. Our challenges start with one genre, and recycle through. Basically, each challenge will be based on the next part of the cycle. Each day is something different, ranging from cute pony stories to dark tales of theft and mystery. The stories will become progressively challenging along the way of the cycle, starting out easy and fun to challenging.

I myself will be the judge of the stories, and I will get help from some mystery judges. Elimination works, as the lowest scoring story will be out.

Stories are scored by uniqueness, grammar, spelling, organization, and neat characteristics.

Sign Ups:

1. Jax

2. Trey

3. OHF

4. Bruno

5. Kevvy








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