So, I have suggested a new section in the newsletter. Webly approved, and so I am aloud to do this. We're currently going to do a trial run of this section, so it may not be final.

This Month's Top Ten is about the top ten stories you believe deserve recognition. You are aloud to vote on stories. The ten with the most votes will be featured in the newsletter. You may support or oppose the stories as you please. You cannot nominate your own story, but you must hope someone else nominates your story. This prevents a huge span of stories with no votes.

The Rules are Simple:

  • No Nominating your own story.
  • No Voting on a story of yours that was nominated.
  • You cannot nominate a story twice.
  • Any stories with five oppose votes, such as featured stories, will be taken down from the campaign.

This is your comment style that should be followed:

If adding in a story, it doesn't matter what you say. Add in some more important reasons as to why this deserves to be featured.

If supporting or opposing, say:

"I Support/Oppose this story because, (Insert reason here)"

If it is not a vote, please put "NAV" before it.

Nominating will begin now. Voting will end once Webly decides to put up the newsletter, which will be today or tomorrow. Remember, this is a trial run. If this becomes a true part, the voting will last for a longer time.

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