Total Wiki Fallout is a fighting video game coming to a store near you in spring of 201234567543212322112333333.


The year is 2782. The world of the Wikians and the world of Earth have collided in a spring of death and demise. Each world has come to realization that their ideas are different. They cannot agree upon a ruler or form of ruling, and have created chaos amongst those who are caught up in the madness. The Wikians are at war with the Earthlings. Which one will come to rule over the Earth, and spread their creations onto us?

This is: Total Wiki Fallout.


Each side has a total of 6 combatants for the brawls. No combatants are to kill, only incapacitate and capture. While their moves may seem brutal, nobody kills anybody.



Background: Avery is a fire elemental who takes on the form of a human male. He's prepared for destruction and demise as the war wages on.

Battle Cry: Your life is to shame. You will all burn!

Special Moves:

  1. Burning Wedge - Avery sets himself on fire. Any attacks that land on him harm the opponent as well.
  2. Proposal - Avery does a cartwheel and wraps his legs in a ring around the enemy's neck, then flips over and tosses the enemy across the stage with his legs.
  3. Crisper Crust - Avery places a mine on the ground that, if stepped on, burns the enemy.
  4. Breath of Fire - Avery breaths fire in the enemy's direction.

Special Power: Fireflame - Avery lifts the opponent up into the air, breathes fire onto their back, and then throws them to the ground. While down, he jumps and crushes the enemy's back, then dives off and laughs.

Finishing Move: Torchlight - Avery lifts up the dazed enemy and breathes fire into their face. He then throws them down, and breaks their left leg. He then steps on the enemy's spine, laughing.


Background: Jax is an insane patient on the planet of the Wikians. He escaped the mental institution and became a soldier for the wikians on Earth.

Battle Cry: La, La, La, La, La, Jacks, Jacks, Jacks! Haha!

Special Moves:

  1. Jax Specific - Jax throws down several jacks. If they land on the enemy, the jacks trip them and they fall over.
  2. Crumbling Fear - Jax throws a large pink ball at the enemy and several jacks. The jacks explode into the ball and the ball crushes the enemy's legs, knocking them down.
  3. Meep - Jax shouts out, "Meep!" at the enemy, and the enemy laughs. Jax then throws down several jacks at their legs, which explode, knocking the enemy back.

Special Power: Jumping Jacks - Jax walks up to the opponent and grabs their arms. He begins twisting them around and laughing. As soon as the arms snap out of socket, he then throws the enemy across the stage by the limbs.

Finishing Move: Ball and Jack - Jax throws out several jacks at the enemy, which stab them in various locations. The enemy then collapses in pain. Jax skips over and drops a ball into their mouth and shoves it in, gagging them. He laughs as the enemy loses consiousness quickly.

Mister E:

Background: Mister E's background is a mystery. Nobody knows where he hails from.

Battle Cry: Your time is over, and mine has just begun. I can't wait to slice you open!

Special Moves:

  1. Splitting Fury - Mister E splits into three clones of himself, with one being the real Mister E. Each one can attack, but only the real one can be harmed.
  2. Shadow of the Night - Mister E vanishes into thin air for 5 seconds.
  3. Extreme Surgery - Mister E yanks out a knife and begins stabbing the enemy repeatedly.
  4. Mysterious Anger - Mister E's attacks become harder to avoid for five seconds.

Special Power: Stolen Voice - Mister E vanishes into thin air, and appears behind the enemy. He then smacks the opponent with his knife, and vanishes once more. He reappears behind them again and knees their spine.

Finishing Move: Buried Soul - Mister E vanishes, and reappears behind them. He snaps their spine in half, paralyzing them. He then steps on their neck and laughs. He pulls out his blade and begins cutting at their backside.



Background: Jake is a human cop who is called to the war to protect the Queen J.

Battle Cry: Turn yourself in or perish!

Special Moves:

  1. Grenade Toss - Jake tosses a grenade at the enemy.
  2. Machine Shot - Jake pulls out a machine gun and fires rapidly at the enemy.
  3. Sequential Shots - Jake pulls out a pistol and begins firing at the enemy. Additional shots may be shot if Jake can press a sequence of buttons without being hit.

Special Power: Dismantle - Jake pulls out his machine gun and shoots the enemy in the legs. He then walks up and throws a grenade down. He backs up and shouts, 'clear!' and the grenade explodes. The enemy shrieks, and flies to the end of the stage.

Finishing Move: Cease and Desist - Jake approaches the opponent and shoots them in the left arm. While screaming in pain, the enemy grabs their arm. Jake kicks them and knocks them to the ground, and then reaches down to their neck. He turns it to the side and presses down on their pressure point until they pass out. Jake then begins firing randomly at their legs and torso until eventually the screen fades out.


There are a total of 8 stages to play on. Each stage has a unique transition to another part of the stage, which deals medium damage to the player who is thrown to the transition.

Forgotten Library:

The forgotten library is a stage set inside of the Wikian territory. Several of the world's rulers, known as administrators, stand in the back with several hammers labeled 'Ban'. If knocked to the left or right end of the stage, one of the administrators will hammer down on the enemy with the ban hammer for a small amount of damage. If an enemy is thrown into the left area of the stage, the player will crash through the ban hammer and into the stage transition.

Transition Down: The player crashes through the ban hammer, and down several flights of stairs until eventually crashing into a bookshelf. It topples over, causing a chain reaction which loops around to a chandelier. The chandelier collapses onto the player, dealing massive damage. The fight continues down here.

Transition Up: The player from the bottom area is knocked into the right area. This triggers them to topple onto a trampoline, which bounces them through several flights of wooden beams and books. They eventually crash through the top part of the stage, where they smack their heads into the right ban hammer. Now woozy, the player looks forward and is greeted by the other player who kicks them in their head as they arise to the top of the stage.

Story Mode

Other Modes

There are several other modes of the game to be played that will be listed below.

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