Well, the previous version was a hit (about 20-30 auditions, I think) were put in the story. Some minor, some major. And anyway, I'm making a sequel. And so, I invite you to audition a character (Another User FF) that has a name that sounds realistic. (No, you can't have a character named Johnboy101 or Johnboy) It has to be a realistic name or nickname.

For those who do NOT know, Undead is a zombie survival user fanfiction. The first story was set on Paradise Island, a fantastic island resort set off the coast of cuba. A few college kids, about 7, go to this resort and stay in a hotel. This hotel is taken over by the infected, and about 5 of the college kids got out alive, with two others (Josie and Robert). They then came across another survivor group and banded together for that time. And so on, they came to new places, even a safe zone, and met with new survivors.

You can read it here:

This story is taking it to another special place (to be told once I have about 10-11 people signed up) where the apocalypse will spread. As before, Apps will always be accepted until the final two chapters of the story. Sign up now!

(Simply say your character name, age if preferred, and a stereotype if preferred.)

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