The previous story, Undead, was a somewhat success among nearly everyone. It was a user fic about the zombie apocalypse occuring on an island in the fictional coast of Cuba.

See, the problem I have is that the chapters were too short. There was no true villain aside of the infected. It was nothing but a pure and unrealistic survival fiction. Sometimes, the zombies were unusually strong. Sometimes, they were unusually slow and weak.

My compromise to this is: Fix it all: add some human enemies, Fix the zombie problems, add better special infected that make some sense, and a better feel of desparation to the mix.

I plan on re-writing the story of Undead with some all new characters, and hopefully some of the older ones. And what I need you to do is sign up.

To help me get a better view of your character, follow this small template:

Name: ___

Gender: ___

Age: ___

Biography: ___

Any Specialties: (Preferred weapons, cripples, personalities, anything like that you might want me to add)

Due to the somewhat smaller sized population of the wiki, everyone who signs up is allowed two characters. It is not mandatory, but is strongly preferred that your first character be somewhat of a persona of you. For example, JakeR's character being Jake, or Kenzen's character being named Kenzen. Your second can be anything you want if you'd like--or you could even make a secondary persona. Just remember--strongly preferred if you use a persona and a custom character/second persona.

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