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    Hey Guys!

    July 14, 2013 by Bridgette dj10

    What's up everyone, AJ here, I was just updating you on two things.

    One- Thank you everyone for reading Total Drama Explosion, and sorry for the lull it's been in, it will definitely be stepped up in the next couple weeks. If you read please comment and give me feedback, it really helps :) 

    Two- The Drama Project, Yeah I know, what is that? Well it was a collab I was doing with Neko, Fanny and Indi, but it kind of died out. So anyways I just re-read the first chapter and realized I missed it. I am probably going to try and contact my three co-authors to see if they are still interested, and even if they aren't I'm considering continuing the story (either alone or with new co-authors). Please vote in the poll below!

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  • Bridgette dj10

    Thought I would make one of my own!

    Tribe 1: Fanficia

    1. AJ - The Nice Athlete- Bridgette_dj10
    2. Fire- The New Guy- FireFlameVG
    3. Jake- The Gameplayer- Jake R
    4. Jessica- The Diva- TDALindsayfan1
    5. Josie- The Good Friend- Josie Amber
    6. Kate- The Type-A- Kate4TDWT
    7. Rhonda- The Stalker Chick- Rhonda the stalker fan!
    8. Sam- The Bisexual Strategist- Fann Y. Fiction the 2010th
    9. Zac- The Fun Canadian- Fyrexx
    10. Zoey- The Diva- Echomist x

    Tribe 2: Wikia

    1. Bruno- The Artist- BrunoSomebody
    2. CK- The Coke Man- COKEMAN11
    3. Crystal- The Writer- CrystalNeonSummerSnow
    4. Gerard- The Sun- Sunslicer2
    5. Jay- The Kind Mother- JustLittleOlMe
    6. Jeff- The Asian Swimmer- Aimers
    7. Katie- The Sweet Girl- ChimmyCharific
    8. Keyshia- The Sassy Girl- Leshawnafan
    9. Mana- The Genderless One- Manatee12
    10. Sean- The Brains- Reddude


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  • Bridgette dj10

    Hey everyone! It's AJ here, sorry for the judging being so late, I just have had a ton going on, socially and athletically, plus my computer decided it didn't like me anymore so it spazzed a bit. But since I heard Dystopia quit, and the Totally Dramatic FInal Battle has been eliminated, here are my two stories.

    Good chapter Sunny! It had some improvements, and some unimprovements from last week's chapter. The team picking was interesting to read, and had some witty interactions, and I enjoyed how the little "captain-choosing" pre-challenge, that was clever! I also liked how you put a little bit more depth into the challenge. I would like to see it go a little further, but excellent job improving the challenge. I also liked the character int…

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  • Bridgette dj10

    • Characters: I do love the characters in this story so far. I hadn't read it before so I had to get myself aquainted with the characters, but I do enjoy them. I liked how they were playing Truth or Dare, that semi-involved the game but at the same time was kept at a friendly level. That was funny how Eric was all chill with cheating on his girlfriend with a guy but not a girl xD But I really enjoyed the characters and their interactions
    • Plot: The challenge was more of a downfall for me. I liked how it was more a survivor-esque challenge, but it was kind of hard to follow. Some of it was worded weirdly, making it hard to follow, and also the challenge was extremely short. Also, I liked the idea of the challenge, but you didn't explore into it e…

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  • Bridgette dj10

    Hey everyone! So I have established that I write better when I am running more than one thing at a time, because it gets my mind to think in different ways allowing me to better myself and my writing for both stories involved. Sorry if that confused you xD So I will be writing a new story, that I will write alongside Total Drama Explosion (I would like to shoutout to my 23 readers, I never thought I would get that many you all rock). This is only if I get enough characters submitted though. Here is the new story:

    Title: The Drama Project

    Premise: There will be two teams of eighteen year olds, each team will have to complete a homework assignment based on the week's theme, then, at the "final jam" of each week the two teams will face off, and…

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