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Today I'm going to review a story by Fadingsilverstar16, (AKA Gigi) known as Life After Lies. Because it's the best non-competition story on the review list that5 I actually bothered to read. First, I should warn you that I'm a crappy reviewer and that the author of the story in question has an ego about the size of a pea. She'll say that LAL sucks. I say it's the best thing since Chuck Norris. Now, let's get on with the review.

Life After lies takes place two years after the events of TDI. It's a first-person story from the perspective of the only character in TDI existence that could possibly make this story work: Heather. See, she works for an unnamed organization (I'm going to call it "them" from here on in) that uses torture and interrogation to get whatever it wants. And it gets away with it, too. I know I read the explanation of why "them" doesn't have to abide by the law, but I still think it makes no sense. "Them" has killed. A small girl. And probably many, many other people. It's awesome subject matter for a story, especially a dark one like this one, and double especially one starring Heather, but it still makes me ask, WTF?

Anyway, Heather has faked her own death and now wants to put her past behind her and start a new life with "them". She gets a torture assignment from "them", assigned to torture the youngest child of a man who faked his own death - Gigi sure does like using that theme, does she? - and owes "them" money. Lots and lots of money. "Them" (I think it's one person in particular, but I'm too lazy to go back and check) thinks that torturing the boy will get them the cash. But "them" should have picked someone with no reality show experience, because the boy they kidnapped just so happens to be Noah - the other character sinister enough to fit the dark theme. What follows is the reader walking a mile in Heather's shoes during the whole ordeal, as she tortures Noah, recieves new torture assignments, and um, how do I put this, develops her character, if you will, throughout the whole thing. Once a mere peon of "them", Heather begins to realize how horrible it really is, and takes action to stop it.

The whole thing is extremely well written, for starters. Gigi writes for Heather very well, I might add. The entire story is very dark and deep, and it tugs at your heartstrings with every chapter. Heather's change in character throughout the whole story, slowly but surely, makes Life After Lies all the more enjoyable to read. Everything falls into place perfectly. Quite honestly, there's no way anyone can possibly make it better than it is.

Overall, I give Life After Lies a 10 out of 10! That doesn't mean I would recommend this story to everybody, though. If you don't like tragedy and don't like having your heartstrings tugged by a story, then don't read this. However, if you appreciate dark stories and think you can handle it, then I highly recommend Life After lies, by Fadingsilverstar16, AKA Gigi.

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