This blog is directed mostly at Total Drama Island: For Your Entertainment readers, but anybody can feel free to participate/read/comment. FYE is at Episode Nine which is (dramatic gasp!) the last episode before the merge, so I figured I'd do something special for it. So, first of all, just like Episode Seven, Episode Nine is getting a title card. Drumroll please...

Episode Nine Title Card

(By the way, just like the last image, this one is super big so click for full size. Also, it does sort of spoil the final fourteen for anybody who isn't caught up reading yet. But from left to right, top row is Risty, Risty's hair, Monique, Sebastian, an angry stoner Chris McLean, Donna and Wes, Rachel Claire. Bottow row: Minerva, Avery, Isaac and Cara, Irina and Paul (yes, I cheated and drew them from the back), Ophelia, Angel and Allison.)

What's so special about Episode Nine: Flashing Lights, you ask? Well, it's supposed to be a red carpet event for Rachel Claire's magazine RealityGossip. The contestants have to make it through her crew of crazy reporters, fashion police, and insane fans and will have to participate in a press conference. Whoever the fans rate as their favorite team wins the challenge. Here's where I'm hoping for some help...

I have some questions for the press conference. But I need more. So I'm hoping that you guys would be willing to submit some questions right here in the blog comments for the contestants to be asked either by a RealityGossip reporter or a fan. Questions can be asked from any episode, so if you're not caught up yet it's fine. They can be asked either for a specific character, a group of characters, or just in general for anybody to answer. And feel free to set up some drama. The trick is that you can't reveal anything that the contestants don't already know that will be crucial to the competition. For example:

Good Question: So Isaac, do you regret what happened with somebody in the kitchen?
Bad Question: Hey Cara, did you know Avery and Isaac made out?

Good Question: Minerva, are you afraid that you're going to get used again?
Bad Question: Minerva, why are you letting Sebastian pull an Elena and use you?

Get the idea? I have some questions already, but the readers seem to think of things that I don't so I'd really like some help. Feel free to ask as many questions as you can think of. If you want, you can leave a name to be used in the story to say who the question is from. I can't guarantee that all questions will be used, but I'm hoping most will. If your question is put in the story, you'll be credited in the Trivia for the chapter.

Thanks in advance to anybody who participates, and have fun with it!

(Also, there are still some polls on the talk page to anyone who wants to vote. I'm kind of using them to see how well I'm writing the characters, so it'd help if there was more feedback.)

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